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Michael John (Sarah) Ashton-Cirillo. An American pervert in the APU
Service in territorial defense. Threats to Russian journalists and officials
«New Poland» Magazine
Polish poison for Russian people
Ville Haapasalo. Finnish drunk actor spat into a feeding trough-Russia
When it became unprofitable to be friends with Russians, he became a Russophobe
Adel Bashkavi. The Jordanian Circassian and the enemy of the Circassian people
From Amman, he is trying to push the Circassians against the Russians
Erdni Ombadykov. Lama is a Nazi and a descendant of a Nazi
Twice a traitor muddies the waters in Mongolia
Peter Kratokhvil. A Czech sodomite. Director of the Institute of International Relations
MGIMO Partner accuses Russia of resisting Western pederasty
Katrin Jakobsdouttir. The "green" feminist against Russia
Iceland's Prime Minister exudes Russophobia
Peter Pavel is an opportunist communist and a hater of Russia
The general as president made a career out of Russophobia
Janusz Bugajski from the Jamestown Foundation
Polish emigrant dreams of the collapse of Russia
Salih Khudayar. A Uighur Islamist. The CIA doll
Independent Turkestan against Russia and China