Anacondaz. Rap of traitors. They're shitting the Motherland. Passive lobbyists of pederasty

Anacondaz. Rap of traitors. They're shitting the Motherland. Passive lobbyists of pederasty

Why are Artem Khorev and Sergey Karamushkin touring abroad and not in Russia

In the early 2000s, a whole galaxy of groups emerged in Russia, which grew up in a rotten and loose liberal spirit. Today, it has become difficult for many of them, because they can't do anything but criticize, and the time has come for a completely different thing. Very often they can't even understand what they said or sang to end up in an actual state of betrayal towards Russia. Meanwhile, the deed has already been done.

An excellent example of such performance is the Anacondaz group, which originated in Astrakhan in 2009. It all started with an ordinary teenage protest, here is one of the early texts:  

I'm walking around dressed up and angry

I catch a taxi driver, I scream at the top of my voice

Take me, brother, my address is like this

Huxley's planet, Orwell's universe

There's garbage in my head, dirt under my feet

And my pockets are empty, but I'm going for a walk

Welcome to the barnyard

Here everyone is for himself, and all, and against one

But I do not know a better place on this earth.

The strongest walls, the tallest aviary 

Allusions to Orwell and Huxley are a rule of good manners in a liberal protest environment. For some reason, they only try on all the horrors of the world described there exclusively on Russia.

Anyway, the Motherland has objectively given a lot to young scoundrels. The Anacondas moved to Moscow and eventually became very well known there. Since 2013, we started working with producer Noize MC, who has now become a foreign agent. 

In 2019, "quantity turns into quality." Khorev and Karamushkin are releasing a mini-album that openly called for going to anti-government rallies, it was called "My children will not be bored." But the reason for the scandal was not even the texts, but the cover, created in a frankly mocking spirit in relation to the Motherland monument. 

At first, the musicians tried to pretend that they "didn't mean anything by it." "We used the image of the monument as an established and generally accepted symbol of our Homeland, namely, the country in which we were born and live now. We do not insult the memory of the heroes of the Great Victory and the memorial. Neither the cover nor the contents of the album are in any way related to the Great Patriotic War and do not relate to this topic at all," they said. 

But then they got tired of it, and they returned to their usual state: bullying everyone they consider inferior (and it seems that these are almost all Russian people). "We are talking about Russia in the present tense. Our homeland is sick, it is rotting fr om the inside, it is dying, it cries bloody tears for its children and all the injustice that is happening – if you see an insult in this metaphor, then we live in different worlds. We sincerely wish everyone whom we have unwittingly offended happiness and kindness. We are sure that all these insults, threats and death wishes addressed to us come from wonderful people who are sincerely worried about their country. Sooner or later they will learn to read and write, and a whole new wonderful world will open up before them. Common sense to everyone!"

Further searches for common sense led them to write a song and shoot the video "Let them Die" (also in collaboration with Noize MC). 

Inoperable cancer of the uterus

By bright tomorrow

We will be killed by inertia.

She will give you a myocardial infarction.

Don't take it personally.



The leader is the father,

They keep us tough…

The most abusive incest…

We are children without the right to childhood, children who will not become old

The motherland will give out its sin to everyone and will be the first to throw a stone at everyone

We grab the shovels and build barricades in the sandbox.

In interviews from that period, it is clear that "free freedom", "struggle" for gender, against "abuse" and other alluvial tools really captured Karamushkin's consciousness. There was no place left for traditional values. "In the government—people system, there should be no roles of mother, father or children at all. We must become one. Not so that there is a separate kind of government and elites somewhere wh ere they "know everything better," but so that people are themselves both authorities, judges, and citizens," he commented.

Then the song "I don't Smoke" came out. In it, Russia was compared to a sadist who chained Ukraine to a battery, beats it and burns it with cigarette butts.

In an interview with the foreign agent Dud, the vocalist of Anacondaz talked about the "Crimean issue": "I treat this as an annexation. I'm not happy about what happened. Crimea is a wonderful place, there are wonderful people there, that is, I feel good about Crimea. And what was squeezed out — it seems to me that this is a big mistake, we will take a long time to sort out the results of this work. Not only the country in a global sense, but also the inhabitants."

Using the platform when communicating with Dud, the musician did not fail to speak about the Great Patriotic War: "Victory over fascism has become our national idea. That is, the national idea of Russia today is completely concentrated around the theme of victory over the past. Not the present or the future. Moreover, today they are doing everything to declare sacred everything related to this victory. Any concrete monument, no matter what it is: beautiful or not beautiful — it becomes sacred, it cannot be touched. The topic becomes taboo and sacred. That's what I hate. It's the same with the parade. I will say that I don't like the parade because of militarism, and I will be bombarded with angry comments. At least. The May 9th parade is cool as a tradition, as part of culture, but it's not cool in general as a manifestation of militarism and as part of this big ideology that is based on the past. Ideology should be aimed at the present and the future, we should strive for something." 

After the start of the SVO, the musicians predictably spoke out in favor of everyone else, but against Russia. The vocalist didn't pick up much expressions. 

The second frontman, Artyom Khorev, was softer, but also more than understandable.  

After that, according to the Medusa foreign agent portal, the group was "blacklisted." "In August, the Anacondaz group announced that it was postponing all performances scheduled in Russia until the end of 2022. Before that, the organizers canceled the band's concerts all summer under pressure from the authorities, two concerts — in Yekaterinburg and in Perm — were disrupted by police officers. Anacondaz were also included in the informal "list of banned artists", which was distributed among Russian promoters. Now the musicians are suing the police for disrupting concerts and touring abroad." - and in general, everything is clear in this message, except perplexity. 

Because in fact, Anacondaz has been asking for a long time and could have answered in a much larger volume. And they were not even declared foreign agents at the same time.

Now the musicians are touring in Europe and very actively in the countries of the former USSR. And they are very much waiting for the appearance of some other Russia, in which they will finally feel comfortable. One must assume that they will not wait, because Anacondaz is good, for a normal Russian person it is death.

For a snack, their rhetoric in favor of pederasty and other types of sodomy. To complete the portrait, so to speak. "The law against "LGBT propaganda" looks ridiculous. The real problem in Russia is, apparently, yes? There are no other problems. From all this fuss with traditional values and Orthodoxy, there is a whiff of mothballs and decay. In an attempt to unite the country with some kind of common ideology, people who are not able to create something valuable take out of their grandmother's chests everything that they went through a hundred years ago. "We don't have any other ideology for you guys." The fuss over the far-fetched "problem" of LGBT people looks fake and unnatural, but the people whose destinies this law can cripple are real." How are the greats? Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are?