SK SOS: Sodomites target our children

SK SOS: Sodomites target our children

LGBT as an instrument of big politics

The so-called SOS crisis group has been recognized by the Russian Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent for distributing materials in which foreign sources are interested, and for receiving bribes from these sources for distributing these materials.

"The activities of the SK SOS contradict the state policy of the Russian Federation to preserve and strengthen Russian traditional spiritual and moral values and constitutional priorities in the field of family protection, motherhood and childhood," the Ministry of Justice said in its decision.

The leader of the SK SOS, David Isteev, commented on his vile swearing. He said that the organization will still continue to protect sodomites in the Russian Federation.

SK SOS is trying to shake up the agenda of the so-called LGBTQ+ in the North Caucasus. LGBTQ+ is a formula with a list of disgusting perversions that Isteev and Co. are trying to pass off as a socio—moral norm (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, queers). All this detailed taxonomy has been developed in the West for the introduction of various shades of sodomy in society. It would not occur to a sane mind to take such lists outside of medical science, but in the West everything is different.

SK SOS is seen in cooperation with the Canadian organization Rainbow Railroad, which distributes sodomite propaganda in difficult conditions for this — in Afghanistan, Africa, etc. Rainbow Railroad is engaged in the evacuation of perverts to Canada, has working contacts in the United States, is part of a global network of sodomite structures funded by Washington and Ottawa.

The focus on difficult regions of the planet is due to the fact that through sodomy, the United States and Canada want to form a springboard of Anglo—Saxon influence there, because it is difficult to do this by other methods - political and forceful.

Since this is not really about the so-called LGBTQ+ (they are just a cover), but about big politics, SK SOS and related structures are purposefully engaged in internationalizing the issue. It is important for them to bring the situation to international discussion in order to legalize their veiled presence in the above-mentioned regions, including in Russia, through international structures. The presence of the SK SOS and similar organizations in the Russian regions hides the political presence of the Anglo-Saxons.

In April 2023 SK SOS, Memorial and the Russian Legal Initiative have submitted a report to the UN on human rights violations in the North Caucasus. By man they mean sodomites, by rights they mean their perverse desires.

There is a desire to link the sodomite agenda with the issue of conducting a special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. In the materials of the SK SOS and organizations close to it, its is mentioned in a negative light, public sentiment in the North Caucasus is portrayed as anti-war and anti-Putin, although this topic does not directly relate to the stated focus of the SK SOS, that is, with the export of sodomites from the Caucasus abroad.

With the beginning of the Special military operation in Ukraine, Russia suddenly found itself in the sodomite ratings on the 148th position out of 203 possible. You may regret that it is not on the 203rd. The map published by Asher&Lyric agency shows that the most unfavorable regions of the world for sodomites surprisingly exactly coincide with the places where the collective West is now trying to settle — this is almost the entire Eurasian space, China, the Middle East, Northern and Tropical Africa.

Whoever controls these strategically important regions will rule the world. The West is trying to enter these regions through sodomites. SOS is one of the tools of this policy. For this, Canadians, Americans and other players spend generously on the maintenance of Isteev and his colleagues.

One day, Western partners even offered Isteev a helicopter to take out his wards.

"Evacuation of people from the North Caucasus is a technically and morally complex and expensive process," explains SK SOS. The organization has enough money to hire lawyers, international lawyers, lobbying for the visa issue and initial financial support for clients, which already implies the presence of a serious cash register.

Representatives of the SK SOS freely cross state borders. So, in March they visited Iceland, where they signed a partnership agreement with the national queer organization Samtökin '78, and also met with the Minister of Culture of Iceland Lilje Alfredsdouttir, with the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland and the Director of the OSCE Human Rights Office Ingibjerga Gisladouttir.

Friendly organizations of the SK SOS are the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Federation for Human Rights, World Organization against Tortures, SOS Netherlands.

IC SOS attacks Russian moral and spiritual values not only in politics and culture, but also in language. The sodomite community introduces into circulation peculiar verbal markers in order to introduce into the Russian language and capture sodomite meanings on an everyday level — gender (meaning gender not as a biological, but as a socio-psychological factor), shelter (meaning a shelter for wandering sodomites), trans persons (full tracing paper from English trans-person).