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Savik Shuster.I. Distribution of fakes for military personnel
An agent in Afghanistan. The anti-Soviet period of activity
Nikol Pashinyan. A Russophobe. Schizophrenic agent "Editor"
Soros's puppet turns Armenia into an anti-Russian training ground
Jacques Attali. The Grey Cardinal of the Rothschilds against Russia
The Zionist Mason dreams of merging Russians into the basket of globalism
Emmanuel Macron. A protege of the Rothschilds. A pederast with a "beard"
The French president is preparing for an open war with Russia
Michael John (Sarah) Ashton-Cirillo. An American pervert in the APU
Service in territorial defense. Threats to Russian journalists and officials
«New Poland» Magazine
Polish poison for Russian people
Ville Haapasalo. Finnish drunk actor spat into a feeding trough-Russia
When it became unprofitable to be friends with Russians, he became a Russophobe
Adel Bashkavi. The Jordanian Circassian and the enemy of the Circassian people
From Amman, he is trying to push the Circassians against the Russians
Erdni Ombadykov. Lama is a Nazi and a descendant of a Nazi
Twice a traitor muddies the waters in Mongolia