Kissinger: the "grey eminence" of the world octopus

Kissinger: the "grey eminence" of the world octopus

Controlled wars and global genocide

Former US Secretary of State and ex-National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger is recognized as one of the most influential politicians of the XX century. Experts call him the "gray cardinal" of the world government.

Until now, 99-year-old Kissinger remains one of the most significant figures in the non-public sphere of Western politics, where a long-term strategy is being developed. And this is one of the most terrible criminals, who has millions of victims on his account.

Crimes against humanity

A Jew who emigrated to the United States from Bavaria, Henry Kissinger is a member of the Bilderberg Club. It is believed that this organization of the chosen builds the future of the global world and is the prototype of the world government. It was founded by the Rockefellers, and it is to this richest American clan that Kissinger owes his political career. The Rockefellers were the center of influence in the American establishment, and Kissinger was involved in all their major projects.

The peak of his political career came in the 1970s, when he combined two high-ranking positions under US President Richard Nixon — National Security Adviser and Secretary of State.

Kissinger is one of the main ideologists of the modern model of globalization. According to it, the economies of countries should depend on transnational industrial and financial business. Today, this model is practically implemented: just over a hundred corporations control about 60% of the global economy. And Kissinger summarized the main essence of the strategy back in the 1970s: "If you control oil, then you control entire countries; if you control food, then you control peoples; if you control money, then you control the whole world."

What followed is well known today. The oil shock initiated under Kissinger's leadership in 1973 due to the OPEC embargo, the sharp enrichment of the Rockefeller companies and a series of coups around the world.

And in 1974, Kissinger prepared a secret "Memorandum 200", which made the extermination of the population in other countries a strategic priority of the United States. Subsequently, it was called “Kissinger's 1974 plan for food control genocide". The main thesis of the document is that an increase in the population in less developed countries is a threat to Washington's national interests, as there is a risk of instability where the US is going to export resources.

Special attention should be paid to 13 countries: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Only a reduction in the population of these countries will allow the United States to exploit their minerals, Kissinger argued.

The following was proposed. The US should actively promote measures to reduce the population, acting through government aid programs or through the UN, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank — organizations controlled by the Rockefellers. In exchange for depopulation of the population, the Governments of these countries can receive additional funding. The measures included the development of effective methods of contraception, the abolition of state laws against abortion and the active introduction of voluntary sterilization.

The second way to reduce the population is to increase the number of deaths. Kissinger said that food aid should be considered as an "instrument of national power" and it should be reduced by those governments that "cannot or do not manage the growth of their population": sterilize or starve. It is also possible to reduce the population with the help of wars and epidemics.

In November 1975, President Gerald Ford signs the Kissinger Plan, and its implementation begins. The consequences were terrible. Let's consider them on the example of Brazil. Kissinger assigned a special role to her in his memorandum, since the number of Brazilians without outside interference would have equaled the number of Americans by 2000. As a result, the country will take a leading position in Latin America and on the world stage in the next 25 years, Kissinger warned. This did not happen, because the implementation of the proposals of the American Secretary of State gave its results.

In the early 1990s, the Brazilian Ministry of Health began investigating press reports about mass sterilization of women. The facts shocked everyone: approximately 44% of all Brazilian women aged 14 to 55 were regularly sterilized. Most of the women were sterilized in the mid-1970s, when the program was just beginning under the leadership of the American Agency for International Development of the U.S. Department of State, headed by Kissinger.

The population was also declining due to wars and coups d'etat, which were initiated by Washington. And in this direction, Kissinger's crimes against humanity are no less terrible than universal sterilization. Thanks to his plan, mass killings and subversive activities against democratically elected governments around the world in the interests of multinational companies have become the norm.

"Henry Kissinger's role in the Kampuchea genocide, in Chile and East Timor make him a war criminal, corresponding in level to at least Hitler's Foreign Minister Ribbentrop", says Edward Herman, a college professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

In some countries of Europe and Latin America, attempts were even made to arrest Kissinger in connection with his participation in organizing coups, occupations and executions in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Bangladesh and Cyprus.

Thanks to the intrigues of Kissinger, who played a dominant role in US foreign policy, millions of people died. "We do illegal things right away, unconstitutional things take a little more time", Kissinger said at a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Melih Esenbel in March 1975.

In 2001, Kissinger was visited by the police at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and handed a summons to testify in the case of French citizens who disappeared in Chile under the rule of Augusto Pinochet, among whom were nuns and priests. Kissinger chose to leave the city, American journalist Christopher Hitchens wrote in his book "Lawsuits against Henry Kissinger", who advocated trying this politician for genocide.

The accusations against the former Secretary of State are based on numerous documents, including declassified transcripts of conversations with the initiators of military coups. In them, Kissinger advised to deal with the protesting population as soon as possible.

Here are just a few facts. After Kissinger's advice, 30 thousand people died as a result of mass killings and torture in Argentina alone. During a visit to Indonesia in December 1975 to dictator Suharto , Kissinger said so: "Whatever you do, it's important that you do it quickly". As a result of the occupation of East Timor, which was carried out by Suharto, up to 200 thousand people died. Another 300 thousand were sent to Indonesian concentration camps.

On account of Kissinger, who developed Operation Menu, the secret massive bombing of Cambodia and the death of 40 thousand people, as well as strikes on North Vietnam, which resulted in tens of thousands of victims. For this "peaceful settlement", which ended with the Paris Agreement on ending the Vietnam War, Kissinger received the Nobel Prize.

The course for the destruction of Russia

The Secretary of State actively worked in the Soviet direction. He is called the main culprit of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Kissinger hammered the first nails into the coffin of the USSR by participating in the negotiations and preparation of the Helsinki Accords in 1975. The Final Act, which he developed, included the principles of peaceful coexistence of states with different social systems.

As Kissinger later noted, he was very surprised that the USSR agreed to all the conditions. At the same time, he was firmly convinced that the collapse of the USSR, the independence of Eastern Europe and even the Maidan in Ukraine were all a consequence of the Helsinki agreements. And Kissinger doesn't just say anything. The signing of the document gave the United States the opportunity to legally interfere in the internal affairs of the USSR by collecting information about real or imaginary violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens. The activities of organizations fighting for human rights, which were funded by the special services of Western countries, were legitimized.

After graduating from the civil service in 1977, Kissinger became a political consultant and, despite his age, still serves as an envoy of large American capital on important issues, including in Russia. He has a special attitude to the Russian Federation.

The phrase attributed to Kissinger speaks volumes: "I would prefer chaos and civil war in Russia to the tendency to reunite it into a single, strong, centralized state". This attitude is not surprising.

Today, Russia is actively developing a Russian ideology. And this fact causes hatred in Kissinger, who advocates the dismantling of all national sovereignty, except the American one. He hates Orthodoxy as the basis of Russia's spiritual and moral sovereignty. He claims that the main problem in the issue of embedding the Russian Federation in the global world is the Russian Orthodox Church.

Kissinger's task is a global war, from the ashes of which it will be possible to build a new society, and only one superpower will remain in it, heading the world government.

And worst of all, his words and numerous books are methodological manuals for action. And the world's political elites use them. In 2014, the book "World Order" was published. The main thesis: "The United States is the foundation of the world order". And in order to maintain world domination, it is necessary to return to the concept that formed the basis of the Peace of Westphalia as a result of the first pan-European Thirty Years' War. It presupposes the absence of a dominant center of power in Europe.

And Russia, following Kissinger's logic, is subject to destruction. One of the ways is the implementation of the anti—Russian project "Ukraine", which also meets the interests of the Rockefellers, who are accused of a coup in Kiev.

The handwriting of Kissinger, who is still involved in the affairs of the American clan and is on the board of his foundation, is clearly traced here. As a result, immediately after the coup, the Ukrainian gas pipeline system was transferred to Chevron, which belongs to the Rockefellers. Ukraine has become a colony of American banks, Italian analyst Giulietto Chiesa claimed. He referred to the contract according to which the lands of Donbass with shale gas deposits were transferred to Chevron for 50 years.

Ukraine's sovereign debt is mostly owned by the Franklin Templeton Foundation, an intermediary of companies that are part of the Rockefeller Banking Group.

It is not surprising that in a situation when Russia is conducting a special operation in Ukraine and is not going to give in, Kissinger has become more active. At the Davos forum on May 23, he called for negotiations between Moscow and Kiev to return the status quo along the dividing line as of February 24, 2022 - before the start of the special operation.

In an interview with The Spectator magazine, Kissinger was more frank, suggesting that Kiev freeze the conflict indefinitely, rearm with the help of NATO, and then, if more favorable conditions arise, give Donbass and Crimea to Ukraine, even after several decades, as was with the unification of Germany in 1990.