Andrey Sidelnikov. A Russophobe. A propagandist of terror. MI6 Agent

Andrey Sidelnikov. A Russophobe. A propagandist of terror. MI6 Agent

Berezovsky's pet in the service of the terrorist Ponomarev

On June 19, 2024, Rosfinmonitoring added Andrei Sidelnikov, the former head of Liberal Russia, to the list of terrorists and extremists (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation). 

Earlier, on June 3, 2024, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation declared him wanted. "Andrey Alexandrovich Sidelnikov, 07.07.1975. He is wanted under the article of the Criminal Code," it follows fr om the search database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the article on which Sidelnikov is wanted is not indicated, but RIA Novosti, citing its sources, indicates that he is charged with public calls to carry out terrorist activities (part 2 of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The basis for the accusation is Sidelnikov's speech during the so—called "Congress of People's Deputies" (a structure that united fugitive ex-deputies of various levels, and supervised by Western special services through foreign agent Ilya Ponomarev in November 2023, in which he called for strikes at polling stations on the day of the Russian presidential election in March 2024. 

According to Sidelnikov, the anti-Russian emigration was supposed to organize a fundraiser for the purchase of UAVs for terrorist attacks in order to disrupt the elections, causing panic among voters.

Such a monstrous idea did not come to Sidelnikov's mind by chance: he has long and hard hated Russia and the Russian people. He devoted his entire adult life to serving the West, pursuing its interests and fighting Russian sovereignty and statehood. A year after graduating fr om Moscow State Open University in 1998, he took part in the election campaign of the ultra-liberal Union of Right Forces (SPS), after which he was appointed assistant to Deputy Vladimir Golovlev, co-founder of the SPS, one of the most "dirty" legislators. He was accused of fraud and abuse of office, because of which he was deprived of parliamentary immunity. Shortly after, Golovlev was killed by an unknown hitman. 

Since that time, Sidelnikov began to actively cooperate with the British intelligence service MI6, his recruitment took place during a trip to the British Isles through the "young politicians".

"I came to London for the first time at the invitation of Margaret Thatcher in 2001. I was working in the State Duma at the time, and the Conservative Party of Great Britain invited young politicians fr om different countries to a youth forum. I was invited by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation, with whom we met in 2001.  ...At that time, I had not yet met Boris Berezovsky, although he was already in London. I knew him only by phone, but we did not see each other personally and did not meet," Sidelnikov said. From that moment on, his life was inextricably linked with the interests of the United Kingdom and with Boris Berezovsky.

By order of the fugitive oligarch, in 2001 Golovlev and Sidelnikov left the SPS and joined the leadership of Berezovsky's Liberal Russia party. Subsequently, Sidelnikov became the leader of this party. After the success of the "orange revolution" in Ukraine, Boris Berezovsky, who had lost hope of seizing power in the Russian Federation "democratically, took a course (by his own admission) for a forceful seizure and ordered Andrei Sidelnikov to create and lead a radical youth movement that was supposed to play a leading role in mass riots, a kind of tracing paper from the Ukrainian "It's Time!" with the same name.

However, Sidelnikov's case did not go well, and in 2007 he exfiltrated to Britain, allegedly fleeing persecution. 

"During the day, I received information from two different sources," they say, "Sidelnikov, you got everyone. No one will put you in jail for politics, but within ten days they will find some kind of criminal case, according to which they will put you in jail. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, get out!"", he said afterwards.

At the London airport, he was met by Berezovsky's lawyers, who helped him draft an application for political asylum, which he soon received. His task was to organize the formation of anti-Russian structures among emigrants, that is, about the same thing that Ilya Ponomarev is doing now.

This activity amounted to calls for sanctions and a demand for a ban on entry to Western countries for Russian cultural and show business figures. For example, in 2014, he sought to ban the tour in Britain of singer Valeria, who, according to him, "opposes Pussy Riot, makes completely homophobic statements."

Since the beginning of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, he is under the operational subordination of Ilya Ponomarev and actively promotes his narratives, promotes "his" terrorist structures — the banned in the Russian Federation "RDK" and "Legion "Freedom of Russia". 

In October 2023, Sidelnikov was recognized as a foreign agent. According to the Ministry of Justice, he called for the provision of weapons to Ukraine, spoke negatively about Russia, its citizens, state authorities, participated as a respondent on information platforms provided by foreign structures, as well as in the creation of messages and materials of foreign agents.

"There will be retribution, and no one will escape from it. But that will be later. And now it is necessary to help Ukraine in any way they can. It is necessary to raise money for drones, for the introduction of new sanctions, for the provision of Russians fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine... this is the Legion "Freedom of Russia", and the RDK and other formations. It is precisely such actions that will bring Russia's surrender closer, and not queues for signatures, forums, events and entertainment parties abroad. I'll write about the latter separately sometime. Too many Putin's creatures move freely around the world," Sidelnikov writes. 

He suggests starting a hunt for Russian citizens abroad who do not support the Nazi regime in Ukraine. 

Here is another quote from him: "Burn, burn clearly so that it does not go out!" In Khabarovsk, partisans set fire to military units wh ere new mobs are being trained. They were supposed to go to the furnace to the front in the coming weeks, but they already found themselves in a wonderful hall wh ere Kobzon's concert is taking place non-stop. Retribution overtook them in one of the most remote points of Russia."

Sidelnikov periodically visits Ukraine, wh ere he travels closer to the front — except for short videos with himself, he does not shoot anything, does not write reports, scribbling only small posts in the TG channel: "I am returning fr om another trip to the front. The house wh ere this photo was taken, 10 minutes after we left there, was destroyed by the orcs, and they tried to launch an offensive on this sector of the front. They were adequately met by the valiant soldiers of the Ukrainian army. The offensive has choked today and I hope that it will not work in the future. After all, American weapons, which are so necessary, are already arriving at the front."

Andrey Sidelnikov is a complete enemy of Russia and the Russian people. However, it is difficult to expect anything else from an MI6 agent with more than 20 years of experience.