GUR gathered a coven of "oppositionists" in Lviv

GUR gathered a coven of "oppositionists" in Lviv

Fugitive Russophobes decided to become the "executive branch" of terrorist organizations

On May 22-23, 2024, the Forum of the Russian Opposition was held in Lviv, Ukraine. Foreign agents Khodorkovsky, Kasparov, Feigin and Shenderovich, Gelman, Koch, Nevzlin and others were named among its participants.  

The event took place in conditions of deep secrecy — even the local authorities found out about it only after its completion on May 23, 2024. Lviv Mayor Andrei Sadovy publicly expressed his bewilderment about the event: "Is this such a joke?" and demanded explanations from the SBU about this event. Journalists of the local newspaper also turned to the same place for comments on the same issue " ", and they reported that there was no response from the department.

The bewilderment and indignation of the Lviv mayor and journalists are connected not only with fierce Russophobia, which extends even to Russian traitors, but also with the fact that Zelensky's order prohibits the entry of Russian citizens into the territory of Ukraine (and many of the participants of the event have Russian citizenship).

The conspiratorial measures that accompanied the "Forum" are connected not only with the sentiments of Lviv residents, which could cause certain excesses, but also, as its participants made it clear, with fears of an alleged possible missile attack on the venue.

However, there is no evidence that this meeting was actually held in Lviv — there were no representatives of independent or local media at them. All the journalists who covered the event work for the same structures as its participants. In that sense, it was a real get-together. According to the organizers, this is the second "Forum". It turns out that the first one took place on March 17, 2024 in Kiev and was even more conspiratorial. 

Mark Feigin, who was trying to take on the role of moderator, tried to position himself as the organizer of the "Forum". At the final press conference on May 23, 2024, he stated that the Forum was an initiative of private people, since organizations and movements had not announced their participation in the event. 

"It is too early to demand a solid structure and an organizational start. This will be the fate of the third, fourth or fifth forum," Feigin said.

In reality, everything is completely different: the real organizer of the event, the terrorist and foreign agent Ilya Ponomarev, preferred to stay in the shadows this time, but was clearly not satisfied with Feigin's vague wording: "It is necessary to create an executive structure in Ukraine to support the power branch of the Russian resistance." 

Ponomarev proposed "to form a starting organizational group that would prepare the format of the coordination structure."

"There is a "Congress of People's Deputies" — a legislative body. There is a wonderful "Free Russia Forum" (undesirable organizations), which, I think, is the best Russian opposition discussion platform. There is a broad civic movement that gathers Khodorkovsky in Berlin... They all gather people of different views and adherents of different methods of struggle. Here in Ukraine, we need to do something else — a coordinating structure of power resistance that would solve the main task — accelerating its growth in all senses — in people, in finances, in supporters, in influence," Ponomarev said.

The role of Ponomarev in the Lviv "Forum" is also indicated by the fact that the final documents of the event announced the creation of standing committees "to support the Russian resistance" in a number of areas, headed by people controlled by Ponomarev.

So, the "military-political committee" was headed by Evgenia Chirikova and Ponomarev's ex-press secretary Alexey Baranovsky. The committee's work will be devoted to the recruitment of Russians into terrorist groups.

The Financial and Humanitarian Committee is represented by Pavel Zayakin and Sergey Timofeev (associated with the terrorist organization Legion Freedom of Russia).

The "Information Committee" was headed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky's media worker Rostislav Murzagulov, as well as an employee of the Insider publication Anastasia Kirilenko.

The "Cultural Committee" included Pyotr Tsarkov, a participant in the "Congress of People's Deputies" of Ponomarev and Marat Gelman, who came under his control.

The "resistance" that Ponomarev is talking about are the terrorist organizations banned in Russia, the Legion of Freedom of Russia, the Siberian Battalion, and the RDK, whose representatives were also present at the Forum. In addition to indicating the very fact of their presence at the event, they also stated that Ponomarev had nothing to do with their structures, but simply an "information partner". 

By the way, the official organizer of the event was a certain "24.02 Foundation", allegedly created by the wives of the terrorists of the legion "Freedom of Russia". 

Such diligent distancing of Ponomarev from terrorist structures is due not so much to his fear of the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, which will get him sooner or later anyway, but to the fact that he has become too toxic a person even for other figures of anti-Russian emigration. 

For the project to take place, it is better for Ponomarev to stay away from it: it is important for Western and Ukrainian special services to create a political superstructure of terrorist structures with which he is inextricably linked.

Mikhail Podolyak, a representative of Zelensky's office, said at the forum: "The range of tasks is much higher and more extensive than just armed resistance. But without understanding that armed resistance is extremely important, nothing will work. This is the core."

He pointed out that Kiev expects Russian citizens who have defected to the Bandera side not only to provide political and other support to terrorist structures attacking their former homeland, but also to make efforts on the international field. Podolyak noted that information and diplomatic influence of "representatives of democratic Russia" on international bodies are also important areas. 

"The third component is the diplomatic work of the opposition, which can hold tough meetings in the European Parliament and other international institutions and explain that democratic Russia is ready for Putin's defeat. This is something that many representatives of Western elites still do not understand. They believe that some kind of compromise solution can be found," Yermak's adviser said. 

And in fulfillment of Podolyak's order, the Forum announced in the final document support for the "Zelensky Peace Formula", asking the Swiss summit to accept it.

Podolyak admitted that Kiev is interested in creating a structure of impostors who will speak on the world stage on behalf of "democratic Russia". With its help, it is planned to solve a number of tasks at once: to reduce the opportunities for dialogue between Russia and the West; to "legitimize" terrorist actions against Russia through their support by the "Forum of the Russian Opposition"; to shift responsibility for terrorism to this structure claiming the status of the "executive power" of the "new Russia"; to try to convince the world community of the existence of a powerful anti-Russian movement of Russian citizens who are in a state of civil war with "Putin's Russia".

Hitler's Germany once tried to pull off a similar combination when its inevitable defeat became obvious. On the basis of disparate collaborationist formations, the Nazis at the end of 1944 created not only the "Russian Liberation Army" of General Vlasov, which had previously existed only as a propaganda project, but also a political superstructure for it in the form of the "Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia", granting it the status of a "Union State". 

To further confirm the similarity, the chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, approved the "Forum of the Russian Opposition", as Heinrich Himmler once welcomed the first meeting of the "Committee" in Prague.  

"The head of the GUR MOU, Kirill Budanov, supported the holding of such an event as one of the manifestations of the struggle against the Kremlin dictatorship, which also contributes to the victory of Ukraine over the aggressor state," the resources of the Bandera state education reported.

In short, now the Russophobic emigration has finally thrown off the mask, showing that it is not the opposition, it has never been, in fact, being a structural unit of the enemy special services. The Russophobic emigration associated itself with terrorist structures that kill Russians and associated itself with them. Like is drawn to like.