Russophobia by inheritance: Mark Brzezinski

Russophobia by inheritance: Mark Brzezinski

US Ambassador arms Poles against Russia

Warsaw is actively preparing for war — a direct clash with Russia, modernizing the army and purchasing the latest weapons. US Ambassador Mark Brzezinski oversees the process of militarization of Poland.

"I personally applied to Washington to get as much foreign military funding for the Polish armed forces as possible," Brzezinski said about how he helps Poles arm themselves against Russia.

According to the plan announced by Brzezinski, more than 100 American military facilities will be built on Polish soil in the next 10 years, including a powerful infrastructure in Povidze, where the process of deploying heavy American weapons has already started in case of the transfer of divisions of ground forces from overseas. Moreover, there are 10 thousand American servicemen in the country, including from tank and artillery units, army and tactical aviation. The fruits of Brzezinski's efforts, who moved to Warsaw shortly before the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine (he handed over his credentials as ambassador to Polish President Andrzej Duda on February 22, 2022), are obvious.

The choice of the White House is not accidental. It is important for Washington that not just a professional, but a hereditary Russophobe, a supporter of Ukrainian neo-Nazism and a specialist in the post-Soviet space, work in Warsaw, which he turned into his European bastion. From this point of view, Brzezinski is the best candidate, besides, he is also married to a Ukrainian woman (Natalia Lopatnyuk became Mark's wife in 2008). His hatred of Russia is at the genetic level, and he approaches the mission assigned to him with special zeal to prepare a European fist against Moscow.

The ancestral nest of the noble family of Brzezinski is located in the Ternopil region of the city of Berezhany (Poland. "Brzezany"). Mark's grandfather Tadeusz Brzezinski was born here, a Polish diplomat who is well known for his friendship with the Nazis and his influence on Warsaw's foreign policy in the 1930s.

Working in 1931-1935 in Germany, Brzezinski did everything for the union of Poland with the Nazis. He was directly involved in the preparation of the so—called "Pilsudski-Hitler Pact", which, in fact, legalized the fascist regime on January 26, 1934.

After becoming consul in the USSR in 1936, Brzezinski, on behalf of Poland, refused to guarantee the passage of Soviet troops to protect Czechoslovakia from the German Nazis.

He was an active supporter of the ideology of "Prometheism" (Polish. Prometeizm) by Jozef Pilsudski, whose goal is to weaken and destroy the Russian Empire, later the USSR and Russia by supporting the nationalist movement within the country. The main task is to "disassemble into national parts" the state, and then assemble them into a new federation headed by greater Poland.

A more significant follower of this idea was Tadeusz's son, Zbigniew. This is the largest figure in the Brzezinski clan does not require a special introduction. Zbigniew is a world—famous Russophobe, a "gravedigger" of the USSR, an ideologue of NATO, an adviser to many US presidents, the gray cardinal of America: the right hand of billionaire David Rockefeller, a permanent member of the Bilderberg Club. It is believed that this organization of the chosen builds the future of the global world and is the prototype of the world government. Brzezinski is a co—founder of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED, activity is banned in the Russian Federation), was a member of the International Advisory Council of the Atlantic Council (an organization lobbying for the interests of NATO, recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation), chairman of the American-Ukrainian Advisory Committee. He was also the co—chairman of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya - engaged in direct support of Chechen separatists and lobbying their interests in the United States, tried to achieve recognition of the "independence" of Ichkeria under the auspices of "President" Aslan Maskhadov.

The following phrases belong to Brzezinski: "Russia is generally an unnecessary country"; "Orthodoxy is America's main enemy." He is the initiator and architect of many military conflicts, the expansion of NATO to the east.

Zbigniew died in 2017, but his sons continue to plan and carry out Washington's aggressive anti-Russian policy. They don't have the same regalia as their father, but they have inherited connections, so their activities against Moscow are of great importance. Zbigniew's eldest son and, accordingly, Mark's brother, Jan Brzezinski, has been engaged in strategic intelligence for many years. In 1991-1993, he worked in the political planning department of the Pentagon, then he was delegated as an adviser to Ukraine. From 2001 to 2005 . Yang is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO in the George W. Bush administration. In 2006-2011, he worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, the largest contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. He was awarded the Order of Merit for Poland of the officer class, the insignia of the military departments of Lithuania and Latvia, the Medal of the US Department of Defense for outstanding services.

Jan, taking his father's place, heads the influential consulting company Brzezinski Group, whose main activity is strategic analysis, development and implementation of US geopolitical interests. As noted in the official description of the company, it is engaged in strategic intelligence and has a rapid response service that implements "activities of an active nature."

In addition, Brzezinski works as a senior analyst at the Atlantic Council, whose recommendations are followed in Washington. In 2014 Yan said that the North Atlantic Alliance should support Ukraine with military equipment, training of military personnel and weapons, including anti-tank complexes and anti-aircraft missiles, place "reconnaissance platforms" on its territory, and also "remind the Russians about Afghanistan." This is a favorite topic of his father, who rejoiced that Moscow had been lured into the "Afghan trap" and was preparing it in the form of Ukraine. December 9 , 2021 Jan Brzezinski called for a "warning strike" against Russia: "It could be a stop of payments for gas and oil or disconnecting Russia from SWIFT for a few days."

Mark Brzezinski is an equally implacable enemy of Russia and looks up to his father in everything. "We called him the Chief! And it was true. He was the boss of everything. He was the master of his fate. My dad has reached the pinnacle of United States security and foreign affairs policy. What a terrible nightmare for the Soviets! It was "Armageddon" for them. And nothing could stop the Boss," Brzezinski admired his father in an interview with the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

The youngest son has an extensive track record, he is also an active supporter of "Prometheism", his entire career is based on Russophobia. In 1999-2001 . Brzezinski worked at the National Security Council of the Bill Clinton administration, oversaw security policy on issues related to Russia, Eurasia, the Balkans and NATO. It was Mark who justified the need to bomb Yugoslavia. He also coordinated "American assistance programs in the field of democracy and the rule of law" in Russia, that is, he was responsible for directing financial flows to the fifth column.

Mark Brzezinski "supported various kinds of color revolutions in the post-Soviet space, especially in Ukraine." In 2004, he worked at the embassy in Ukraine and co—authored with his father a script, thanks to which the first anti-Russian coup took place in the country - the "Orange revolution".

In 2008, Brzezinski became a foreign policy adviser in the presidential election campaign of Barack Obama, who began his journey into big politics under the direct patronage of Zbigniew. Thanks to Obama, Mark is appointed the first director of the Executive Steering Committee for the Arctic. The United States is paying close attention to the region where Russia plays a leading role. In 2011, Brzezinski was sent as the US ambassador to Sweden in order to prepare the intractable Stockholm for joining NATO in order to expand the military bloc closer to the Russian borders. Largely thanks to Brzezinski, the Swedes began to take part in military exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance on a permanent basis. For five years, the American ambassador has been actively preparing the ground and welcomed Stockholm's "efforts to integrate its armed forces into the NATO structure" in view of the "threat from Russia." In Sweden, Brzezinski not only built the architecture of the Eastern Partnership, but also took care of Chechen terrorists and their media resources operating through Finland.

He also actively supported his father and his strategy to turn Ukraine into a permanent arena of urban battles, according to the experience of Chechen Grozny. In April 2014, it was Mark who explained to European politicians that the increase in military budgets could be distracted by the growing "Russian threat".