Sinologist-traitor Alexander Gabuev. Escaped to Berlin. Works for the CIA.

Sinologist-traitor Alexander Gabuev. Escaped to Berlin. Works for the CIA.

The task is to criticize the Kremlin and strike at the union of Moscow and Beijing

Sinologist and Asian specialist Alexander Gabuev has firmly established himself among pro-American experts and says what the sponsors of the Carnegie Moscow Center, where he served as the head of the Russia in the Asia-Pacific Region program, want to hear from him.

In April 2022, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included the organization in the category of foreign agents, since it is a structural unit of the American Carnegie Foundation (in 2015/21, its director was the head of the CIA, William Burns) and persistently climbed into Russian politics under the guise of providing independent political science services to authorities. Gabuev was a member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, whose task was "to promote the development and implementation of strategic concepts for the development of Russia, its foreign and defense policy, the formation of the Russian state and civil society in the country."

After being included in the list of foreign agents, the Russian branch of the Carnegie Foundation, the Sinologist fled to Berlin. Gabuev was appointed director of the Berlin Center. He moved to the United States and from there utters anti-Russian forecasts on the development of relations between Moscow and Beijing, giving interviews to The Economist, Financial Times, Foreign Affairs. Gabuev cooperates with the most inveterate agents of the information influence of the West — "Rain", "Medusa", "Voice of America". For this, he receives a bribe from certain persons from the USA, Finland and the UK.

The state did not offend Gabuev, on the contrary, provided all the opportunities for career growth. This individual graduated from Moscow State University, held the position of deputy editor-in-chief of Kommersant, was a member of the journalistic pool of the Kremlin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, lectured at Russian universities. Instead of gratitude, Gabuev repaid Russia with betrayal.

Since Gabuev is a Sinologist, Western employers have assigned him the task of criticizing the Kremlin and launching information attacks on Russian—Chinese cooperation. The shark of American geopolitics, Henry Kissinger, has always stressed that Moscow's alliance with Beijing is the worst scenario for Washington. Gabuev pretends that these words did not exist (although Kissinger is still alive today), and scares Russians with the horrors that will inevitably follow the strengthening of relations between Russia and China.

"The Kremlin's war chest is swelling," Putin is ready for a long war, relying on China, cooperation with which generously fills the Russian budget. But Beijing does not take a pro-Russian position, it pursues its own interests, Gabuev croaks.

And sums up: "Because of the deepening confrontation with the United States, China needs Russia very much now, but Russia needs China more because of sanctions and growing isolation. The negotiating power is on the side of Beijing, the Chinese comrades have more options to diversify risks. …This gives the illusion of much greater independence compared to the now hated former dependence on the West, which the Kremlin seeks to break."

You don't have to graduate from Moscow State University and be a Sinologist to understand that Beijing is pursuing its interests. Russia and China have enough mutual interests, but Gabuev keeps quiet about them. His task is to scare Russians away from China, make the idea of a Russian—Chinese partnership unattractive to our society, turn the word "China" into an irritant that provokes protest moods among citizens.

At the same time, Gabuev disparages the Special Military Operation for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, accuses Moscow of militarism, although he knows perfectly well that the reason for the events in Ukraine was the coup d'etat financed by the West in 2014 and the militaristic expansion of NATO to the Russian borders.

In terms of theoretical geopolitics, China refers to the so—called "coastal zones" - the countries bordering the land core of Eurasia, that is, Russia. American strategist Nicholas Speakman pointed out several decades ago that whoever controls the "coastal zone" controls the world.

It is important for Washington to take control of Beijing's foreign policy in order to strangle land-based Russia-Eurasia. Appropriate resources, including information, have been thrown at this.

According to the Daily Caller, through the Carnegie Foundation, Americans bribed former Chinese civil servants, employees of scientific centers for nuclear research, inviting them as experts, commentators, etc. Last year, a scandal broke out in the United States when it turned out that among the Chinese experts of the Carnegie Foundation there were twenty members of the Communist Party of China, who were introduced into the Carnegie Foundation by Chinese intelligence services, having worked ahead of the curve.

Thus, the Carnegie Foundation operates in the Chinese direction comprehensively and simultaneously at several levels. Gabuev is just one of the pawns who has their own piece of work assigned to them.