Julian Röpke. Critic of Russia for CIA money

Julian Röpke. Critic of Russia for CIA money

German mouthpiece of American propaganda

Julian Röpke is a Russophobic journalist of the German tabloid BILD. He actively covers the war in Ukraine, before that he covered the conflict in Donbass.

He engaged in anti-Russian information propaganda in 2015, criticizing the actions of the Russian army in Syria and supporting Islamic terrorists, whom the United States tried to bring to power under the guise of moderate opposition to President Bashar al-Assad. For this, Repke received the unspoken nickname Jihadi Julian. Each time Repke reacted to the victory of the Syrian government forces over the terrorists with a series of materials and comments on the pages of accountable resources.

Now Repke is feverishly commenting on the AFU counteroffensive, stating that Russian forces have been subjected to powerful rocket and artillery strikes by Ukrainian troops.

BILD conducts violent anti-government propaganda in Russian society by launching its TG channel and a number of other Russian-language resources. The political position of the tabloid is characterized by the reaction of deputy editor Paul Ronzheimer to the celebration of the Russian Language Day at the UN: "...Why do we need such a United Nations? And why is Russia still allowed to be a member of the Security Council there?".

BILD is supported by the CIA. The editorial policy of this supposedly German magazine prohibits criticism of Washington. German researcher Gudrun Kruip has made public the facts of cooperation between the founder of BILD Axel Springer and the American special services. It is alleged that Springer once received $7 million from the CIA to publish pro-American materials. Springer probably received large sums from Langley in the future.

Springer does not hide his pro-American views, emphasizing that he supports the libertarian values of the United States of America. Springer selected the appropriate shots, so the Russophobe Repke was on his team.

Especially often Röpke commented on the supply of Western equipment to Zelensky. As a BILD journalist, he worked to work out public opinion in Germany and other European countries in favor of the Kiev regime and the Pentagon.

At the same time, BILD is not the only printed resource of Springer's information empire. His corporation also publishes such well-known print media as die Welt, Fakt, B.Z., Business Insider, Politico, Protocol, etc. Some of these publications are focused on neighboring countries. Fakt, for example, to Poland. There is also a Polish-language version of BILD.

Readers of the above-mentioned publications do not suspect that it is not Springer's personal capital or even German capital that is behind them, but American capital, including from the CIA budget. In addition to Germany, BILD publishing houses are located in Spain, including the Canary Islands, Turkey, Italy and Greece. Such coverage speaks to the importance that those behind BILD attach to its work.

Röpke specializes in relations between the West and Russia. Based on these facts, it becomes clear that his Russophobia  is supported with money from Langley. Through his mouth, the CIA exerts information pressure on the German authorities and other allies.

So, Röpke criticized Berlin for the inept disguise of the IRIS air defense systems. The neglect of disguise allowed the Russian soldiers to detect and hit them. Criticism from BILD keeps German officials on their toes, hinting at the steps that are expected of them in Washington. It was Röpke who loudly demanded that Berlin and the whole of Europe supply Zelensky with modern weapons long before the European capitals made the appropriate decision.