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Fifth column

Svetov: Libertarian, pedophile, Nazi
From "street politics" the blogger moved on to the information war against Russia
Pervert Sorokin. A shit-eater of the "toilet" kind
A lover of incest and sodomy criticizes the Special Military Operation in Ukraine
Maria Sukhomlin hates Russian children
A Nazi counselor worked in a children's camp in Crimea
Katz offers to surrender
Urbanist and provocateur against Russia
Maxim Pokrovsky. The crooked demon needs Russian money
Traitor and financier of the Nazis wants to work in Russia
Neustroev. The "Ukrainian" who attacked the child was fined
The amazing tolerance of the law enforcement system provokes new crimes
Poperechhy. The queer comedian
A stand-up popular among young people is struggling with Russia and God
German agent Kagarlitsky. Sodom Lobbyist
Molestation of youth and the scrapping of traditional religious and family values
Personal revenge of Veronika Netunaeva
The former official wanted to blow up the city with the help of the SBU
Rat Major Isinbayeva. Peddler of the Motherland
Olympic champion renounced the oath and officer rank
Sodomite Peter Nikitin: a hater of Russia and Serbia
Persuades the Serbs to chip in money for the Ukronazis
Galina Yuzefovich: fired or not?
Rumors about the cleansing of the HSE are greatly exaggerated