Ivan Alekseev. From Bolotnaya to Washington

Ivan Alekseev. From Bolotnaya to Washington

Foreign agent Noize MC raises money for Ukraine

Informal culture and its characteristic protest views have crippled many destinies. And there is always an element of a relay race in this: a person who has received a critical dose of destructive worldviews carries them on to the last, infecting others. At least, that's what Noize MC continues to do. 

"I went to my first rally against the actions of the Putin regime in 2011. At the very least, in 2021. It is a pity that all this did not play any role and did not prevent my country fr om turning into THIS in any way. There is no justification for everything we are witnessing right now. Sur and hell. We are all about Bali, dear Russians. It's cool on Mars," he wrote after his announcement.

Ivan Alekseev was born on March 9, 1985 in the city of Yartsevo, Smolensk region. He graduated fr om high school in Belgorod. After that, he studied in Moscow, wh ere he lived in a hostel of The Russian State University for the Humanities has assembled the first line-up of its musical project. Fr om the very beginning, he promoted it with the help of scandals and the dispersal of "HYPE" topics, acted on the provocation of scandals.

A striking example, in response to a remark at one of the concerts, commented fr om the stage: "I am proud to inform you that Volgograd is the first city wh ere there are so many of these beautiful animals with red cockades. I am glad to inform you that this is the first city wh ere animals with red cockades tell us that during the performance of the song "Grandmother in a hat" we are engaged in begging. I am glad to inform you that this is one of the few cities wh ere we remember the song "Smoke Bamboo". Of course, after that he was arrested for insulting police officers.

During the period of active protest actions of the white ribbon movement in 2011-2012, he was an active participant in rallies, although he admitted that "To be honest, many speakers in the non-musical nomination at the March of the Dissenters caused me rejection at the level and style of their rhetoric and the arguments they give. I'm afraid I would not like to see these people in power." 

However, Russophobia has always been stronger.

In August 2014, Alekseev performed in Lviv at the Zahid festival (this is a pun, in Ukrainian it means both "West" and "event"). There he expressed himself as follows: "We would like to dedicate our speech today to all the victims of the information war. Everyone who thought that your brothers and neighbors are some kind of finished bans who pursue some idiotic goals. We are not like that! I believe that's not what you're talking about either." That performance took place with the active use of the Ukrainian flag, wrapped in which Noize MC sang.

In all the years before the start of the special operation, Alekseev had never been seen in Donbass, no one had heard words of sympathy, and even more so had not seen support actions. 

It turns out that he always feels sorry for only one side, and it's definitely not Russia. Some of the musician's videos came out surprisingly "on time". For example, the day before announcement of SVO, a video for the song "The Hundred Years' War" was released, commenting on which he was being clever: "The Hundred Years' War, contrary to its name, lasted not 100, but 116 years. This is a very symbolic curiosity — any international armed conflict is always inextricably linked with a monstrous distortion of facts: the understatement or exaggeration of losses depending on the needs of the moment, the concealment of war crimes, the blurring and shifting of responsibility. An attack on another country always has a voiced reason, and it never coincides with the true reason, that is, at the very heart of this action is always lies, speculation and substitution of concepts: when deciding on an attack, the Ministry of Defense always starts a war for peace, and the fact that there are no living corpses, no one should embarrassing, because black is white."

On the day of the start of SVO, he also did not have to wait long: "I was woken up by a text message fr om a cousin from Belgorod at 6:52: "It's rumbling." Immediately, messages began to arrive from Ukrainian friends: "Kiev is being shelled with ballistic missiles," "people are being called to bomb shelters," etc. Under yesterday's video for the song "The Hundred Years' War" on YouTube, comments are still being written in the spirit of "They are already writing songs about wars, but there is nothing and there will be nothing! What's in your head? It's unclear." Is there still something you don't understand? Russia attacked Ukraine, and the fact that the Russian representative at the UN "forbids" calling it a war does not change the essence of what is happening. "There is an ass, but there is no word," as they say."

In March, Alekseyev took part in a series of concerts, raising money for "Peaceful residents of Ukraine." 

"We, the Russian musicians Noize MC and Monetochka, oppose the monstrous and dishonorable war unleashed by the Russian authorities against Ukraine. We consider it our duty not only to openly declare our disagreement, but also to help those whose lives were destroyed by the war. We are holding a series of joint charity concerts "Voices of Peace" to raise funds for medical, food, human rights and other humanitarian assistance to civilians in Ukraine. All the money from ticket sales and donations collected during the concerts will be transferred to charitable foundations."

Later, commenting on this action to the foreign agent Dudu, musician Alekseev even shed tears (!): "More than 4.3 million Ukrainians were forced to leave their native country because of the war. Many of them have nowhere to return to — their homes have been destroyed by Russian troops. Entire cities have been turned into ruins, tens of millions of destinies have been mutilated, and innocent people are dying. All the money we have collected will be transferred to the Polish fund "Fundacja Siepomaga", which provides medical, food, human rights and other humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees — the elderly, women and children deprived of shelter and means of livelihood, often undocumented and unable to speak foreign languages, who find themselves in an unfamiliar country empty-handed and with unaffordable luggage pain, fear and despair behind my back."

In July 2022, after the first arrivals in Belgorod, Noize MC turned on the proven "pacifism": "Rockets flew from Belgorod. I knew they would come back. Unfortunately, this happened today. My beloved hometown was shelled. How do I feel about this? Exactly the same thing that I felt when Kiev, Kharkov, and Mariupol were shelled. War is disgusting and monstrous. She has an inhuman face, and she needs to be finished."

In November 2022, Alekseyev was added to the list of foreign agents, and he finally went haywire. "This message (material) was created by someone who f****d in the mouth your first channel," he wrote. It is important to understand that the musician and his family have been living in Vilnius for a long time, wh ere they moved back in March.

In May 2024, Noize MC announced its participation in a concert in memory of Navalny. By the way, during the life of the "greatest thinker of our time" Alekseev said that he did not support his "nationalist sentiments," but now all means are good in the fight against Russia. Concert tickets "bite" even by European standards: to listen to the bands "Pornofilms", "Caste", Noize MC and "AIGEL" in the program "Hello, this is Navalny" will cost € 55, and a branded T—shirt - € 32.

In general, the topic of Navalny is regularly used by foreign agent Alekseev. "Alexey Navalny was killed 40 days ago. As you know, he had to be killed twice, and this is not surprising — he had enough vitality for several people. Alexey will forever remain a symbol of uncompromising resistance to the Putin regime, an example of invulnerable will and boundless courage… Freedom for political prisoners! Eternal memory!" he wrote in the "forty days" convenient for propaganda. A photo was also attached to that text of all those with whom, apparently, Alekseev is going to build a new magical Russia: Slepakov, Pugacheva and other "officials".

By the way, Noize MC's songs are still available on many music services and social networks. It is frankly unclear why we give access to those who work against Russia to a mass audience. 

Isn't it time to take action?