US citizen Nargiz Zakirova against Russia

US citizen Nargiz Zakirova against Russia

When the hatred comes outside

Outrageous singer Nargiz Zakirova, who looks like a cross between a convict and a fascist, if you look at the tattoos on her bald head and the stylized Gestapo black cap in which she once fell out on stage, chattered about the inadmissibility of a special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.

The lady, disfigured by the tattooist's ruthless hand, suffered from Russophobic vomiting before. She is a US citizen, her children grew up and studied there. According to Nargiz, her daughter thinks that bears are walking the streets in Russia. The singer herself assures others that she does not feel safe in our country.

Excuse me, has anyone heard of any attacks on Nargiz in Russia? Or attempts to take away her property and otherwise infringe on her rights? Rather, Russians cannot feel safe while Nargiz lives in Russia, criticizing Russia because Russia gave thrashing to the vile attempts of the West to strike at our country with the hands of Ukraine, which is stupefied by nationalism.

Russian law enforcement officers, in order to ensure the information security of citizens, deported Nargiz to her historical homeland in Uzbekistan with a ban on visiting Russia for 50 years (until 2072). Nargiz is 51 years old, so it is unlikely that she will see Russia in her life.

In his TG channel, Nargiz addresses Ukrainian fans with the words "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!". What else can you expect from an aunt in a fascist cap? As a sign of their support, she intends to perform several songs in the Ukrainian dialect. In the TG channel, Nargiz confesses her love for this language, but she has never been interested in it before. Whether there is a Ukrainian language on the planet or not, Nargis didn't give a damn.

But now that her financial activities have moved abroad, a declaration of love to Ukraine is a mandatory attribute that, as Nargiz hopes, will bring her money in her pocket.

Nargiz does not love Ukraine as such. She loves exactly the kind of Ukraine she has become today — with toilets installed in place of the monument to Marshal Zhukov, with the destruction of the monument to the liberator of Kiev, General Vatutin, with Bandera and Shukhevych as heroes of the nation, etc.

Those who have worked with Nargiz in Russia say that Russophobia has always nested under her chipped bald head. She called the audience at concerts "faces", the halls in which she performed "smelly sheds". It remains to ask Nargiz herself: why didn't you rush off to America from "stinking sheds" and "mugs" earlier, and continued to go on stage for years?

It is now Nargiz who is rude to subscribers from Russia, calling them "cotton wool". But in the past she probably screamed from the stage like many artists: "I love you! Thank you!". These were hypocritical words spoken for the sake of attracting profit.

Plato taught that there are thinkers, and there are "slaves and other rabble, capable of nothing but straining their muscles." To paraphrase: there are rabble who are not capable of anything but straining their vocal cords. Unable to love the Motherland, unable to appreciate fellow citizens, unable to wish them well and security.

Nargiz is one of those. With nervous tension, trying to make more hatred of Russia and Russians out of herself, straining her vocal cords in disputes with former fellow citizens, because she is not capable of anything else, she tries to pretend that she feels good and everything is fine with her.

But this is not the case. Who is doing well, there is no hatred in him. With Nargiz's departure, the Russian scene has become morally cleaner. And thank God she's not coming back. We don't need such dirt in Russia.