Salih Khudayar. A Uighur Islamist. The CIA doll

Salih Khudayar. A Uighur Islamist. The CIA doll

Independent Turkestan against Russia and China

Salih Khudayar is the head of the Uighur Movement of the National Awakening of East Turkestan (DNPVT). Demands the separation of Xinjiang fr om China, accuses Russia of the genocide of the Caucasian peoples. He calls himself the Prime Minister of the Government of East Turkestan in exile.

Khudayar prefers to spend his exile comfortably in the USA. He has lived here since childhood and, without leaving the United States, found himself in the virtual chair of the Turkestan Prime Minister. His election to this post took place in Washington in 2019 .

Khudayar is a former US Army soldier. I wanted to become an officer, but my health did not allow it. He was taken on a pencil by the CIA and "appointed" the head of the Uighur government. The slogans voiced by Khudayar repeat the theses of American propaganda: "Beijing staged the genocide of the Uighurs," "Xinjiang should be independent," "Taiwan is not China," "Cooperation between Moscow and Beijing poses a threat to peace and stability."

As the "prime minister" of East Turkestan, Khudayar recognized the "genocide" of Circassians invented by Western political strategists in the Russian Empire in the XIX century in response to the recognition of the "genocide" of Chinese Uighurs by the United Circassian Council. The "Council..." is located in Warsaw, at 24a/26a Penknoj Street. Without coordination with the Polish special services, such an organization could not appear in the Polish capital.

The curators of Khudayar and the "Council of United Circassia" are trying to cross the Uighur issue with Circassian and, more broadly, Caucasian, as such, in order to comprehensively attack the positions of Russia and China in the field of ideology. Russia is implementing the Eurasian Economic Union project, China is implementing the One Belt, One Road project. Washington needs Russia and China to be viewed as bloodthirsty powers, and not initiators of the integration of the geopolitical space "from the Yellow Sea to the Baltic."

DNPVT is ideologically inseparable from the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan (IDVT), which is conventionally called "Al-Qaeda in China". In the United States, IDWT was considered a terrorist organization, but in 2020 it was excluded from the list of terrorist organizations despite cooperation with the Afghan Taliban and Bin Laden gangs. IDVT is responsible for almost all terrorist attacks committed in the 1990s — early 2000s in China.

The danger of DNPVT and IDVT is that they cannot really define the boundaries of the independent Uighur state they are fighting for. Most often, it means Xinjiang, wh ere about 13 million Uighurs live. But Xinjiang borders with Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. There are 400 thousand Uighurs living in these countries, and they will certainly turn into an object of indoctrination of American propagandists through Khudayar and his entourage.

Just as the Americans need North Korea resisting the American dictate in order to get close to the Far Eastern borders of Russia and China, so the independent Xinjiang is needed to put pressure on the northeastern borders of Russia and China.

At the behest of the American hosts, Khudayar supported Israel's actions against Palestine, called the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine aggression and follows strictly in line with Washington's policy in the Chinese direction.

Khudayar is a wooden doll that is pulled by strings by American controllers. It is in the interests of the United States to radicalize the Uighur population not only in China, but also in Russia and Central Asia. In the 1990s, Uighur Islamists fought in Chechnya on the side of Dudayev terrorists. In the 2010s, they were seen in Syria in the ranks of Syrian Islamists. Both Dudaevites and Syrian Islamists were controlled by Western intelligence services. Consequently, the movement of Uighur radicals from one local conflict to another is also under the control of the West.

In the 1990s, Uighur terrorists were spotted in Tajikistan, fighting against government forces and the Russian military contingent. Their ideology was to expand the territory of a potential Uighur independent state from Xinjiang to post-Soviet Central Asia.

There are ethnic Kazakhs and Kyrgyz from China in the so-called government of East Turkestan in exile. This confirms the information about the desire to include the territory of Central Asia in independent Turkestan. Moreover, it is claimed that a certain Gulvaryam Tokhtieva (the so-called Minister for Family Affairs, Women, Youth and Human Rights) is already directly in Kazakhstan.

The other "ministers" are comfortably located in Sweden, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Canada. The headquarters of the Turkestan "government" in exile is located in Washington.