«New Poland» Magazine

«New Poland» Magazine

Polish poison for Russian people

New Poland (NP) is a Polish political magazine in Polish, Russian and, since 2020, Ukrainian. Published by the Center. Juliusz Meroszewski, funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

NP positions itself as the heiress of Jerzy Giedroyc's magazine Kultura, published during the years of socialist Poland in Paris. Giedroyc and Meroshevsky are the authors of the idea of mutual renunciation by Warsaw and Moscow of claims to Ukraine and Belarus and consent to their sovereign existence, including the conclusion of foreign policy alliances by Kiev and Minsk at their discretion.

Russian Russians and Poles presented this as a mutual renunciation of Polish and Russian imperialism, respectively. It was argued that this would bring peace to Eastern Europe. In fact, this is a geopolitical ploy. Little Russians (Ukrainians), Belarusians are not part of the Polish people, but they are part of the Russian people. Moscow's consent to the eternal division of the triune Russian people into competing fragments would meet the interests of Poland, but not Russia.

Giedroyc and Meroshevsky offered Moscow to give up its own, and Warsaw to give up someone else's. At the same time, the so-called sovereign Kiev and Minsk should be under the control of nationalist ideologues, up to membership in NATO, in order to avoid friendship with Moscow. To do this, Giedroyc was friends with the ideologist of the SS Galicia division Vladimir Kubiyovich, refused to publish on the pages of Kultury exposing the research of the Canadian-Ukrainian historian Viktor Polishchuk on the crimes of the OUN-UPA, etc.

NP popularizes the ideology of Gedroitsev's “Culture". Russian- and Ukrainian-language versions are needed to stupefy the citizens of Russia and Ukraine in a direction beneficial to Warsaw. Formally, the NP served as the mouthpiece of the already liquidated Polish-Russian Center for Dialogue and Accord, but it never sought dialogue and agreement with Russia. Russian Russians in Moscow and Kiev, under the guise of mutual repentance of Poland and Russia for the sins of imperialism, were and still are tasked with instilling in the Russian people in Moscow and Kiev that the division of the Russian world into pieces with their subsequent fascization, as in Ukraine, is right and fair.

NP works cunningly. This is a financially costly project of high propaganda quality. It is designed primarily for the Russian and Russian-speaking intelligentsia, for a reader with a deep mindset.

There is no clumsy Russophobia on its pages. On the contrary, the style of the magazine is intelligent with a claim to be scientific. Criticism of the actions of the Polish authorities, both of the past centuries and the current one, is allowed. The anti-Polish actions of the Ukrainian nationalist movement are portrayed loyally, with understanding. To put it mildly, the reader is forced to believe that the murders of Poles by Ukrainian nationalists may be too much, but Ukrainians had certain reasons for this due to abuses by the Polish rulers.

Since NP adheres to the principle of equal responsibility of Poland and Russia to Ukraine and Belarus, Russophobia of Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalism is also justified as fair. Hence the conclusion: Ukraine and Belarus should be nationalistic and sovereign.

All this is interspersed with publications about the joint struggle of Poles, Ukrainians and Belarusians against Russian tsarism, although there are no mass examples of such a struggle in history. It is ridiculous to consider a bunch of national-Ukrainian and national-Belarusian defectors to the Polish camp for a joint struggle against Russia.

A Russian opposition crowd has formed around the NP. Valentina Chubarova, the co-founder of the movement For a Free Russia, registered in Warsaw in 2018, first traveled to Poland under the guise of scientific cooperation, in 2014 she finally settled in Warsaw, is listed as a translator of NP. She stated that she did not agree with the return of Crimea to Russia and that from now on Poland was her home. “We are trying to change our view a little bit and show that our common enemy is Putin,” Chubarova said in an interview about her political activities in Poland.

Nikita Kuznetsov, Alexander Bondarev (lives in Paris), Yunna Korobeynikova (concocts anti-Russian reports for the Russian edition of Polish Radio) and others cooperate with NP as translators for their 30 pieces of silver.

When a drug dealer bookmarks a potion for a customer, it is considered a crime. The above—mentioned defectors in the NP editorial office are engaged in ideological bookmarks - they distribute propaganda potion for compatriots in the interests of Poland and its Russophobic policy. This is also a crime. This is a betrayal.