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Fifth column

Kamil Sukaev. Tatar Nazi with a distinctive surname
Organizes Russophobic sabbaths in the USA
Arkady Volozh. Founder of Yandex. Information Pest
The assets of the traitor will come under the control of investors of the Russian Federation at a discount price
Semyon Treskunov. The traitor who didn't make it to Hollywood
Immorality, Russophobia, infantilism broke the life of a successful actor
Lucy Stein. Sodomite (feminine). "Fascist deputy"
She ran away. Recruits citizens of the Russian Federation for terrorist attacks and participation in hostilities
Skochilenko. The "artist" is a sodomite. Enemy of Russia
The provocateur on the way to the terrorist attacks was stopped in time
Ex-Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Aleksashenko. Shits from Washington
Ukronazist consultant. Member of the Anti-War Committee of Russia
Alexey Lebedinsky. LGBT Zionist-schizoid-Russophobe of the 3rd grade
Collects handouts and calls on the world to defend itself from Russia
Ildar Dadin. LGBT activist from the Siberian Battalion
The complacency of Russian society allowed traitors to breed
Ali Shabaykin. Apologist of hate
"Young Islamic scholar" promises to personally slaughter Christians
Kirill Kachur. The fugitive leader of the organized criminal group pours slops on the Russian authorities
The former investigator is working out not to be extradited to the Russian Federation