Ilya Ponomarev: from deputies to terrorists

Ilya Ponomarev: from deputies to terrorists

"Coming out" on Langley's assignment

On the evening of August 21, 2022, a fugitive State Duma deputy, embezzler, and now a militant of the territorial defense of Kiev (in his own words) Ilya Ponomarev made a statement on Ukrainian television about his complicity in the terrorist attack, the victim of which was a Russian political scientist, philosopher and publicist Daria Dugina.

Ponomarev stated that the murder by blowing up the car in which Daria was driving was carried out by "partisans" of the "National Republican Army" (the association should probably refer to the Irish Republican Army). He stated that he has been in contact with terrorists from this structure for some time and provided them with information and material assistance.

Ponomarev said that his contacts warned about the intention to commit a terrorist attack against the philosopher Alexander Dugin and his daughter Daria and advised to follow the news. They also allegedly handed over a manifesto calling for terrorism against Russia, which Ponomarev voiced.

The performance seemed fake and unconvincing and gave the impression of improvisation, provocation, performed hastily and in a hurry.

It looked as if the Kiev Nazi regime that organized and carried out this terrorist attack suddenly got scared of something and hurriedly tried to cover its tracks, shifting responsibility for the crime to some organization that was just as hastily invented.

Ilya Ponomarev, who has long been a CIA agent, kindly agreed to carry out this operation to cover up genuine terrorists with mythical "partisans".

What scared Kiev so much? Most likely, they received information that the investigation of the terrorist attack came to one of the perpetrators of the murder, whose identity was identified as an employee of the Ukrainian special services.

The evidence is ironclad, which cannot be dismissed and which puts the West in an awkward position, since it is unsafe to openly support terrorism for a number of reasons. So this distracting event was launched in a hurry.

And here are some features of the current life of the "oppositionist" and "fighter of the defense" Ponomarev, which usually remain behind the scenes and which the Foreign Policy Research Institute has recently shed light on.

According to it, "in 2018-2020, Ponomarev was CEO of Trident Acquisitions Corp (NASDAQ: TDAC), located in New York and Kiev, a SPAC company created to promote U.S. investments in the oil and gas industry in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region, primarily in Ukraine.

The company successfully completed its IPO in 2018, raised more than $200 million and became the only major investor of its kind in the Ukrainian economy".

"Since 2021, the Honorable Mr. Ponomarev has been a member of the Management Board and Chief Investment Officer of BGV Group, the largest Ukrainian investment company specializing in battery materials and the most important minerals – energy sources in the XXI century. He is developing a number of projects, including the extraction of rare earth elements, graphite, beryllium, zircon, titanium and uranium," the Foreign Policy Research Institute further reports, which describes itself as a "non–partisan analytical center in Philadelphia, engaged in strengthening US national security and improving American foreign policy".

Both structures mentioned above were originally created for purely corrupt tasks (given Ponomarev's work experience at Skolkovo, he has considerable experience in these matters). No one would simply move a fugitive deputy to such lucrative places. But given his cooperation with the CIA, it can be assumed that it was the Department that patronized him when he was appointed to these positions. And these organizations themselves are used for extra-budgetary financing through corruption schemes of Langley's special projects and special operations.

Ponomarev is so deeply integrated into the activities of the CIA that he is trusted to launder money for her. Without the sanction of the CIA, Ponomarev simply could not take part in the performance with the "National Republican Army".

Moreover, regardless of what the "National Republican Army" really is, Ponomarev himself is a real terrorist, a participant in the organization and provision of terrorist activities.

Why did the Americans use such a valuable and admitted to the money character? It seems that there was no "former Russian" more suitable for this mission.

The role of Ponomarev in combination with the "National Republican Army" directly indicates the involvement of the CIA in the terrorist attack in conjunction with Mi6 (previously there was information about the possible participation of the British in the organization of the terrorist attack).