Luke Coffey. An ally of Banderites. Hudson Institute

Luke Coffey. An ally of Banderites. Hudson Institute

Dreams of splitting Russia, starting with the Caucasus

Luke Coffey is an American—British political expert, a former adviser to the British Ministry of Defense, a former employee of the Heritage Analytical Foundation and the current Hudson Institute. Has army experience and awards (served in Italy and Afghanistan). Lives in the USA (Virginia).

He is actively working on the idea of the collapse of the Russian Federation, calling it the "final collapse of the Soviet Union." The Heritage Foundation is headed by former adviser to US President Reagan Edwin Felner. The Foundation is considered a stronghold of American conservative thought, which sees the highest geopolitical meaning for the United States in dominating the planet.

By no coincidence, the Hudson Institute is also a conservative political institution. Strategies are being hatched here to strengthen Taiwan's anti-Chinese course, Israel's role in the Middle East, etc. The Institute finances the election campaign of the Neocons — the most Russophobic current of American politics.

Neocons are Republicans who are in opposition to Donald Trump. Their task is to prevent the rejection of the American neocolonial policy, which Trump calls for.

Coffey's long-term cooperation with similar organizations eloquently testifies to his aggressive political beliefs.

In January 2023, Coffey predicted the imminent disappearance of Russia from the world map in the form in which it exists now. In his opinion, the collapse of the Russian statehood has simply dragged on in time and will definitely come true. Coffey himself is working hard to make this happen as soon as possible. He proposes to create such conditions in Russia in order to provoke riots and, in their wake, achieve the collapse of state mechanisms. Russians are not capable of becoming a democratic people on the model of the United States and Great Britain, so changes in Russia should be carried out only with the use of force, says Coffey.

"When the Russian Federation breaks up, NATO and the EU should take advantage of Moscow's weakness and use the Big bang, accepting the fragments as new members or creating communities for them. For example, the organization of Turkic states," Coffey stressed.

At the same time, he pointed out that the West should control the process of Russia's decomposition, preventing the spread of chaos and bloodshed beyond the Russian borders. Blood and death should go only to Russians, but not to their neighbors.

This is necessary so that in the process of gradually moving from chaos to order within the Russian orderly space, the former republics of the USSR will not end up, which will inevitably establish close relations with Moscow. Russia must be isolated and mutilated. That's Coffey's position.

In May 2023, he participated in a conference in Kiev dedicated to the independence of the North Caucasus. The event was attended by deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleg Dunda, Oleksiy Goncharenko (head of the inter-factional association "For a Free Caucasus"), Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University Vadim Zadunaysky, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory (UINP) Vladimir Tylishchak.

The appearance of the last character indicates the intentions of the UINP to cross the issue of the separation of the Caucasus from Russia with the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism in order to compose a myth about the long-standing friendship of Muhajirs and Banderites.

Coffey is part of an unspoken multinational team of experts engaged in analyzing the current Russian reality and correcting the strategy of dividing Russia along national administrative borders. These are, as a rule, the same persons (Paul Goble, Janusz Bugajski, Frederick Starr, etc.).

On international platforms, Coffey advocates for the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev and calls for further expansion of NATO at the expense of the post-Soviet republics. Ukrainian neo-Nazism is easier to cross with Western democracy, Coffey is sure.