Victor Pivovarov. A sectarian. A Russophobe. The false Archbishop

Victor Pivovarov. A sectarian. A Russophobe. The false Archbishop

Calls for a "holy war" against Russia with impunity

On May 28, 2024, the Administration of Slavyansk-on-Kuban (Krasnodar Territory) appealed to the Slavyansk City Court with a claim for the demolition of unauthorized construction. It was about a certain religious building built in violation of the law on a plot of land allocated for individual housing construction. The private household was converted into a prayer room by the organizer and leader of the sect "Russian Orthodox Church" Viktor Pivovarov.

Earlier, in January 2024, the city authorities received a presentation from the Slavyansk Interdistrict Investigation Department, in which it was reported that Viktor Pivovarov, who calls himself the "archbishop", spoke negatively about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Russian government in this chapel.

In March 2023 The Slavyansk City Court fined him 40 thousand rubles administratively for the fact that on February 19, Pivovarov, while in the prayer room of the sect, "carried out public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the armed forces of the Russian Federation."

On September 3, 2023, Viktor Pivovarov was detained by law enforcement officers for a repeat crime under Article 280.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, searches took place in the premises of the "church", confirming his guilt. A criminal case was opened on the repeated discrediting of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and on April 8, 2024, he was sentenced to a fine of 150 thousand rubles. Such a lenient punishment was probably due to the advanced age of the attacker — he is 87 years old.  

He did not express any remorse for what he had done, but the fact that Pivovarov fully confirmed everything he was responsible for was interpreted as "an admission of guilt in full." However, the elderly Russophobe does not consider himself guilty and continues his anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox preaching.

The Russian Orthodox Church is a pseudo—Christian eschatological (eschatology — the doctrine of the end of the world) sect founded by Pivovarov in 2006, whose creed is based on the struggle against the "Bolsheviks", who are declared "servants of the devil and the Antichrist." By "Bolsheviks" is meant not the Communist Party, but the entire Russian statehood and its institutions (primarily the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation), as well as the Russian Orthodox Church.  

Moreover, the Pivovarov sect itself uses the abbreviation "ROC" for its designation — a fairly common method of mimicry among totalitarian sects for recognized denominations.

Pivovarov himself, in his articles and sermons, talking about Christianity and "what is war today," compares the Russian army to Satan. Moreover, he draws conclusions based on information from the Ukrainian and Western media, replicating the fakes they spread.

"Half of the world, subject to Bolshevism, is completely possessed by demons.  Look at their inner world: they all look crazy. This is especially evident among those fighting in the war of conquest in Ukraine, because they did not invade because Ukrainians, according to the interventionists, are fascists and nationalists. That's exactly what the Bolsheviks are. And the "fault" of Ukrainians is that they decided to leave the camp of Satan in order to be free and with God. This is especially evident in the affairs of their leaders. They create insane evil plans, according to their guiding tenets of violence and lies, born in the depths of their satanic revolution, in which they always fail, but they do not retreat, because their father the devil wants to destroy the world with them. All the peoples of the world, except the countries of the Bolshevik camp, hate them, consider them aggressors and outcasts, but they think of themselves only as geniuses and patriots," Pivovarov writes in an article published on the sect's website, called, by the way, "Eschatology". 

"The wars organized by the red dragon (as Pivovarov calls Russia) on earth are predominantly of an aggressive nature, through which we see their satanic essence. In the last war, it is not the enemy's weapons that are deliberately destroyed by Satanists in order to stop the war, but people — the gene pool of a nation that decided to leave the camp of Satan and join those free from it," the sectarian says.

At the same time, in his opinion, the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Donbass "is not aggression, since the Creator Himself entered His house to expel the invading robber." 

In his sermons, he assured the "parishioners" that it was Russia that blew up the Kakhovskaya HPP: "Satan's camp is preparing a nuclear catastrophe that should destroy our civilization in several stages, and already in order to approach it, blew up the Kakhovskaya HPP, which cooled the nuclear reactors of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. If it is impossible to restore in war conditions, or additional shelling, all six reactors of Europe's largest nuclear power plant should explode, causing an unprecedented catastrophe. I must even say that the exploded Kakhovka hydroelectric power station itself claimed many lives and made almost the entire Kherson region infertile by flooding."

Pivovarov was born on February 8, 1937 in the village of Verkh-Katunskoye in the Biysk district of the Altai Territory in a peasant family, and this is what is known about him reliably. The rest of the biography is set out in his version, and there are many questions about it. 

The future leader of the sect said that in his youth he received "initiation" from the catacomb wanderer Yakov Arkatov, who revealed to Pivovarov "the satanic essence of the Bolshevik Church." 

Nevertheless, he allegedly entered the Moscow Theological Seminary, which he almost graduated from. Before perestroika, he said, "he earned his living as a mercenary in the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate without a job registration. He was engaged in the repair of temples, iconostases, yard work or guarding. He was engaged in the interpretation of the Apocalypse." 

In the 90s, Pivovarov moved through various divisive nominations. It is clear from his stories that even there he managed to violate all the "canons" there. So he began to "serve as a priest" at the ROCOR parish (Russian Orthodox Church Abroad), not being one, and was "ordained" after the fact, "to avoid scandal."

The story of Pivovarov's "bishopric" is even more interesting. Here is what he says: "On May 17, 2003, he was elected vicar of the European Diocese with the title of Bishop of Slavyansk and South Russia. On June 10, 2003, he finally settled his marital status and received a church divorce. On June 29, 2003, he was tonsured a monk…   

In 2006, he laid the foundation of the "Russian Orthodox Church", in which he received the title of archbishop in the same year." 

His entire "ministry" was accompanied by a series of scandals. The schismatic nominations that Pivovarov came into contact with subjected him to various prohibitions — excommunication, defrocking, but he did not recognize their decisions. The sect he created also went through a series of "splits".

The topic of the Ukrainian conflict has become central to his "eschatological" research and sermons since 2014, when representatives of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Uniates) contacted him. Since then, they have been financing the sect and Pivovarov himself, as well as letting him down the dungeons for articles and sermons. 

At the same time, there are questions whether the uniates in this scheme are an independent force, which is unlikely, given the reality, or perform the function of "laying" for the Ukrainian and Western special services. 

After the verdict of the court on April 8, 2023 in the case of discrediting, the uniates organized an interview with Pivovarov in Novaya Gazeta. Europe" (recognized as an undesirable organization in the Russian Federation), in which he complained of "persecution of true Christians." There he also called for: "All Christians must fight against the Bolsheviks! (that is, against Russia)."

If we consider that Pivovarov's adherents, who revere him for the "elder" to whom the appeal is addressed, are fanatical, exalted people without critical thinking and with psychological or mental problems, then it is likely that some of them are already fighting or will start "fighting", for example, setting fire to relay cabinets on the railway.

But this "mentor" continues to remain at large and conducts his subversive work! Moreover, on June 18, 2024 The Slavyansky City Court of the Krasnodar Territory refused to satisfy the claim of the local administration for the demolition of the sectarian chapel. The united press service of the courts of the Krasnodar Territory stated that since "the defendant's side provided a construction permit, therefore the object is not an unauthorized construction."

The administration of the Slavyansky district demanded to recognize the object as an unauthorized construction, since the chapel is located on the territory intended for individual housing construction, but perhaps it did not formulate the claim correctly. 

It is difficult to imagine another reason for the court's decision, as it is difficult to understand the reason for the incredibly soft attitude towards a Russophobe calling for war with Russia.