Michael John (Sarah) Ashton-Cirillo. An American pervert in the APU

Michael John (Sarah) Ashton-Cirillo. An American pervert in the APU

Service in territorial defense. Threats to Russian journalists and officials

The information trends built in the United States in relation to its citizens often drive them crazy. A striking example of this statement is Michael John Cirillo, who at some point in his life went off the rails and castrated himself with the help of American doctors.

He was born in 1977 (North Florida). He was married and had a daughter. The first marker that reveals Ashton-Cirillo's oddities is a track record. In all the biographies that can be found on the web, in the section "work activity" we read — I played poker. And only after that, a realtor, a real estate analyst and a journalist appear in the list of occupied vacancies.

Journalism classes became the platform fr om which Michael John began his transformation into Sarah. He describes it as follows: "My materials are biased, because the Syrians who communicated with me saw a man in front of them, and I felt like a woman. What would these people say if I were trans? What would they do?" Cirillo wrote this after a failed attempt to publish a book about refugees from Syria.

Realizing that there would be no free will without renouncing manhood, Cirillo began taking special hormones, and by 2019 he agreed to have an operation performed on him, which the extremist LGBT movement calls "sex reassignment."

In the Russian language tradition, people who are prone to homosexuality and scoundrels are often characterized by the same word "pederast". The corresponding life behavioral habits are largely characteristic of Ashton-Cirillo.

Taking advantage of the hype surrounding his castration operation, Michael John, being a Democrat, posed as a Republican, as a result of which he was able to infiltrate the Trump party and influence the result of the elections in Nevada. Political provocations and journalism were already interspersed with Russophobia. "I was soaked in hatred of Russia when I visited the occupation museums in the Baltic States in 2017. I will document terrorist acts committed by Russians," this explained the reason why an American citizen arrived in Kharkiv and gradually began to get closer to representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Ukrainized sound of the surname "Cyrillo" and frostbitten Russophobia caused a dizzying career: from a sympathizer bringing "food to roadblocks" to a "war correspondent", a medic in the Noman Celebijikhan Crimean Tatar battalion.

"We have five thousand LGBT soldiers now. When I met with Commander Islyamov [Lenur], who is closely associated with the Ukrainian Tatar community, I did not expect to receive such support. The Crimean Tatars are extremely friendly. I talked to Islyamov every day and am still close to people from his entourage. They taught me what genocide is. Islyamov is one of my greatest teachers," said Michael-John, who decided that he was Sarah.

The peak of the American sodomite's career in Ukraine was his appointment in August 2023 as the press secretary of the territorial Defense forces for working with an English-speaking audience. Anna Malyar, Deputy Minister of Defense, personally represented the new colleague: "Sarah informs the English—speaking audience - she objectively covers events."

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed a much more adequate reaction to the appearance of a non-standard media tool in the Ukrainian pool. According to Ashton-Cirillo's memoirs, it sounded like this: "Zakharova was the first to attack me in April 2022. She insulted me before anyone even knew my name outside the United States. She called me a creature that hangs out with bandits. In my opinion, there should be no untouchables."

During his time in Ukraine, combat medic - journalist Michael John Sarah managed to register not only in Kharkov, but also in Artemovsk, wh ere he was wounded in one of the transgender limbs.

During his time as one of the speakers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the sodomite managed to say a lot of stupid things, including denouncing the actions of the Ukrainian army itself.

A special project "Russia hates the truth" was created, which sounded on the air: "What is the difference between us [the West and Ukraine] and them [Russia]? Besides, that we are fighting for freedom under this [Ukrainian] flag, and the Russians are fighting for tyranny and dictatorship? Everything is simple. We are human, but these [Russians] are most definitely not."

On the show of Vovan and Lexus (Ashton-Cerillo mistook one of them for Poroshenko), he continued to explain his ideological position: "Sir, you have a European party, and the reality is that Russians are not Europeans. Russians, as Mr. Danilov clearly put it, have a completely different culture. Russians are Asians, and, ultimately, they really descended from the Mongols. They come from a group who want to be slaves, they want to be led, as it was in the time of Genghis Khan. I would like the Western world to understand that Europe ends in Ukraine. We defend European and Western values in the same way as hundreds and thousands of years ago, when the Mongols came. I will say that every Russian who supports what Putin is doing has nothing to do with a human being. They can't be called people. In fact, they are the enemies of humanity."

The passage dedicated to foreign mercenaries is very interesting: "We have a lot of foreign fighters. But we have a terrible problem because they are only one step higher than the mercenaries. They come here only because they have nothing else to do but fight. And although I defend them publicly, I know that many of them have extreme right-wing views. There are Nazi groups about which I have prepared a report. Many of them take part in the fighting only because they do not have the opportunity to implement in their countries," she said.

"We have security risks. We have problems with the moral and psychological spirit. Because foreign soldiers came here for money. And such people are more prone to drug use, the desire to enrich themselves, they stuff money into their pockets" - sounds in one of the private interviews.

No less interesting is the recognition of the experience gained during the injury: "We are fighting on the front of the information war, and we have a problem with morale. I am in the hospital now and I see soldiers who are very upset. Because they don't feel like they're being heard. We must win the information war — both on the streets of Ukraine and in the editorial offices of New York and London."

But even if in the life of an ordinary person there are situations in which "my tongue is my enemy," then in the everyday life of transgender people — even more so. Violating international laws, Ashton-Cirillo began to threaten "Russian propagandists" Vladimir Solovyov and Olga Skabeeva live on air: "Their propaganda is the best in the world. But they are terrorists, they should not be able to hide. The fact that they are shown on television shows does not prevent them from being war criminals. We can attack the Russian fascists with all our forces and weapons. And our armament includes the SRG. Our weapons include sabotage."

Sometimes these attacks had an even tougher form: "Next week, the teeth of the Russian devil will grind even harder and their frenzied mouth will be foaming with uncontrollable madness when the world sees how the Kremlin's favorite propagandist will pay for his crimes. And this Putin doll will be the first. Russian war criminals and propagandists will be hunted down and justice will be done, as faith in God, freedom and complete liberation leads us in Ukraine in this."

It was this statement that attracted the attention of both the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the international community, which put pressure on Kiev, forcing the transgender combatant to be removed from his post: "The statements made by Sergeant Ashton-Cirillo in recent days were not approved by the command of the Territorial Defense Forces and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Defense Forces strictly comply with the norms of international humanitarian law. Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo will be immediately removed from office until the investigation is completed," the Defense Ministry said in a statement on the social network X.

Ashton-Cirillo himself called the incident a political order and eventually returned to the United States. They say he lives in a business class apartment in Las Vegas. It is unknown whether he will ever answer to Russian justice. But in fact, it doesn't really matter: he has already done the worst with his body and soul himself. And then, you see, he will find adventures in the USA on the fifth point.