Katya Margolis. A Nazi went crazy from hatred of Russians

Katya Margolis. A Nazi went crazy from hatred of Russians

When Russophobia becomes the meaning of life

"It's not enough to hate Russia! It is also necessary to talk about it out loud! You need to give everything you have to fight the enemy!", - Ekaterina, a graduate of RSUH, an artist and essayist, and now a resident of the beautiful city of Venice, teaches all her former fellow citizens.

Despite his far from young age, he prefers to call himself Katya. She also constantly reminds that she is the great—granddaughter of "the world-famous philosopher Gustav Shpet, and Boris Pasternak is her distant uncle," and "Bella Akhmadulina herself" called her "a beautiful elf."

This "elf" is a true master of the most amazing sayings. For example: "There is no Great Patriotic War. No, and it wasn't. The term itself is part of propaganda that has not been reflected to this day, designed to disguise the participation of the USSR on the side of Hitler's Germany, complicity in the beginning of that war. It's a shame to replicate it. Especially today." It seems that even in Ukraine they did not think of such a thing.

But Margolis is not only looking into the past, she also closely monitors current trends. "Russia is behind Hamas and world terrorism. Terrorism is evil. And then on all points. 2 +2. And the last one is from the field of positive arithmetic. We — or rather YOU — have finally assembled a pickup truck for AFU! Literally in hryvnia and euro. It wasn't easy. Thank you all very much! Glory to Ukraine!" - Katya writes in her TG channel on October 14, 2023.

Margolis is downright fanatically devoted to Bandera and Ukrainian Nazism, even bringing Middle Eastern events to Ukraine. However, she left Russia a long time ago, long before the start of the Special Military Operation on February 24, 2022 and even the Russian Spring of 2014. However, she could not break the "umbilical cord" connecting her with her former Homeland, and made Russophobia the leitmotif of her life and "creativity".

Having settled in Italy, she was in no hurry to assimilate and join the European cultural space, spending all her strength on pouring slops on Russia. In particular, she "struggles with Russia's cultural expansion in Italy, seeing it as a tool for corrupting European elites." During the Covid-19 pandemic, she attacked Russians for indiscipline during quarantine, seeing this as an "irresponsible attitude to other people's lives."

She constantly criticizes the Russian intelligentsia for direct or indirect cooperation with the authorities, inability to carry out strikes and boycotts, which, in her opinion, led to the flourishing of television propaganda. Even the dead fall from her — one of the objects of her hatred is the poet Joseph Brodsky, in whom she sees an "imperial" and a "Great Russian chauvinist", because he did not appreciate Taras Shevchenko.

Here is another quote from her: "The APU will save us! Nothing else can stop these barbarians, with whom I have the misfortune to have a common country of birth and one language. Be damned, "our boys": may you not return, may you be judged, may you have no offspring. This gene pool must disappear! Just like this empire."

Margolis regularly attends all anti-Russian sabbaths, like the Free Russia Forum. But it seems that he does this with the sole purpose of feeling his complete superiority as an EU resident over his former compatriots, whom he calls nothing else than "people.ru". She did not spare even her fellow tribesman and honored liberal, Chubais' friend, Leonid Gozman.

"At the closing dinner, Gozman and I were together again. More precisely, I found myself at a table with three men.roo. I admit, I have long been unaccustomed to such a way of behavior and even table conversation: all three of them vied only about themselves, none even out of purely ritual politeness asked a question or passed the word not to me, a woman, but even to each other. An unthinkable picture in an English or even an Italian feast. What a blessing that, living so long among other people and customs, I even forgot that it happens.

All through dinner, Gozman either talked himself or looked at the phone… In the rare moments that other interlocutors managed to insert a word, he asked again, because he does not hear well. I sat next to him and just sometimes repeated some words out loud. After half an hour, I finally managed to sneak away unnoticed and move to another more international table," Katya described her participation in the Tallinn Forum on October 4, 2023.

However, the activity of this evil, and obviously not quite healthy woman is not limited to pouring out hatred to the whole world.

She comes up with the idea of a mandatory course of "derashization", through which all Russian citizens and native speakers of the Russian language must pass in order to have access to basic rights and material benefits.

"Only if Russia has the courage to look at itself in the mirror that the world around it will provide in the foreseeable future, to look, to be horrified by itself and not turn away; if it is enough to embark on the path of national repentance and move along it step by step - only then one of the next generations will become the difficult happiness of free people, coupled with responsibility, is available," Margolis says.

Claiming that the "horizontal community" gathered around her has developed a "scientifically based" course of this "national repentance".

"In the age of modern technology, occupation and the Marshall Plan are not mandatory. With such a love of current Russians for themselves and for their miserable internal and external comfort and its material attributes, it will be enough to block the simplest channels and show Mariupol, Bucha, Raisins, the village of Groza on them, and to access the benefits of civilization, you will need to take a course of derashization, watch kilometers of chronicles of Russian crimes online and pass a test of basic human values and laws. Like a driver's license. Without them, Russians — both in Russia and especially beyond its borders — are dangerous on the roads of humanity. Without them, a return to the bosom of the 21st century civilization and access to its benefits is unthinkable. In the 21st century, this can be done: remotely and online by joint solutions and efforts of the world community and appropriate settings and software… And to reconfigure public services for the payment of reparations," writes the "beautiful elf".

The reparations themselves occupy a large place in the idea of Margolis. So, in her opinion, it will be possible to unblock bank cards for Russians who have passed "derashization" (she probably believes that Russians have them blocked) so that they can "pay reparations to Ukraine."

However, it is by no means worth underestimating her and her actions.

The delusional ideas of a woman who has gone mad from hatred may well be involved in the cognitive programs of our enemies, who have long come to the conclusion that in order to defeat Russia, they need to destroy the cultural and mental core of Russian civilization.