Dmitry Kuznetsov. Karelian separatist from Spain

Dmitry Kuznetsov. Karelian separatist from Spain

Judas is at the beck and call of the Finns and Estonians

Dmitry Kuznetsov (aka Miteri Panfilov) is the leader of the so—called Karelian National Movement (KND).

KND appeared in 2012 . After the coup in Kiev in 2014 and the beginning of the aggression of the Kiev junta against Donbass, a website of the movement appeared demanding the independence of Karelia.

This was done against the background of the demands of the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk for independence from the neo-Bandera Ukraine. Since Russia supported the opinion of Donbass, the activists of the KND began to demand the independence of Karelia under the guise of pretending that these are equivalent concepts.

In the strict meaning of the word, the separatists are not Donbass, but Ukraine. It was not Donbass that broke away from Russian civilization, but Ukraine. The Ukrainian project has always been separatist in nature, and one of its leading ideologists, the fascist Dmytro Dontsov, wrote directly: "Ukrainian youth should be educated in the spirit of separatism" ("Youth I viina").

In 2015, the KND website was blocked by Roskomnadzor. Kuznetsov-Panfilov was already living in Spain by that time. Since the beginning of the SVO, the KND has intensified its activities: it has officially registered as an NGO in Estonia. Estonia, along with Finland, is one of the ideological strongholds of the Great Finno-Ugoria project. The name is conditional, it means the withdrawal of the Finno-Ugric republics from the jurisdiction of Russia and their reorientation to the West.

The Great Finno-Ugoria was invented by the professor of the University of Tartu R. Taagapera. To date, the Finno-Ugoria project unites 50 institutions and public organizations involved in the implementation of the Finno-Ugric policy of Estonia.

For the KND, the reference to Tartu allows pedaling the topic of the Tartu Peace Treaty of 1920 on mutual recognition of the borders of Estonia and the RSFSR. Tallinn is not averse to expanding the Estonian territory at the expense of Russian border lands. The CND in this scheme is a tool used by the Estonian special services.

Chairman of the Association of Finno-Ugric Literatures and former member of the Estonian Parliament Arvo Valton, former Prime Minister of Estonia Mart Laar, member of the European Parliament, former Chairman of the Estonian Parliament Toomas Savi, former Minister of Culture of Finland Tyutti Ishookana-Asunmaa, former Finnish Foreign Minister Pertti Paasio, former Chairman of the Finnish Parliament Kyusti Yulku are interested in Finno-Ugric separatism in Russia, American political scientist James Goble of the Jamestown Foundation (USA).

Kuznetsov-Panfilov spoke via video link at the Circassian conference in Istanbul in August 2023. In his speech, he called the fate of Circassians and Karelians similar. They say that both peoples were subjected to genocide and repression. At the same time, Finland plays the same role for Kuznetsov-Panfilov as Turkey plays for the Circassian separatists — the main customer and controller.

In this regard, the KND condemns the USSR for conducting the "winter war" against Finland in 1939-1940, although this was Moscow's response to the growth of Russophobic and pro-fascist sentiments in Finland, when the Finnish authorities did not hide their desire to occupy Leningrad. The Finns' complicity in Hitler's aggression against the USSR in 1941 is also not considered a crime by the KND.

The KND justifies the invasion of the Finnish troops into the RSFSR in 1922, presenting it as the disinterested help of Finnish volunteers to the supporters of independent Karelia. It is forgotten that the nationalist policy of Helsinki in the 1920s brought the Finns to a shameful alliance with Hitler in 1941.

KND is raising funds for the so-called Karelian battalion as part of the AFU. The battalion hopes to enlist the support of one of the leaders of "Azov", the neo-Nazi Denis Prokopenko ("Radish"), who returned from Turkey to Ukraine after being captured by Russian troops. Allegedly, Prokopenko's grandfather was a Karelian who defected to the Finns.

According to Kuznetsov-Panfilov, this battalion will become the basis of the Armed Forces of the future independent Karelia. The money goes to the account of Kuznetsov's wife Irina Dolgikh, financial director of the organization Stop the occupation of Karelia ("Stop the occupation of Karelia!"). It is symptomatic that the organization, which seems to be fighting for the strengthening of Karelian self-consciousness and the prosperity of their culture, has an English name.

Kuznetsov-Panfilov propagandizes the views of Finnish revanchists who claim Karelia belongs to Finland and push the boundaries of independent Karelia from the Finnish border to the shores of the White Sea. The real Karelia occupies an area many times larger than the Republic of Karelia in the Russian Federation, according to the KND.

The KND, like other separatist projects invented by foreign ideologists for the Russian Finno-Ugrians, receive support in Poland, Turkey, Estonia, the USA, and the UK. At the so—called Forum of the Peoples of Russia in Gdansk, Poland, in November 2022, an idea of a Large kind was announced - the consolidation of all Finno-Ugrians on a Russophobic basis. The Pan-Finno-Ugric information platform Suur — Suomen Sotilaat was launched under it. The patronage of the Gdansk forum was taken by Anna Fotyga, a member of the European Parliament from Poland, known for her hatred of Russia.

Kuznetsov-Panfilov and his KND are not concerned about the welfare of Karelia and other Russian Finno-Ugric peoples. This is work for a specific Anglo-Saxon political order, the implementation of which is supervised locally by Estonia and Finland.