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Fifth column

Nadezhda Rossinskaya. Working for the enemy. Fundraising for the Ukronazis
Banderites’ curators suggested that the traitor surrender and wait for an exchange
Andrey Kozyrev. Unclean. Judas of the Yeltsin spill
"Mr. Yes" won't settle down. He makes calls to punish Moscow
Alexey Serebryakov. He lived in Canada, in Russia — in need
He died in advance, having absorbed and infected with blackberries on the set
Andrey Drugai. Vlasovets. Pop Judas escaped from Russia
Spiritual suicide recruited by the Patriarchate of Constantinople
Boris Barabanov. Producer of degenerates
A lobbyist for Russophobic music
Igor Lipsits. A foreign agent. The rat-founder of the HSE scares Russians with hunger
A runaway economist predicts an African future for Russia and lures students away
Ilya Varlamov. The nickname is "Dandelion". A foreign agent. Pouring shit on Russian cities
A parasite blogger spreads Russophobic fakes to an audience of millions
Alexander Shishlov. The main “Yabloko” activist of St. Petersburg. The Western saboteur in the education system
Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg — a parasite on students discredits the Russian army
Anacondaz. Rap of traitors. They're shitting the Motherland. Passive lobbyists of pederasty
Why are Artem Khorev and Sergey Karamushkin touring abroad and not in Russia