Ruslan Sidiki. Agent of GUR. The bulk carrier. A misanthrope. The terrorist

Ruslan Sidiki. Agent of GUR. The bulk carrier. A misanthrope. The terrorist

The special services of Ukraine and the West are actively recruiting agents among the marginals

On December 1, 2023, the media reported that at the end of November 2023, 34-year-old Ruslan Sidiki, suspected of carrying out a number of terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services, was detained at Vnukovo airport while trying to leave Russia.

In particular, he is suspected that on July 20, 2023, he carried out an attack on the Diaghilev military airfield in the Ryazan region with the help of four quadrocopters equipped with explosive devices.

On November 11, 2023, Sidiki laid a land mine on the railway at the stage of the stations "Rybnoye — Checkpoint 204 km". As a result of the demolition of the tracks, 19 wagons of a freight train derailed, 15 wagons were damaged. About 300 meters of the railway was destroyed.

The terrorist's level of training and technical capabilities are evidenced by the fact that he used a remote surveillance video camera to carry out the attack. For Sidiki and his hosts, it was important that the explosion occurred immediately in front of the approaching train so that it would not have time to slow down and avoid a crash. The video camera was mounted on a tree near the railway tracks, and immediately after the terrorist attack it self-destructed using a miniature explosive device mounted in it.

Apparently, the detention at the time of exfiltration was a real shock for Sidiki, who already felt like an experienced conspirator and a successful saboteur. And judging by the fact that information about his detention was made public literally a couple of days (usually it happens much later) after the arrest, not only the terrorist managed to lay out everything he knew at the very first interrogations, but also law enforcement officers managed to check the information received fr om him and work out all his contacts.

What is known about Sidiki's criminal activities? In February 2023, in Istanbul, he was recruited by an employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, who invited him to join the "Freedom of Russia Legion" (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation, performs the function of "laying") and carry out terrorist attacks on the territory of Russia.

Sidika's meeting with a representative of Ukrainian intelligence in Istanbul was not accidental and was only a formal end to the recruitment, which began much earlier. Sidika has a lot of Ukrainian contacts in social networks with the status of "friends", and many of them are in the military uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Obviously, one of these "friends" began to develop a future terrorist.

That is, by the time of the Istanbul contact with the GUR resident, the "client" was completely ready, and the meeting, in fact, only fixed some "formalities". After they were completed, the newly minted traitor-defector was immediately sent to a training center in Latvia in the city of Jekabpils, wh ere he underwent accelerated training. Already in March 2023, he returned to Ryazan.

Judging by the fact that the terrorist's training took only one month, he was not trained as a multidisciplinary fighter with a wide range of skills, including organizational ones, but as the performer of these two tasks that he completed.

Sidiki's joining a terrorist organization does not look spontaneous, given that he is a supporter of opposition leader Alexei Navalny (listed as an extremist), and positions his beliefs as libertarian. His acquaintances said that he was highly politicized and hated the Russian statehood.

Another alarming fact is the possible involvement of Sadiki in Satanism. On his social media pages, he positions himself as an adept of Pastafarianism (a parody "religion" trying to ridicule traditional denominations). At the same time, he posted Satanic posters on social networks and loved to be photographed with animal skulls.

Judging by his surname and appearance, Ruslan had Central Asian roots, while having Italian citizenship. By the age of 34, he had no family, and was supported by odd jobs. The main hobbies in his life were bushcraft (survival), cycling and stalking. In particular, he visited the Chernobyl Zone several times. By the way, in his questionnaires he indicated this zone as his place of work.

The image of Ruslan Sidiki emerges, living in an illusory world of a marginal sociopath, prone to misanthropy, desocialized and unsuccessful, hostile to reality, Russia, the authorities, and others. And there are a lot of such people among the so-called non-systemic opposition. First of all, enemy special services recruit agents among them, including for carrying out terrorist attacks. Despite the gender difference, it is not difficult to see considerable similarities in the images of Ruslan Sidiki and Daria Trepova (the murderer of Maxim Fomin).

And there are a lot of such people among the relocators. It is no coincidence that the Ukrainian and Western special services have deployed real recruitment hubs in the countries where most of them are now (Central Asia, Transcaucasia, the Baltic States, Turkey, the Balkans, Israel).