The Asians of Russia Foundation spies for the benefit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Asians of Russia Foundation spies for the benefit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A bunch of Buryat and Tuvan Nazis are rocking the national question

With the beginning of the Special Military Operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, a handful of Buryat and Tuvan nationalists, through the Asians of Russia Foundation founded in 2018, began to shake up the national issue and oppose the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

The head of the foundation is Vasily Matenov, a Buryat, and his wife Lilia Mongush, a Tuvinka. At first, the foundation provided social assistance to children in need and allocated funds for the elimination of natural disasters in the Asian republics of Russia. This was a cover in order to gradually earn credibility and good reputation in Russian society.

February 24, 2022 became the "X hour" for the foundation. At the signal of Western curators, the foundation joined the propaganda struggle against the Russian state, using the previously accumulated credit of trust among Russians.

Fr om the first days of the special operation, Matenov and his gang published photos of dead and captured Russian soldiers. The first weeks of the war are always the most difficult for any army: the army enters enemy territory that it does not know. Punctures, inconsistencies of actions, stomping on the spot, etc. inevitably occur.

Matenov used this fact in his subversive work. His task was to sow panic among Russian Asians, to convince them that the Russian Armed Forces from the first hours of the war were suffering a terrible defeat and doomed to extermination.

When partial mobilization was announced, Matenov and Mongush began to persuade society to boycott mobilization, helped cowardly citizens flee to Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The Foundation announced a fundraiser among its like-minded people to pay lawyers to help contract soldiers avoid being sent to the front.

"We were able to evacuate a lot of people together with other organizations: we joined forces with national movements and with the Feminist anti-war Resistance. Together we searched for contacts of taxi drivers or private carriers who brought people to the border... In a year we raised $14 thousand for the work of lawyers and the export of people from Russia," Matenov boasted.

It was American money, not donations from like-minded people. Asians of Russia is funded by the American agency USAID, which is a "soft tool" of the US Democratic Party, whose native Joe Biden holds the post of US president. Democrats are supporters of the feminization of socio-political life, so it is no coincidence that Matenov and Mongush snuck in with feminists.

Realizing that they would have to answer for what they had done, the couple fled to Georgia. Harming Russia with American money continues from there. It is embedded in closed groups of soldiers' wives and mothers on social networks. Matenov and Mongush pretend to be "wives", "mothers" or "deputies" who are ready to help in the search for the missing. They enter into correspondence, fishing out sensitive information — phone numbers, installation data of Russian servicemen, their locations.

This information is transmitted through intermediaries to the Ukrainian side to launch missile strikes at the location of the Russians.

The editorial board of Siberia speaks highly of the "Asians of Russia". Realities" on the American Radio Liberty.

"Siberia. Realities" is broadcast in order to impose on Russian and foreign listeners the opinion that the Kremlin is robbing the indigenous peoples of Siberia and the only way to put an end to this is to ideologically unite with the neo—Nazi regime in Kiev and overthrow Putin.

The Asians of Russia Foundation does not just call for anti-government actions. The ultimate goal of the fund is more ambitious — to provoke unrest in several large regions of the Russian Federation at once, wh ere Buryats and Tuvans live (Buryatia, Tuva, Irkutsk Region, Trans-Baikal Territory).

Some of the foundation's employees have fled to Mongolia and are working against Russia from there. Unfortunately, Ulaanbaatar has now adopted a position of "hostile neutrality" towards Russia. The Mongolian authorities are getting closer to the United States and are afraid to spoil relations with Washington. As a result, Ulaanbaatar condones fugitive Russian oppositionists who are on the Americans' payroll.

Matenov, Mongush and Co. have lost their previous access to a wide Russian audience, but are trying to please Western sponsors so as not to lose funding.