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Fifth column

Mikhail Krutikhin. A defector from TASS. Khodorkovsky's pawn
Foreign agents have targeted the Russian energy sector
Dmitry Shepelev. Judas from the TV channel "Russia-1"
The traitor slug has returned to fool the Russians
Deripaska calls to surrender

The oligarch offers to repeat the "Minsk track" in the hope that the enemies will forget about Russia

Ruben Apresyan. The philosopher-saboteur
A foreign agent at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences sharpens Russia from the inside
Milokhin. The pederast came back to escape again
Pervert changed his mind to give Russia a "second chance"
Vladimir Kotlyarov. A geek. Political prostitution
The soloist of "Porn Films" collects money for the APU
Banderites’ "Morning of Dagestan" is never kind
The residency of the subversive grid is knocked out, the audience is opened
Masha Gessen. The witness of the "Bucha" of the hardened sodomites
A homofascist and a cover for pedophiles escaped from Russia on time
Akhedzhakova. The ideological enemy of Russia with experience
He waits for the victory of the Nazis and shakes the Ukrainian flag instead of a scarf
Director Valery Garbuzov. Work for America and Canada
The path from a Fulbright Scholar to Russophobes
Andrey Yakovlev. The educator of the "fifth column" escaped
HSE Professor intends to continue subversive work from abroad
Foreign Agent Weissman is shitting again
The fugitive actor disrupted the Lenkom tour in Israel
Kirill Govorun. Archimandrite — CIA agent
He was covered by the head of the DECR of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Judas Oxxxymiron: Russophobia from the stage
The traitor stands for "Free Ingria" and the dismemberment of Russia