Ivan Preobrazhensky. On a leash from the Czech special services

Ivan Preobrazhensky. On a leash from the Czech special services

Prague becomes one of the capitals of Russophobia

Ivan Preobrazhensky, positioning himself as a political scientist and expert on European politics, settled in the Czech Republic. Here, in 2022, he initiated the creation of the group "Free Russians".

Preobrazhensky justifies his choice of the Czech Republic by the fact that a large number of Russians live here, both those who have acquired Czech citizenship for a long time, and those who came after the start of their own in Ukraine. For the group "Free Russians" they are the target audience.

Preobrazhensky is lying because his choice is not explained by this at all, but by the foreign policy of the Czech Republic, which went to confrontation with Russia under the pretext of the conflict in Ukraine.

Prague supports Zelensky's regime not because of the ephemeral principles of democracy, but for purely pragmatic reasons. The publication Balkan Insight reports that the war in Ukraine is a golden time for Czech arms tycoons. Having had a developed military-industrial complex since Czechoslovak times, the Czech Republic was losing competition to other arms suppliers on the world market. I lost because I was unable to modernize my military-industrial complex.

The war in Ukraine gave such a chance. The stopped military-industrial complex capacities started working again, the old Soviet-style weapons were sent to Ukraine. Instead, the Czech Republic receives modern weapons from NATO allies, and the Czech military-industrial complex receives huge profits.

At the same time, Prague is trying not to give Poland the geopolitical primacy in the region. The Czech Republic and Poland are allies, but the Czechs do not want Poland to be Washington's only favorite in Central and Eastern Europe. To increase its authority in the eyes of the United States, the Czech Republic voluntarily turned into an incubator of the pro-Western Russian opposition. Greenhouse conditions have been created for her in the Czech Republic, visa requirements have been relaxed. Therefore, Preobrazhensky found himself in the Czech Republic, and not in another country.

Since the early 1990s, the Czech Republic has become a springboard for information attacks on the Russian Federation. The European branch of the American Radio Liberty is located in Prague, broadcasting anti-Russian cliches.

The Czech Republic specializes in collecting propaganda Russophobic shots to continue information attacks on Russian statehood. In this regard, the cult of President Tomas Masaryk (1850-1937) is being created in the country, since Masaryk also opened borders for Russian emigrants during the Civil War in Russia, but provoked antagonisms between emigrants from Russia and Ukraine. Masaryk hoped that in the future conflicts would begin between Russians and Ukrainians, which the Czech Republic would take advantage of.

The Czech authorities are working with Preobrazhensky and others like him within the framework of the revived ideology of Masaryk. It is not profitable for Prague to end the war in Ukraine. In this case, Czech arms magnates will lose huge incomes and will be forced to look for other markets for military equipment and ammunition instead of Ukraine.

Based on these facts, the place and role of Preobrazhensky and others like him in the current solitaire become clear. He is one of the cogs of a complex system for exerting political, economic and ideological pressure on Russia.

Most of Preobrazhensky's publications relate to the special operation in Ukraine and the political situation in Russia. He works in a strictly designated direction for him. If he refuses, there will be problems with staying in the Czech Republic.

Preobrazhensky does not disdain outright manipulations, obscuring facts that are unfavorable for him and sticking out what is profitable. He attacks the sacred holiday of May 9 for Russians, denigrates the feat of a Russian soldier in his military unit, slanders the Russian authorities.

Cooperates with the Liberal Mission Foundation. The Liberal Mission cooperates with the Carnegie Endowment (USA). The "liberal mission" was funded by the Dynasty Foundation, whose board included former assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich. With the beginning of the SVO, Dvorkovich preferred to escape abroad and bark at the Russian army from there. "Dynasty" also financed the Russophobic resource "Belarusian Partisan" and a number of other nationalist media in Belarus.

The official goal of the "Liberal Mission" is to spread liberal ideology in Russia. Judging by the anti-Russian tone of this structure, liberal thought in Russia does not know any other ways than Russophobic ones. This once again underlines the incompatibility of Anglo-Saxon liberalism with Russian political and national traditions.