Savik Shuster. II. Professional provocateur

Savik Shuster. II. Professional provocateur

Russophobia is above all

According to Savik Shuster's career track, it is clearly visible that for the organizations that "lead" him, the main thing is his presence at those points where he can now exert an effective influence.

Therefore, he was easily transferred fr om Europe to Afghanistan, then to Russia, and then to Ukraine. And everywhere he found something to do.

He worked in the structures of Radio Liberty from 1988 to 2001. During this time he visited Munich, Prague, Moscow, wh ere he worked as a director since 1996.

Since 2001, Shuster started working for NTV. He was the author and presenter of the TV shows "Freedom of Speech", "Third Time", "Hero of the Day", "Influence".

And since 2005, he has launched his "Freedom of Speech" already on Ukrainian television. Regardless of the change of channels and other tactical maneuvers, Schuster always threw concepts needed by the West through his airwaves. And if they told him that "it is necessary, Savik, it is necessary", he even invited Oleg Tyagnibok and listened to speeches about the "dominance of the Jews" in the studio of his own show.

In 2007, Shuster opened another project called "Great Ukrainians", and in 2009 he launched his own production (this is a fairly resource-intensive enterprise).

In 2012 (under Yanukovych!) he received the honorary title of "Honored Journalist of Ukraine" — "for his high professional skills in covering the sports competitions of the XXX Summer Olympic Games in London."

Having supported Euromaidan in 2013, Savik Shuster stopped his career in Ukraine with his own hands: what they were willing to tolerate under Yushchenko and Yanukovych became fundamentally unacceptable during Poroshenko's presidency. 

But it was from Shuster's studio that Ukraine learned about what happened in the House of Trade Unions on May 2. Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexei Goncharenko, going on the air of Shuster live from Odessa, said: "We have cleared Kulikovo Field from the separatist camp." The audience gathered in the hall greeted this remark with applause.

Schuster himself actively introduced the "necessary" idea in Ukraine about the similarity of Putin and Hitler. "Putin's actions are absolutely similar to Hitler's actions in 1938. It is quite obvious that the Sudetenland, Austria, Poland — the same rhetoric, the same actions, similar results of the referendum. It was just interesting and curious to compare the vocabulary and arguments of Hitler's speech on September 1, 1939, and Putin's in St. George's Hall. In reality, both the words and the reasoning are very similar."

He spoke even more harshly about the residents of the DPR and LPR: "Terrorists live in the population like a fish in water. There will be no "water" (population) — there will be no terrorists."

In 2016, the conflict with the government of the Poroshenko—Right Sector format reached an impasse: the official TV channels were no longer ready to tolerate the openly Semitic-looking presenters. Shuster protested and even tried to go on a hunger strike, "until I get my right to work in a European country called Ukraine back, I will starve until these people change their minds... Poroshenko will become a dictator if society allows him to."

However, in general, Agent Savik supported the regime and even lectured to neo-Nazis from the banned Azov. "Savik Shuster is already openly speaking to the cadets of the Nazi Azov battalion, at the School of sergeants, named after the best friend of the German Nazis, Yevgeny Konovalets. And pay attention to what he came to visit the future Nazi fighters with! With the book by NATO General Shirreff about the war with Russia in 2017... Judging by the press release of Azov, Shuster told the young Bandera about his "experience as a military journalist" in Afghanistan," wrote journalist Kornilov.

After another round of power changes and Zelensky's assumption of the presidency, Shuster's show returned to television screens exactly before the start of its own.

Conveniently and practically, in August 2022, he was stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship and left for Italy. It turns out that the mission in the post-Soviet space was completed, the agent was taken to a safe country.

However, he continues to broadcast the old proven Russophobic wave from Italy. "The APU can enter Russia if necessary… To enter Russia and make the same hell there. Why only Ukraine should live, let them live too. I don't see anything like that here, it's fine… And if this collective feeling of revenge of the Ukrainian people is very strong, then Ukraine will enter Russia," he says.

In an interview with Ales Batsman, he expressed hopes that more lethal weapons were delivered to Ukraine than were officially announced: "I hope that there is a secret part of the weapons that are supplied to Ukraine. And I hope that in this list, which we do not know about, there are long-range projectiles. After all, military bases are on the territory of Russia. Why, if it is possible to hit airfields 600-700 kilometers from Moscow, then it is impossible to hit closer, in the very environs of Moscow? Ukraine has a free hand from this point of view. No one will say anything."

There is, in principle, nothing to be surprised at. Curses against Russia and Putin are now best monetized. Therefore, the Agent with the temporary surname Shuster will continue until he and his curators from foreign intelligence agencies get tired of it.