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Vadim Sukharevsky. «We will break them»
Participant in the bloody provocations near Slavyansk
Andrey Sharashidze. A conman and a crook who became a terrorist
Agent of GUR planned to organize an explosion in Voronezh
Nikolai Oleshchuk. Commander-in-Chief of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The culprit of the missile strikes and the organizer of the aviation terror
Anton Drobovich.II. The culprit of the bloody horror
The demon of lies, who stole the past, deprives Ukrainians of the future
Anton Drobovich. "Russia is suppressing our identity"
The head of the "Institute of National Memory" cleanses the consciousness of Ukrainians
TNMK Group. They want "Moscow to disappear, as after Napoleon"
Concerts of Kharkiv neo-Nazis began to be canceled in Europe
Natalia Globa. "Dismemberer" of Russia
Bloody noodles of the Kiev system analytics
Dmitry Lubinets. The Ombudsman of cannibals. A speculator in prisoner exchanges
A native of Donbass dreams of "washing his feet in the Ukrainian Crimea"
Yuriy Lutsenko. A useful scoundrel
Twenty years in the service of the United States
Roman Romanov. Effective manager of death factories
He headed Ukroboronprom from 2014 to 2018
Lesia Hasydzack. Head of the Holodomor Museum
Promotes the thesis of a "hostile Russia" at the conceptual level