Blinken: The beneficiary of the war with Russia

"Husband, father, amateur guitarist and 71st U.S. Secretary of State" - Anthony Blinken writes about himself on his Twitter page.

Jewish pogroms

A descendant of Hungarian and Russian Jews, Anthony John Blinken was born on April 16, 1962 in the American city of Yonkers, New York, in the family of a diplomat and banker. Donald Blinken, director of investment bank E. M. Warburg Pincus & Company, and US ambassador to Hungary in the late 1990s. of the last century, was known as an art collector and a close friend of George Soros, a well-known sponsor of numerous conflicts in different parts of the world.

Anthony's great-grandfather is Meer Blinkin. He changed his surname to Blinken already upon arrival in the United States, fled from Ukraine, which became part of the Russian Empire, due to Jewish pogroms. But this does not prevent his descendant from supporting the neo-Nazi authorities in Ukraine and ignoring family chronicles. According to them, Meer, who was born in Pereyaslav and graduated from the Kiev Commercial School, left with $10 in his pocket, along with his eldest son Moses (the future Maurice), leaving the graves of numerous relatives who died as a result of the massacre, and cursing the place where he was born. This decision is not surprising, considering that the Jewish pogroms in the same Pereyaslav were distinguished by particular cruelty.

A lot of evidence has been preserved of how gangs led by Ukrainians Nalivaiko, Pavlyuk, Krivonos and Batska Khmel flayed the unfortunate people alive, and threw the bodies to the dogs, or cut off their arms and legs, threw them on the road and drove over them in carts and trampled on them by horses. But Blinken is not embarrassed by such historical nuances. Both he and his biographers focus on the fact that Meer left precisely from Russia, choosing the United States to rescue. And here he achieved a lot, became a writer, talking in Yiddish about prostitutes from Second Avenue, card players and dramas of married men's lovers.

It can certainly be assumed that the current Secretary of State does not know all the details of the massacre of his ancestors, but this is doubtful. This is not forgotten, and the cruelty of the current nationalists in Ukraine serves as a wonderful reminder of the century old events. No, Blinken knows everything perfectly, but he has his own goals, for which all means are good. Lies and hypocrisy for him is a common thing, as evidenced by his numerous statements throughout his political career.

In this sense, the story of the liberation from fascist captivity of his stepfather Samuel Pisar in Blinken's interpretation is indicative. The Jewish writer and lawyer of Polish origin, whom Blinken's mother Judith Frem married for the second time, experienced a lot: Majdanek, then Auschwitz and Dachau, and finally the flight from the column of the "March of the Dead" under the American bombing. According to his stepson, Pizar, having miraculously left the convoy, met his savior in the forest - an African-American tanker. “For my family, the USA has always been the last hope on Earth. My grandfather Maurice Blinken fled the Jewish pogroms in Russia. My stepfather escaped from a concentration camp during the war years. In the forest, he saw a tank with a white star, an African-American soldier looked out of the hatch. My stepfather knelt down and said the three English words he knew: “God save America! That's who we are, that's what America is to the world!" - fantasized Blinken.

And not a word about the heroism of the Soviet soldiers, which his stepfather so often recalled, according to whom there can be no doubt about Russia's victory in the war against fascism, this is sacred. Because of the beliefs of his stepfather, Blinken is not going to give up such a powerful weapon on the ideological front as the falsification of history. Besides, there is no point in idealizing Pizar and his influence on his stepson. This lawyer was an adviser to several American presidents, advised the US State Department during the Cold War. So his political convictions are obvious, as well as the credo of Donald Blinken. Pizar closely communicated with his son and did not spare money for his education.

On the way to the White House

The future secretary of state graduated from Harvard University, specializing in social studies. In 1985, he entered Columbia University, where he received his Doctor of Laws degree. He practiced as a lawyer in Paris and New York, and wrote articles for the liberal Jewish magazine The New Republic, which is associated with the US Democratic Party. And at the same time he became interested in politics, which is not surprising, considering his family ties. In 1988, Blinken helped raise funds for the presidential campaign of Democratic Party candidate Michael Dukakis. And then he became the chief speechwriter of President Bill Clinton. In addition to writing texts for the speeches of the country's leader, Blinken was on the staff of the US National Security Council (advisory body to the president to deal with issues of national security and foreign policy). As a special assistant to the head of state, he was engaged in strategic planning, including issues of relations with Canada and Europe.

Blinken confidently moved up the career ladder. When Republican George W. Bush came to power, in 2002 he became head of the apparatus of the Democratic faction of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Here, cooperation began with the committee chairman, Senator Joe Biden. It was Blinken who supported his boss, who came up with the initiative to invade Iraq. And after the success, a clever assistant helped formulate a proposal to organize three independent regions in this country on the basis of religious and ethnic characteristics. That is, in essence, to divide the country into three parts: "Shiastan" in the south, "Sunnistan" in the north, as well as Iraqi Kurdistan. And although the idea was rejected due to Iraqi outrage, Biden realized how useful Blinken could be.

Further cooperation between these politicians continued during the years of Barack Obama's presidency. In 2009, Biden was elected vice president of the United States, and Blinken became his national security adviser.

As the American historian James Mann later described in his book «The Obamians», Blinken came to this president's team from the Aspen Strategy Group, a bipartisan elite club that largely shaped the way Washingtonians thought throughout the 2000s. In this group, he belonged to the so-called "trout fishermen." “In Aspen, they were considered a harmless group of friends ... Meanwhile, the trout fishermen were the most assertive foreign policy team among the Democrats… They were eager to show that the Democrats are not a pack of pacifists, that they understand what national security is and are ready to use military force if required, but sometimes in a different way and for other purposes than the Republicans did», - wrote James Mann.

As Biden's adviser, Blinken was involved in the making of the Obama administration's most important foreign policy decisions: the elimination of Osama bin Laden in 2011, invasion of Libya and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, war against the «Islamic State». He developed US policy towards Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria, advocating the supply of weapons to the SAR militants, lobbied for direct aggression against Damascus.

In 2013, Blinken became Obama's deputy national security adviser.“Blinken can do any job. Tony Blinken is a superstar and this is no exaggeration. The president admitted it after four years of working with me and stole him from me." - regretted Biden.

According to James Mann, Blinken advocated “for sanctions against Moscow back in 2013 (when the story with Snowden happened), for a boycott of the Sochi Olympics and (not many know) for more proactive actions in Ukraine and other countries of the post-Soviet space”. And before that, being the chief of staff of the Senate Committee on Foreign Policy in the early 2000s, he developed the “new Ukraine” project, which Biden then implemented together with Victoria Nuland.”

In 2014, Blinken played a key role in articulating the Obama administration's welcome response to the Kyiv coup d'état. He is also considered as the main architect of anti-Russian sanctions after the entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation. Blinken did not hide his merits, talking about the measures being taken for the international economic isolation of Russia in cooperation with other Western countries, since in practice the impact of joint restrictions is much higher. His efforts were greatly appreciated. In 2015, Blinken was appointed Deputy Secretary of State, then John Kerry's position, and continued to be directly involved in the development of the most important foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration. In 2016, he accused Russia of alleged interference in the US presidential election and advocated further tightening of sanctions and total isolation of Moscow.

War beneficiary

When Republican Donald Trump took over the White House, Blinken had to take a break. And he went into political consulting. In 2018, Blinken, along with former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Michelle Flournoy founded the firm WestExec Advisors.

Their clients were Google, Jigsaw, Israeli artificial intelligence company Windward, drone maker Shield AI, which has signed a $7.2 million contract with the US Air Force, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, McKensey, Boeing, investment business giants Blackstone, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada and even the auction house Sotheby's. That is, Blinken's team worked not only with private investment firms and hedge funds, but also with clients from the US military-industrial complex.

In addition, WestExec worked closely with Pine Island Capital Partners, in which Blinken and the current head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, were listed as advisers. This company is enriched by investments in the enterprises of the American military-industrial complex. The firm operates primarily in the aerospace and defense industries, including high-tech firms, as well as in the government sector. Pine Island Capital Partners, according to the company's official website, "has extensive connections and unusual access to information.»

During his two years in consulting, Blinken according to reports earned about $2 million. But this is official data and, as you might guess, they are very modest. The influx of funds has been and is coming through various channels, including from the John Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania. From this structure, Blinken received a total of about $ 1 million, although he did not teach any courses, and he appeared at the university several times to participate in events and a couple of public speeches.

Thus, Blinken is not only an ideological supporter of the export of democracy around the world, but also one of the beneficiaries of the war. This explains his frank love for military conflicts, which were provoked and prepared by the United States. It is not surprising that, even moving away from political affairs and for all his rejection of Trump's policies, Blinken publicly endorsed the presidential administration's decision to launch a US coalition missile attack on Syrian military targets in 2018. His efforts have traditionally been aimed at supporting the conflict and establishing arms supplies to the Middle East region, with an eye to good dividends. By the way, part of the proceeds of Pine Island Capital Partners were generously transferred to Biden's presidential election campaign in 2020.

Blinken himself went on leave during this period to join Biden's team as a senior foreign policy adviser and unofficial press secretary. And a year before, he prepared a very painful blow for Trump. Blinken accused Moscow of allegedly offering Taliban fighters in Afghanistan cash rewards for dead American servicemen. And when Trump reacted very restrainedly to such nonsense, Blinken accused him of not putting the lives of American soldiers in anything. Such arguments are not forgotten in the USA. And it does not matter that this attack turned out to be an informational stuffing, since the bribe from the Russians was not confirmed. The arrow hit the target, affecting the ratings of Biden's opponent. And Blinken was once again convinced how, with the help of absurd accusations against Russia, can effectively score points both for himself and for his boss.

The hawk is advancing

After winning the election, Biden announced the list of his candidates for key positions in the future cabinet, calling Blinken a contender for the position of secretary of state. As «Deutsche Welle» noted, “It is significant that Biden is nominating for the post of Secretary of State not a career diplomat, but his close adviser, who knows well how to put the boss’s views into practice.” In a Senate hearing to consider his candidacy, Blinken said that the US should tighten unilateral sanctions on Moscow and "do everything possible" to stop the construction of Russia's «Nord Stream 2» gas pipeline. This became the decisive argument. On January 26, 2021, the senators overwhelmingly approved Blinken's nomination, and he was sworn in and assumed office. Loud statements followed the next day.

On January 27, 2021, Blinken announced that the world needed American leadership and wanted to know if the US would lead them by example. The message to intensify foreign policy and concentrate forces on unleashing conflicts was more than transparent. The second message was also aimed at meeting the needs of the military-industrial complex and all those involved. Because of the challenge from China and Russia, the US should abandon "unnecessary legal justifications and weapons systems in order to free up resources for investment" in the latest technological developments, Blinken urged. He immediately began to revive relations with European partners, following the same truth that he voiced back in 2014: together it is easier to defeat Moscow. As a result, the United States returned to the World Health Organization, to the Paris climate agreement, which were abandoned under the Trump. Another ministerial meeting of the Quadripartite Security Dialogue was scheduled and the withdrawal of US troops from Germany was stopped.

In parallel, Blinken announced the inclusion of Russia in the list of countries where the export of military technologies is prohibited, as well as the extension of sanctions imposed after the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal. Due to a similar hoax with blogger Alexei Navalny, Washington stopped providing Russia with all assistance, except for urgent humanitarian aid. At the same time, the supply of weapons to Ukraine increased. The purpose of the appetites of the new administration was obvious — bring to a logical end the “anti-Russia” project, which, at the suggestion of Blinken, began to be prepared back in the early 2000s. A full-scale conflict was needed, to which they were pushing Kyiv with all their might. “If you are not in the game, you will be in trouble. If you do not influence events from the inside, you will not be considered,” - Blinken was quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

It is significant that after Blinken became Secretary of State, the White House almost doubled military aid to Ukraine: on average, from $350 million to $650 million last year. This year, the sums will be much larger, given the gigantic death parcels sent to Ukraine. In this sense, the interest of Blinken and his partners is clear. The US government acquires American military equipment, weapons and provides them to Kyiv, thereby solving both the military task, the geopolitical task of containing Russia, and at the same time provides financial support to its military-industrial complex and all interested parties. All this is paid from the US federal budget.

The Ukrainian front is not the only anti-Russian direction in which Blinken is making his efforts. To start unrest in the Russian sphere of influence, he calls for increased US involvement in the Nagorno-Karabakh negotiation process, by providing "security assistance" to Armenia, loading weapons, and reconsidering security support for Azerbaijan.

Blinken's recent statement about Transnistria after his visit to Chisinau is also significant. According to him, the Americans are following "like a hawk" the developments in the region, as well as increasing financial assistance to Moldova in several areas, including security. How this happens, and what prospects await Chisinau, is well known on the example of Ukraine. The work is carried out according to the old scheme - with the involvement of European allies and the implementation of a series of Ukrainian sabotage in Transnistria. That is, the offensive is carried out by someone else's hands. How can one not recall Blinken's keynote speech, which he delivered at the State Department on March 3, 2021: “We will not promote democracy through costly military interventions or attempts to overthrow authoritarian regimes by force… We will stimulate democratic behavior.”