Kasparov and Khodorkovsky introduce the "Passport of a Free Russia"

Kasparov and Khodorkovsky introduce the "Passport of a Free Russia"

Russophobes are sculpting a "collective Guaido" against Russians

On June 14, 2024, two prominent figures of anti-Russian emigration Garry Kasparov (included in the list of extremists and terrorists)   and a foreign agent Mikhail Khodorkovsky appeared in the American edition «Politico» with an article entitled "The passport of a Free Russia can undermine Putin's position." The article is more like a declaration.

"We speak on behalf of all Russians who believe in the potential of a free and democratic Russia. None of us could return home for decades because of our opposition to the regime," the authors of this "manifesto" speak on behalf of the entire Russophobic emigration and identify its problems. 

"Unfortunately, Russians who have left the country often find themselves in a state of uncertainty and under the threat of politically motivated extradition, living, for the most part, in Georgia, Armenia, Turkey or Central Asian countries, and unable to find asylum in Europe," the article says. 

However, it is not the difficult life situation of the escaped compatriots that worries Kasparov and Khodorkovsky. They point out that a number of difficulties prevent these people from fully joining the fight against Russia. "Many of them would be happy to openly join the fight against Putin. However, with expiring passports, uncertain place of residence and lack of representation, this is impossible," the authors assure.

Kasparov and Khodorkovsky formulate the goal of this struggle very clearly — to achieve the victory of the Nazi regime of Ukraine in the armed conflict with Russia. 

"At a critical moment in the struggle for Ukraine's sovereignty, we have the opportunity to give these Russians a chance to make the same moral choice and break with the Putin regime — and thereby mobilize the key community to help Ukraine win," Russophobes do not even try to hide what they see in their compatriots outside Russia, a tool which will be used in the interests of Ukraine and the West. For this purpose, it is planned to mobilize emigrants from Russia.

"As a vital step in the international struggle for Ukraine and against Putinism, we propose to create a unified, harmoniously functioning community of pro-Western Russians, which will become an important link in the broad Western network of opposition to the regime," Kasparov and Khodorkovsky report.

How exactly, and with what help do they plan to form this community?  With the help of a certain document "Passport of a free Russia", they propose not only to unite and take control of all those who find themselves outside the Russian Federation, but also to create a kind of virtual anti-Russia. 

In the document they propose, they see an analogy with the "Nansen passport", developed for stateless persons in the early twentieth century after the First World War. The authors write that they "were issued by the League of Nations after the Russian government officially stripped hundreds of thousands of Russians abroad of their citizenship." 

It is noteworthy that the provocateurs call the Soviet government "Russian", as if hinting at the "continuity" of the current Russian leadership from the Bolshevik authorities, although there is no question of any deprivation of citizenship of even the most rabid Russophobes today.

But if the Nansen passport was issued to all stateless persons, then the "passport of free Russia" is proposed to be handed over only to Russophobes who signed the anti-Russian declaration and "swore allegiance" to Bandera and the collective West.

"Russians wishing to join this group (holders of "passports") will have to sign the Berlin Declaration, which sets out the key principles of victory for Ukraine and Russia without Putin," Kasparov and Khodorkovsky write, pointing out that a signature alone is not enough. According to their program, applicants for the document will undergo "necessary checks", which will be carried out, presumably, by a security Service specially created for this purpose, whose task will be to establish that the emigrant hates Russia not for opportunistic reasons, but, so to speak, sincerely.  

"After passing the necessary checks, the signatories will be issued documents recognizing them as members of the Free Russia, which will allow them to obtain visas and enter all countries participating in the agreement." 

In order for membership in this "diaspora" of Russophobes to be attractive, it is necessary to form a consortium of states that will recognize this "passport" and, accordingly, the "free Russia in exile" itself.

It is no coincidence that the publication in Politico was published on the eve of the Swiss conference on the Zelensky formula of peace on June 15, 2024, which, as expected, ended without success, showing that its format had been exhausted. That is why Kasparov and Khodorkovsky proposed a new way to drag as many countries as possible into the anti-Russian program, because recognizing the association of Russophobes as "representatives of Russia" and the documents issued to them as "passports" is a direct encroachment on the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. And this is one of the important tasks of the project proposed by the provocateurs.

"Let's clearly define what is at stake: the freedom and self-determination of millions of Ukrainians and their government's right to territorial integrity…

But the consequences go far beyond the borders of one country. The victory of the Putin regime will be a clear sign that the world's democracies are not able to unite in a solid coalition to defend their core values and support their members who need it," this is actual intimidation directed at countries that should participate in the Passport of a Free Russia project. 

The authors assure that the idea has a powerful potential that can bring victory to Russia's enemies: "We still have the opportunity to change the outcome — if we act now — and confirm that democratic institutions and values are stronger and more stable than those offered by autocrats. This will create a powerful incentive for more Russians to disown Putin and emigrate. Many of the more than one million citizens who have already left the Russian Federation have higher education. And the more such people leave Russia, the greater the brain drain that the Putin regime suffers from, leaving it with fewer intellectual resources to develop new deadly technologies and fewer soldiers to send to the front."

The idea itself is not new. It was announced back on May 20, 2022 in Vilnius at the II conference of the "Russian Anti-War Committee", which is a subsidiary structure, a kind of successor to the "Forum of Free Russia" (both organizations are considered undesirable in the Russian Federation). That is, everything that Kasparov and Khodorkovsky offer today was developed by them two years ago. However, none of the proposed has been implemented. And none of the Western countries felt sympathy for the "good Russians" — on the contrary, all repressive measures against Russian citizens were applied and are being applied without taking into account their political position. And in general, the project itself did not arouse interest in the West and was practically not sanctified by media resources.  The authors of the idea themselves practically did not return to it. But now they started talking about it again, and one of the leading American publications was used to promote it.

It is obvious that the Western intelligence services decided to take advantage of this "blank" and gave the go-ahead for its promotion.

This means, first of all, that the West has realized that there can be no military victory over Russia, there will be a long game ahead. Based on this, it was decided to focus on organizing subversive actions against the Russian Federation, in which Russian citizens will be involved. 

Western special services, using Kasparov and Khodorkovsky, structures controlled by them, will try to mobilize all emigration, put it under control and throw it into the fight against the Russian Federation. 

In addition, the prospect of obtaining a "Free Russia Passport" will become an important element of recruiting Russians in the Russian Federation, whom foreign intelligence agencies will try to involve in terrorist and other anti-Russian activities.    

"We must use all the resources at our disposal — military, economic and legal — to help Ukraine win. The creation of an extraterritorial free Russia, so to speak, internationally recognized, would be a decisive step towards Ukraine's victory, radically changing the balance of power in the struggle between democracy and dictatorship," Kasparov and Khodorkovsky assure, proposing to actually revoke the international recognition of the Russian Federation and transfer it to their "extraterritorial" offspring. 

The two "acrobat brothers" in opposition repeat to their own tune the story of the Venezuelan impostor Juan Guaido, hoping thus to achieve success in isolating Russians in the international arena, in which the West had not succeeded before.