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Fifth column

Artur Gasparyan. The pederast is waiting for the Ukrainian victory
Music reviewer of MK with dirty lampoons against Russia and Russians
Yaroslav Shirshikov. The provocateur and a God-fighter. Didn't manage to become a spy
A supporter of Banderites and terrorists under the mask of a freak
Yaroslav Andreev. Elf Trader against Russia and Russian soldiers
The owner of the WildJam agency has banned bloggers from supporting their our country
Alexey Baranovsky. Nazi. Traitor. Bugger
The PR agent and defender of skinheads is the right hand of the terrorist Ponomarev
Andrey Melnichenko. An offshore oligarch is maneuvering
The "King of fertilizers" pumps resources from Russia and curries favor with the West
Daria Kozyreva. A frenzied provocateur. A failed terrorist
The Russophobe was not allowed to repeat the fate of Trepova
Nikita Kirillov. A municipal deputy and a traitor
The deserter curses the Russians and asks for tougher sanctions
Mikhail Zygar. The Agent of the West. Sodomite. Fakes about the Russian army
The former editor-in-chief of Dozhd was denied access to Russia
Vladislav Sosedov. The animator who became a terrorist
For the murder of fellow citizens, he tried to get 180 thousand rubles and EU citizenship
Vyacheslav (Moshe) Kantor. The Zionist. An enemy that parasitizes Russia with impunity
The agent of the liberal totalitarian dictatorship sponsors Ukraine and Britain
Polina Yevtushenko: Banderite agitator and recruiter from the Volga region
A resident of Tolyatti persuaded fellow countrymen to join terrorist organizations