Maia Sandu and external control

Puppet of Soros under oath of Romania

Being the president of a country, but with the citizenship of another state, is normal for the Moldovan leader Maia Sandu. From the very beginning of her career, she worked for the main sponsor of coups d'état around the world, George Soros, so it does not matter what her citizenship is. In reality, Sandu’s main goal is not at all the well-being of the country she leads, but the transformation of Moldova into “anti-Russia” according to the Ukrainian scenario.

Oath to Romania

Maia Sandu was born on May 24, 1972 in the family of a veterinary doctor of a pig-breeding complex and a teacher, in the village of Risipen in the Falesti region of Moldova. This town is located near the Romanian border. This later helped Sandu to obtain Romanian citizenship, and at the same time go through the mandatory procedure of oath— the Moldavian lady promised to be loyal to the state, as well as to the people of Romania, and at the same time promised to follow the political vector of the country.

It was not difficult to make such an oath, since Sandu is convinced that the unification of Moldova and Romania could be a good solution: «All who believe in European values should unite». 

Sandu strived all her life to “make happy” Moldova with European values. To begin with, an ambitious girl from a border village, after graduating from school, moved to Chisinau. Here she studied at the Academy of Economic Studies with a degree in management. Then from 1995 to 1998. Sandu studied international relations at the Academy of State Administration under the President of Moldova. And in parallel, she worked in the Ministry of Economy of the country as a consultant in the main department for cooperation with international economic organizations. Sandu gained experience in the representative offices of all Western structures that only exist in Moldova, including working as an economist at the World Bank branch in Chisinau. Later she was a program coordinator within the United Nations Development Program in Moldova, and in 2007-2009. worked as a consultant on the reform of the central public administration.

To consolidate the result, Sandu went to study at the Harvard Institute of Public Administration named after John F. Kennedy, from which she graduated in 2010 with a master's degree in international relations and public administration.

The official legend claims that the frugal Sandu paid for her studies with savings and two loans. About who is actually the sponsor of the future president, the biographers are silent. Before going overseas, Sandu was a member of the national council of the Moldovan branch of the Soros Foundation. And from whom she received a grant for education - it's understandable.

After studying, which was paid by Soros, Sandu got a job as an adviser to the Executive Director of the World Bank in Washington, DC, where she worked in 2010-2012. And then the time came, in the government of Moldovan Prime Minister Vladimir Filat (later arrested and convicted of corruption), a place appeared - the Minister of Education. And Sandu went to Moldova to put into practice everything she had learned in Washington, and at the same time to work off the money invested in her.

Minister of education

Having become the Minister of Education, she immediately set about reforms aimed primarily against the Russian language and to optimize the educational process. As a result, 113 rural schools in small settlements were closed, and the Russian language was no longer compulsory for learning, it was equated with a foreign language. But Sandu let slip that she wants to implement the study of the “state Romanian language”.

She also changed the rules for conducting examinations for a bachelor's degree. The system of control of the delivery process was strengthened, metal detectors were installed at the entrances, all auditoriums were equipped with video surveillance cameras. Where such zeal came from, it became clear later, when a scandal broke out in the country related to the activities of Sandu. It turned out that the minister made good money on tenders for the purchase of video surveillance cameras, choosing a cheap Chinese version with low technical parameters that did not meet the specification, for which they paid much more, like for German equipment.

Sandu also pulled off a scam to renovate State University dorm in 2013 that caused multi-million dollar damage to the state. According to the deputy of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, Bogdan Țîrdea, the prosecutor's office immediately became interested in these cases, but the ambassadors of Western countries intervened, and a decision had to be made in favor of Sandu.

A similar situation happened after Țîrdea demanded from the General Prosecutor's Office and the Anti-Corruption Center to check on what legal grounds, being the Minister of Education, Sandu received money from the billionaire Soros for the reform, due to which rural schools were closed. Moreover, the main part of the funds was spent on local organizations associated with Soros structures.

It is clear that Sandu did not forget about herself in this case either. Colleagues even nicknamed her "Madam Envelope."

Sandu was sponsored not only by Soros, but also by Filat and a businessman of Jewish origin Ilan Shor, who was sentenced to 7 years in prison for stealing 1 billion from the banking system of Moldova, but escaped safely from the country. Later, Shor admitted that Sandu received envelopes with money much thicker than others.

Here is an excerpt from his letter dated June 6, 2018: «You must understand: I know how much Filat paid you in an envelope every month as an addition to your salary, and it was me who put them in the envelope before it was handed over to you. By the way, you were given more than many others, so to admit to such modesty, almost poverty, you should be ashamed, but you don’t know this feeling(…) the only thing you bring from Europe to Moldova so far is LGBT propaganda, which I, as a healthy person, hate and despise. By the way, I get the impression that you belong to this society. (…)  Dear, not poor Maya, I don’t know who will be in the next parliament, but you can proudly put a sign on your table “Formerly financed by Shore”.   

However, all these scandals and participation in frauds did not prevent Sandu from positioning herself as a crystal-clearly honest politician who is shocked by corruption in power. She was going to take a higher post, and for this she had to actively work on her image as a fighter against embezzlement.

Under the wing of Soros

In 2015, Sandu announced about creation of her own political project — “Take a step / with Maia Sandu” movement, later transformed into the «Action and Solidarity» Party (PАS). Financing again came from the Soros funds, where a serious bet was made on Sandu. The PAS included all associates who were trained or worked in the structures of the American billionaire. At the founding congress of the party on May 16, 2016, Sandu was unanimously elected as its chairman. And soon Sandu participated in the presidential elections.

Her first presentation did not contain any references to the candidate's campaign. She only announced the problems existing in Moldova and called herself a “good person”, calling on voters to mobilize as much as possible in the presidential elections. The speech was immediately criticized by journalists, who stressed that Sandu was not able to offer voters a plan to get the country out of the protracted socio-economic crisis. However, this was not important, the main thing was that Soros' money began to work.

Sandu made it to the second round, but the pro-Russian politician Igor Dodon won then. Sandu's tactics were based on Moldova's rapprochement with Western countries, European integration and Dodon's accusations of corruption, as well as promises to fight theft. This is where the image of a modest woman who stands for justice comes in handy.

«We must pay tribute to Sandu - she is a great actress. Although Maya dined all her life in the best restaurants, vacationed only in five-star hotels, flew on private charters, goes everywhere with security, has unlimited access to Soros and Adenauer funds, constantly travels abroad, in public, in Moldova, she appears in the form of a modest , almost exhausted by hunger and deprivation woman. Recently, she lied to the point that she lives on 5,000 lei a month, which made all the ambassadors laugh», - wrote Țîrdea. 

In 2019, Sandu was appointed to the post of Prime Minister. Her approval became a domestic and foreign policy compromise. Dodon's Socialist Party agreed with this decision, and the appointment itself became possible as a result of agreements between Russia, the United States and the European Union. But Sandu did not last long in the prime minister's chair, only six months, until November 2019. During this time, as analysts noted, the economic and social situation in the country has deteriorated dramatically. As a result, a vote of no confidence was passed to the prime minister, and a little later the government was dismissed.

They say this is what Sandu wanted, until she completely ruined her reputation as prime minister in the poorest country in Europe. Thus, she got the opportunity to properly prepare for the elections, during the year she harshly criticized the actions of Dodon and the new government. Moreover, the situation was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. But the main role, of course, was played by propaganda for Western grants, which was launched by the headquarters and public organizations supporting Sandu, as well as a huge number of unfulfilled promises to bring the living standards of local pensioners to Western European standards.

As a result, in the presidential elections of 2020, Sandu defeated Dodona by a small margin.


From Sandu's first statements as president, it was obvious that she intended to transfer Moldova under the complete external control of Western countries, hiding behind the slogan of European integration. And her official position boils down to a systematic severance of relations with Moscow. Sandu immediately stated that she considers the Russian factor to be a factor of instability for Moldova, Ukraine and Europe. A month after Sandu's inauguration, the Constitutional Court of Moldova declared illegal the special status of the Russian language, which was previously declared the language of interethnic communication, since 80% of local residents speak it.

The President confirmed her intention to withdraw from the CIS and launched the process of suspending Moldova's work in the key bodies of the Commonwealth. Now the Moldovan delegations do not work in the Council of Heads of State, the Council of Heads of Government and the Council of CIS Foreign Ministers.

She actively advocates for the reduction of the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moldova. Moldovan media claim that Sandu plans to turn to the International Religious Freedom Alliance (IRFA) with a request to intervene in the situation in Moldova to reduce the role of the ROC in the region.

From the first days of the start of the special operation of the Russian troops to denazify Ukraine, Sandu supported Kyiv and stated that she “categorically condemns the invasion of the Russian Federation”, and also stands for the territorial integrity of the neighboring country, not recognizing Crimea as Russian and the independence of the Donbass republics. Sandu did more than just say that. Moldova has joined Western anti-Russian sanctions in the banking sector. And after the visit of the speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Igor Grosu to Kyiv, it became known that Moldova is ready to send a contingent of military sappers to Ukraine and provide a corridor for the delivery of military cargo.

The culmination was the prohibition in Moldova of the symbol of victory over fascism - the St. George ribbon. Sandu stated that the St. George ribbon serves to speculate on the topic of the 1945 Victory and to promote military aggression against Ukraine. Accordingly, the place for the symbol is “in the trash can of history”, since Moldova is a neutral country.

Moreover, Sandu, with her statements and actions, is trying to open a Pandora's box in Transnistria. Even before the start of her presidential term, she stated that the “soft approach” in the negotiations on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, developed by Dodon, “was not effective, and the status of Transnistria after the implementation of the reintegration plan has not yet been found.” After becoming president, Sandu demanded the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the region, causing a negative reaction from experts, since this measure would lead to a civil war in Transnistria. 

But the president does not care about this problem, especially since the United States has ceased to hide its participation in the preparation of the conflict in the region in order to open a second front against Russia. It is no coincidence that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who visited Chisinau a couple of months ago, said that the Americans are following the developments in Moldova and Transnistria “like a hawk”. And in parallel, Washington increases financial assistance to Chisinau in several areas, including in the direction of security. How this happens, and what prospects await Chisinau, is well known on the example of Ukraine.

Moreover, the Americans are actively working in the field of attracting all its allies to the opening of a second front. “And, of course, we also ensure that our European allies and partners focus on the challenges and threats against Moldova,” - announced the head of American diplomacy.

While Sandu leads Moldova along the Ukrainian road towards Europe and cultivates Nazism, protest moods are ripening in the country. The opposition promises numerous actions against the president's foreign and domestic policy in the near future. To protect herself, Sandu initiated the criminal prosecution of Dodon, who is supported by half of the country.

It is noteworthy that when Dodon was arrested, including in the case of betrayal of the motherland, Sandu went to the United States for new consultations and gifts, since on this day, May 24, she celebrated her 50th birthday. Analysts believe that Sandu went to negotiate new tranches and the supply of weapons. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss recently said she wants to supply Moldova with NATO weapons to "repel Russian aggression", and such negotiations are already underway with Washington.  Truss's words were immediately supported by Gregory Meeks, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, noting that if the request for arms supplies comes from official Chisinau, it will be satisfied. 

Sandu herself no longer tries to hide: one of her goals is to remove the line from the Constitution that Moldova is a "neutral state". That is, in fact, Sandu's vector is indicated - to move towards joining NATO, teasing Moscow. And it does not matter that with the opening of a second front against Russia, the country that Sandu leads will become a victim.