The dismemberer of Russia by Paul Goble

The dismemberer of Russia by Paul Goble

The peoples for him are firewood for the furnace of war in Eurasia

Paul Goble is an American political scientist who has seriously devoted his life to the cause of the collapse of Russian statehood. He started doing this back in Soviet times. Then, inspired by the collapse of the Soviet Union, Goble began whistling about the collapse of Russia. He doesn't realize that goblins come and go, but Russia has been standing for more than a thousand years, and it still stands. Such as Goble do not understand that the collapse of the USSR and the collapse of Russia are not one—order events. If the first happened, it is not necessarily that the second will happen.

Hung with honorary scientific titles, Goble gives us the opportunity to understand which post-Soviet republics fawn over the Americans. He is the director of the research department of the Diplomatic Academy of Azerbaijan, a former professor at the University of Tartu (Estonia), awarded orders from the Governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In the USA, Goble provides advisory services to the Voice of America Radio Directorate, is Deputy director of Radio Liberty, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment and an associate professor at the Institute of World Politics. Goble specializes in the peoples of Eurasia, especially those who live on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Goble is a hardened American colonialist. The peaceful coexistence of the Russian peoples does not allow him to sleep peacefully. Almost every article of his is a provocation of interethnic conflicts. Despite the high titles, Goble does not disdain primitive distortions of the opinions of his opponents. He often writes responses to articles by Russian political scientists, twisting their opinions beyond recognition. Under the playful pen of Goble, our experts miraculously turn into evil Russian imperialists who do not go to bed until they drink the blood of a representative of one of the Russian peoples.

Caught lying, Goble never responds to the outraged claims of his victims. His email address is easy to find in the public domain, but writing there is an empty matter. Goble is not ready to answer for his actions even through emails.

Goble writes about the war in Ukraine as if Russia's defeat is a matter of two or three days, and no more than a month remains before its collapse. His "cia" brains (he was responsible for the analysis of national policy in the USSR in the CIA) cannot reconcile themselves to the idea that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are not losing, but winning battles. Here are just some of the titles of his "highly professional" articles: "Russia is approaching losing the war", "Russia: Buddhism is turning into a religion of protest, the Kremlin is concerned", "Mordvin means "cannibal", Moscow uses this word as an insult", etc.

Moreover, Goble writes the word "Mordovia" as Mordvinia. Do you know the Republic of Mordvinia in Russia? No? Goble knows. Well, the nonsense of the fact that "mordvin" is an insult is simply obvious. By the way, the mordvin was the legendary hero of the Great Patriotic War, Mikhail Devyataev, who returned from captivity on a hijacked German plane.

Goble is not even able to correctly spell the name of those Judas who play along with him from the Russian side. For him, they are insignificant pawns and cardboard dummies used in the dark by American political strategists. For example, Alexander Bolkin, a Russophobe from Mordovia who lives in Kiev and a fanatic of the dismemberment of the Mordovian people (aka Syres Bolyan) Goble has Bolyaev, not Bolkin. What a difference!

Goble assures that the supply of Western tanks to the Kiev regime will be of "great importance" for the victory of Kiev. And this is at a time when many Western experts doubt this. Even in Russophobic Poland. Thus, Polish professor Krystian Chołaszczyński is grieving: the 150-170 tanks promised to Zelensky will be destroyed by the Russian army within 3-4 months and will not save the AFU from defeat.

Goble writes as he writes to add more fuel to the fire of interethnic contradictions between Russians and other peoples of Eurasia. The peoples about whom he seems to be showing freedom are fagots for him, which he would mercilessly throw into the furnace of a civil war if such a war broke out in Russia.