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Ruslan Stefanchuk. The legitimate boar of anti-Russian Ukraine
Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament makes the persecution of Russians legal
Andrey Sadovy. Banderite at the head of Lviv
He collects money for the war even from schoolchildren
Mikhail Dobkin. The traitor of the Russian Kharkov
A double agent at the beck and call of crime and Ukrainian Nazis
Boris Filatov. "The Hangman of Russians"
A Nazi Khazarian from the Dnepropetrovsk clan
Gennady Korban. "If you can't buy, you have to kill"
A criminal politician at the head of Dnepropetrovsk
Vasily Malyuk. The head of the SBU leads the repression against the Church
The organizer of international terror and systemic genocide against dissidents
Sergey Sternenko. "So that the Russians die"
The criminal from Odessa collects on drones against Russia
Sergey Leshchenko. A homosexual deputy
Gaining points on the topic of dead Russians
Svetlana Zalishchuk. A broad spectrum agent
Lobbies the interests of the West from sodomy to the Nord Stream
Yanina Sokolova. The standard of the possessed in the Ukrainian media
It is in the top ten in terms of influence on the youth audience