Operation "Children"

Operation "Children"

Nazis steal children in Russia and sell them to pedophiles

On May 31, 2023, fugitive Russophobes staged an action in Vilnius near the Russian embassy as part of the "Let's Return Children to Ukraine" campaign organized by Western special services.

The Ukrainian Nazis and the West accused Russia that our rescue services and volunteers evacuated orphans from the former territories of Ukraine, which became part of the Russian Federation in accordance with the will of their population, who are in danger due to the continuous shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Nazis interpreted this as "deportation". Their claims were supported by the West, and on the basis of this, an International Criminal Court warrant was issued for the arrest of the President and the Children's Ombudsman of Russia.

This highly dubious topic is being exploited by the enemies of our country as part of the information war being waged against Russia. So in Vilnius, about 20 people with Russophobic posters demanded to "return to their homeland" children from the territories liberated from the Nazis. The organizers of the action were fugitive Russophobes, persecuted for crimes committed in the Russian Federation, Olesya Krivtsova and Anastasia Shevchenko. But the enemies of Russia are not limited to picketing and information noise alone. On the same day , May 31 , 2023 A woman was detained in Moscow for attempting to export children from the liberated territories to Ukraine using forged documents. She turned out to be a resident of Kherson, Olga Gurulya, hired, as she herself admitted at the first interrogation, by the Save Ukraine foundation (a cover organization of Western intelligence services).

According to Guruli, she had to issue a fictitious guardianship of the children in the Russian Genichevsk and then leave with them through Kiev to Germany, where "relatives" would presumably be waiting for them. Gurulya did not know any other details of the plan, being only a participant in the operation hired by the foundation.

This is not the first time Save Ukraine has conducted such operations, most of which were suppressed by the Russian special services. The Foundation hires declassified characters (the mentioned Guruli suffers from alcoholism) from new regions of Russia and try to arrange guardianship for these people with the help of bribes. With it, they have to take the children out of Russia to Europe. Most of the failed guardians are caught at the airport.

What awaits the children if the special services miss such a guardian. This is reported by the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, who told about the detention in Poznan of such a 52-year-old guardian, positioning herself as a "Ukrainian refugee". She sold children... to pedophiles for rape (!).

...Svetlana P. came to Poland from Sinelnikovo, Dnipropetrovsk region. She has no children of her own, but she has mastered the "profession" of "foster parent" and "guardian". On March 12, 2023, she crossed the Polish border with ten children aged 4 to 16 years. Polish volunteers suspected that something was wrong with the family when they visited the woman and found that the children were hungry and intimidated.

Poles organized a night film screening for children, which created a formal reason to isolate the woman from foster children. During the conversation, the children admitted that their foster mother beat them and bullied them in every possible way. In particular, she knocked out some children's teeth, forced others to eat excrement, and struck at the genitals.

During the first interrogations, it turned out that the defendant was selling children to pedophiles, who also bullied them. At this time, their "foster mother" was tracking whether the 20 minutes paid by the client had not passed.

It remains to be seen whether this "business" is her amateur activity, or whether she acted in accordance with the instructions of the foundation and shared the proceeds with its representatives. It is likely that this aspect will not be investigated. E

Such structures have sufficient influence to stop the "unnecessary curiosity" of Polish law enforcement officers. Poland is the main hub not only for the supply of weapons, but also for the export of donor organs seized from Ukrainians, and also the main slave market.