Alexander Sungurov. The founder of the "Strategy" to destroy Russia from within. He recruits students

Alexander Sungurov. The founder of the "Strategy" to destroy Russia from within. He recruits students

A former HSE professor works for Western intelligence agencies

Political scientist and professor Alexander Sungurov escaped fr om Russia. After facts about foreign financing of the Strategy Fund organized by Sungurov were made public in Nikita Mikhalkov's Besogon program, on May 13, 2024, the professor voluntarily resigned fr om the HSE St. Petersburg. 

According to the testimony of the students, he has already left the country in an unknown direction. Sungurov, who for many years traveled to Russian cities and openly recruited young people, was not unreasonably afraid. 

The facts of his connection with the party of the People's Labor Union of Russian Solidarists (NTS), which works for Western special services, were presented in Besogon. Russian Russian NTS was created by Russian emigrants in Europe in 1930 and collaborated with Hitler, trained agents for transfer to the USSR, participated in the creation of the Russian Liberation Army (ROA) collaborator and Nazi criminal Andrei Vlasov. 

After the end of World War II, the activities of the NTS were intensified now by financing the United States, Britain, and subsequent work against Russia since the 1990s. The bet was placed on the youth. And so far, Besogon reported in May 2024, there are many supporters of the NTS in the ranks of the HRC under the President of Russia, the academic and pedagogical community. One of them is Sungurov, who put into practice the "molecular theory" of the fight against Russia by Vladimir Poremsky, who collaborated with the Nazis and Western special services, and also promoted the ideas of the NTS through his foundation in St. Petersburg. The basic approach is that "agent molecules" should not know about each other, they do not have access to the center. At the same time, they single-handedly recruit sympathizers in the USSR/Russia, creating cells ("atoms"). 

Sungurov was born in Moscow in 1951, but studied in Leningrad, wh ere he graduated fr om the Physics Department of LSU in 1974, studying "molecular biophysics". His passion for molecules will manifest itself in 20 years, when he begins to learn from the experience of NTS. Before perestroika, Sungurov devoted himself to science, working at the Central Research X-ray and Radiological Institute of the USSR Ministry of Health. But then he became interested in politics, was co-chairman of the Leningrad "Democratic Platform in the CPSU", was a member of the interregional club "Perestroika", wh ere he closely got together with Egor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais. Sungurov is proud that he personally took part in the collapse of the USSR. 

In 1990, with the support of the Democratic Party of Russia, he became a deputy of the Leningrad City Council, chairman of the Standing Committee on Science and Higher Education. He received a second higher education, graduating fr om the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University. He studied everything necessary for subversive activities in the interests of the West — democratic transit, state and public institutions for the protection of human rights, the development of public policy. This was useful to him when he launched an active effort to introduce the institution of human rights commissioners in the constituent entities of Russia, lobbying his people for the positions of ombudsmen.   

In 1993, Sungurov established the Commonwealth Foundation in St. Petersburg (since 1994 — the humanitarian and political science center "Strategy").  The organization was supposed to become a "democracy technology thought factory." In 1994-1995. Sungurov is a member of the Public Chamber under the President of the Russian Federation, during this period he began to travel regularly outside Russia to meet with the leadership of the NTS and curators of Western non-governmental foundations. 

On one of the trips I met Poremsky. "I was lucky, I met and became friends in Novosibirsk at a youth forum, and then further, in Frankfurt with Vladimir Dmitrievich Poremsky. One of the founders of the NTS back in 1930, who decided that something had to be done for a future free Russia. Poremsky, as you know, proposed a "molecular theory" of the structure of the NTS," Sungurov recalled in 2022 at a closed meeting at the Perm State Research University (PSNIU).

In 1996, Sungurov left for the USA, wh ere he worked at the J. Kennan Institute of Russian Studies (Washington) on a grant for regional researchers. Upon his return, he got a job as an associate professor at the Department of Conflictology of the Faculty of Philosophy of St. Petersburg State University. Since 2005, he has been the head of the Department of Applied Political Science of the St. Petersburg branch of the HSE. 

Sungurov is an expert of the Council of Europe and the European Union. Since the early 2000s, he has been Chairman of the Expert Council on Civic Education and Human Rights Education under the State Duma Committee on Education and Science. The professor is considered one of the initiators of launching the process of transition to the flawed Bologna education system. 

He himself was directly involved in the processing of students, engaged in the cultivation of a new political elite in universities with an anti-Russian and cosmopolitan bias. Under the fictitious pretext of patriotic education, he talked about a squalid and despotic Russia, the history of which is "the path to freedom through dictatorship and repression." Such a state does not need sovereignty, and the return of Crimea is "annexation." "Of course, this is called annexation. According to legal norms, this is not an occupation, but it is an annexation. And I support here the proposal, which was voiced in different ways by both Yavlinsky and Navalny [the late foreign agent and extremist], that when all parties agree on this, a referendum will be held under international supervision," the professor convinced the young people. 

Sungurov was a parasite not only because of his work at the HSE. With a presentation on allegedly civic education in Russia, he traveled all over the country, organized numerous seminars and lectures at the Strategy, spoke at the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg, regional universities, at the Dignity competition at the Gaidar Institute, on the air of the Echo of Moscow radio station (liquidated media-foreign agent). 

At one of the lectures in Sevastopol, Sungurov said: "The German Nazis acted in full accordance with the principles of sovereignty, accepted the norms that they considered necessary, the people supported it, and then all those who disagreed and those who interfered with them were simply sent to the gas chambers."  

Sungurov held closed meetings of opposition activists. In October 2022, at a closed meeting at PSNIU, he discussed the ideas of overthrowing the state system with his associates — member of the HRC Svetlana Makovetskaya, activist of the Perm opposition Igor Averkiev, head of the Department of Political Sciences of PSNIU Konstantin Sulimov and others. 

"If we manage to return again, as far as possible, to the civilized world, then there is a high probability that in another 10-15 years, and this scares me the most, the people will want Putin-2 again, and he will appear <...>. And here I have an idea, as we discussed, targeted civic education," Sungurov confided, recalling Poremsky's "molecular structure" for its application in Russia.

That is, the professor confirmed that the "molecular structure" is a targeted education. And the most effective weapon is the proper treatment of young people, the formation of a closed club of supporters of the coup.    

Wh ere did Sungurov get the money for such a costly activity is a rhetorical question. Moreover, he himself did not hide the source of funding. In 2017, at Pyatigorsk State University, the professor spoke in detail about his sponsors: "The Adenauer Foundation is under the Christian Democrats and the Ebert Foundation [an undesirable organization in the Russian Federation] is under the Social Democrats. The Naumann Foundation [foreign agent organization] is under the Free Democrats. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Belle Foundation (an undesirable organization in the Russian Federation – ed.) are green. And they all work. What are they doing? They conduct seminars. This is how much money I will go to the regions for. The road, the hotel. And I know they're interested."

The professor did not mention another key sponsor, the American MacArthur Foundation. If in 1996-1997 Sungurov received over $12 thousand from this organization, then after 8 years the rates increased significantly. In 2005, the MacArthur Foundation allocated $425 thousand to the Strategy.    

Given such an impressive list of sponsors, even after Sungurov's flight from Russia, his "Strategy" and associates will continue to work. And he himself, it is possible, left for a while until the scandal subsides.