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Fifth column

Yana Troyanova II. Hangover. "I missed the rallies." Degradation
She supported the slogan "a good Russian is a dead Russian"
Kasparov and Khodorkovsky introduce the "Passport of a Free Russia"
Russophobes are sculpting a "collective Guaido" against Russians
Misha Verbitsky (Verbitz). A creepy Satanoid sodomite. The mathematician
HSE Professor welcomes strikes against Russians and calls for the destruction of Russia
Svetlana Makovetskaya. NGO "Grani". Subversive activities with Western money
A member of the HRC under the President of the Russian Federation works for Soros
Philip Kozlov. Philippenzo. Heboid infantil. Russophobe
Unable to calculate their own steps and their possible consequences
The GROT group. "No to war" until Russia's defeat
Dmitry Gerashchenko, Vitaly Evseev — dementia and betrayal
Nikita Yuferev. Ex-mundep. Nazi. Sodomite
He went into politics to arrange provocations
Sergey Kalugin. The Muscovite and a traitor. The rock musician supports the APU
The traitor longs for the "good" Ukraine, which is "hammered with missiles by brazen" Russia
Alisa Gorshenina. Russophobia and Satanism in one bottle
Yeltsin Center was preparing a provocation for Children's Day