Marat Gelman. Judas recruits Judas

Marat Gelman. Judas recruits Judas

Ex-gallery owner hires traitors to Banderites

"Many of us these days are asking Santa Claus for a painful death for Putin and disintegration for Russia," Marat Gelman, a radical Russophobe, gallery owner, one of the founders of the Effective Policy Foundation, who emigrated to Montenegro in 2014 and received citizenship, posted such a remark on his social network page on December 23, 2022. Israel.

In fairness, it is worth noting that Gelman not only "asks Santa Claus" — he is all in the fight against Russia, which is why he literally "does not see the white light." He complains on his page: "What am I doing? Everything is so "complicated". There are normal classes in the world! ... Help me come up with something pleasing to God...".

This maxim is answered by someone under the nickname "Far Eastern Gnus": "You have already done a "God-pleasing deed" to help the legion so that Russians kill more other Russians..."

To which Gelman replies: "It's not an occupation, it's a duty."

The point in this revealing dialogue is that the former gallery owner is diligently promoting the terrorist organization "Legion "Freedom of Russia" (LSR), which is banned in Russia, formed fr om a variety of defectors who have Russian citizenship.

On November 9, 2023, Gelman gave an interview to Yevgeny Kiselyov, and then to Matvey Ganapolsky, in which he announced that he had visited the advanced positions of the LSR and its commanders in Kiev.

He said that earlier an auction was held within the framework of the Free Russia Forum, part of the proceeds from which were sent to finance this formation. The diligent gallery owner was worried about wh ere and for what this money went. Finally, having lost his peace, he decided to personally verify whether this legion even exists.

By the way, both Kiselyov and Ganapolsky especially emphasized that Gelman's trip proves the existence of this formation.

The fact is that there are great doubts that the LSR is a real combat unit, and not a fake virtual structure serving for propaganda tasks and covering up terrorist actions of the GUR. And Gelman had to "refute" these doubts.

He didn't do it very well, especially in an interview with Kiselyov. When he asked him about the size of the formation, Marat "swam", saying that it was possible to take 5 thousand people. When asked how many are available now, he replied that he thinks there are four hundred people, but he himself saw about a hundred. Then suddenly he called the "head" of the legion Maximilian Andronikov, hiding behind the modest call sign "Caesar", a "talking head", adding that the LSR is commanded by Ukrainian citizens.

After that, he acted as a recruiter, starting to tell how wonderful it is in the legion: both the salary is large, and the social package, and families will be taken out of Russia by specially trained people, and the risk is "slightly greater than that of a car driver in peacetime." Gelman also advertised the possibility of permanent rest in the rear, and if you get really tired, then a month in Kiev.

Then the haberdasher's fairy tales went completely. They say that legionnaires have only three specialties: a UAV operator, an analyst and an artilleryman. And if someone wants to become a stormtrooper, then it's not easy — you have to persuade and ask, write a special petition, which may not be satisfied. And finally, legionnaires invent combat tasks for themselves, choose places to perform them and "do not sit in trenches like linear units."

In an interview with Ganapolsky, he was a little more convincing, and said much less nonsense, apparently, they worked on mistakes with him.

This is not the first time Gelman has addressed the topic of treasonous formations. After the terrorist raids carried out by the GUR "under the flag" of the LSR and the RDC (the Russian Volunteer Corps is a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) in the spring of 2023, he gave an interview to BILD, in which he called these terrorist attacks "a wonderful operation."

"The fact is that the restrictions that Vladimir Zelensky was forced to assume when he received weapons prevent him from winning the war, because the Russian army is shooting from the territory of Russia.

And suddenly the RDC and the Legion of Freedom of Russia appeared, which are free from these obligations.

These are Russian citizens who have returned, as it were, to their homes — and they are, one might say, waging a civil war. And if earlier, speaking about the contribution of Russians, they clarified that there were not many of them, now we are not talking about the number, but about the fact that they have their own very important mission.

And I think that this will affect the relations between Russians and Ukrainians in the future. We can say that now the progressive part of Russians, together with Ukraine, is fighting with Putin," Gelman said on June 5, 2023.

At the end of 2023, he began to raise this topic again. Recently, the material about the LSR was filmed and posted on his channel by the Kiev propagandist Dmitry Gordon.

The Nazi regime, having failed the offensive in the Zaporozhye direction and failing in other sectors of the front, intends to intensify terrorist attacks on Russian territory, but prefers to do it under a "foreign flag", as Gelman innocently admitted to BILD earlier, passing it off as a "civil war".

But to do this, you need to update the "legend" about the LSR and other virtual formations of defectors and expats in the media field. Gelman, who not only justifies and promotes terrorism, but also recruits into terrorist structures, promising their potential members "golden mountains", was involved in solving this task.

By the way, in an interview with Kiselyov, Judas admitted that he was personally interested in people joining the legion. Perhaps he is entitled to a commission.