Hand grenade Truss

Hand grenade Truss

British woman blows up everything she touches

The new Prime Minister of Great Britain, Liz Truss, is an unpopular person so much that some Britons accuse her of poisoning Elizabeth II during an audience that the queen gave to Truss two days before her death.

Truss hates the monarchy, she's ready for anything. This version is being discussed by the British and they are waiting for the worst times together with The Guardian, which predicts that now the UK will be on the sidelines of world politics. However, despite the negative attitude of citizens to Truss, the British elite made their choice. It is explained by the fact that Truss is easy to manage. When necessary, she changes her principles and is ready for any anti-Russian adventures. Such a policy is necessary in conditions when the West is waging a hybrid war against Moscow, and the UK is trying to occupy a leadership niche on the world stage.


Truss aspired to politics from a young age, was ambitious since childhood and did not tolerate competition. According to her younger brother, Liz often refused to play board games with her family because she was afraid of defeat. The interest in politics was instilled by parents who were ardent opponents of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, went to rallies, took their children with them and shouted "Down with Maggie!", advocating for the nuclear disarmament of Great Britain. Now Truss has forgotten about pacifism, if we recall her recent statement about her readiness to press the button to launch nuclear weapons. And then she was an opponent of violence and war.

Today, Truss is a staunch conservative. But she began her political career with the fact that, as a student at Merton College at Oxford University, she headed the local Liberal Democratic Party. Truss supported the legalization of marijuana and spoke at the Liberal Democrat party congress demanding the abolition of the monarchy, but then unexpectedly joined the Conservative Party, calling her liberal past a mistake. Truss's parents were furious. The father, an honorary professor of mathematics at the University of Leeds, still forbids colleagues to mention his daughter's name in his presence.

This did not stop Truss, she was going to make a dizzying career. In 2010, after several unsuccessful attempts, she won a seat in parliament. In political circles, it is noted that Truss was striving for victory with all her might. To win over the British elite, she arranged lavish receptions, invited influential ministers and deputies to dinners. She was not intimidated by the criticism of her party colleagues, nor by the irony about stupidity and ignorance of basic information from history and geography.

The Times quotes Truss' colleagues who claim that from the first days of her political career, in an effort to be visible, she pushed the rest with her elbows: "She didn't miss a single photo shoot".

People who know her have noted that Truss is surprisingly hyperactive and does not know how to be embarrassed. "None of this scares her. Many underestimated her throughout her political career", said a former Truss aide.

Four years later, Truss became Minister of the Environment, Food and Agriculture. Then she was Minister of Justice and Lord Chancellor (one of the most important functionaries of the government; the first woman in history in this position), Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. In 2019 Truss took up the posts of Minister of Women's Affairs and Minister of Foreign Trade in the cabinet of Boris Johnson. She was included in the government as a supporter of leaving the European Union, although initially Truss advocated the country's membership in the EU.

In 2021, she headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and took part in the scandalous Brexit negotiations. During the year during which Truss represented Great Britain on the world stage, she managed to do a lot, including aggravate relations with major states. Truss invited the G7 members to use the 5th article of NATO and in case of a challenge to the economy of one of the states from someone to give a coordinated response. Today, she advocates the possibility of using the G7 structure as an alternative to the UN Security Council, where Russia and China have the right of veto, that is, she wants to make the most important world decisions, ignoring the absolute majority of countries.

On July 7, 2022, in connection with the resignation of Prime Minister Johnson, Truss put forward her candidacy for the post of leader of the ruling Conservative Party and head of government. The elections were held in several stages, but the outcome was known in advance.

As soon as the campaign started, British politician Nigel Farage clearly identified the favorite: "A couple of days after Boris Johnson's resignation, one of the rich donors of the Conservative Party told me that big business had already made its choice — Liz Truss should win. Why? Because it's the easiest to manage".

In addition, many Conservatives who dream of bringing back the Thatcher times were pleased with the belligerence of the Truss. "We live in dangerous times, we need a stronger deterrent to counter threats and make Britain a leader on the world stage", Truss argued.

"Thatcher 2.0"

Truss knows what is wanted of her, and copies Thatcher in everything – from the manner of speech to outfits and photographs. In the British press, she was nicknamed "Thatcher 2.0". The media repeatedly caught Truss trying to imitate her predecessor. Sometimes this desire reaches the point of absurdity. In November 2021 Truss posed on a British Challenger 2 tank in Estonia to achieve a resemblance to Margaret. She rode a tank in Germany in 1986.

During a visit to Moscow in early February of this year, Truss walked around Red Square in a fur coat and hat, taking a few pictures as a keepsake. Then the British noted that these are exact copies of the photo of Thatcher, who came to Russia in 1987.

But, unlike her predecessor, who was considered an intellectual and an excellent polemicist, Truss is constantly the object of ridicule. During a visit to Moscow, Truss foolishly publicly refused to recognize Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh as Russian cities ("The UK will never recognize Russia's sovereignty over Voronezh and Rostov"). Speaking in Sydney, Australia, she said: "Ukraine is a proud country with a long history. They knew the invading forces before – from the Mongols to the Tatars." And in an interview with the BBC, Truss spoke about "supporting our Baltic allies across the Black Sea".

"The impenetrably stupid Madam Minister studied philosophy, politics and economics at Merton College, Oxford University, and also received a financial education. Moreover, she is the author of a number of articles devoted to the education system (!)," the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, assessed Truss' intellectual abilities at the time and recalled how the British ambassador whispered the correct answers to Truss and corrected her boss after another mistake.

The only thing that unites Thatcher and Truss is a penchant for militarism (Truss promises to increase defense spending from 2.28% to 3% of GDP and revise the plan to reduce the army) and hatred of Russia.

"Britain will not rest until Russia's economy is destroyed and Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity are restored", Truss said, calling on NATO countries to present a united front against Moscow.

She likes to brag that she helped her country lead the sanctions war against Russia, which she called "an outcast on the world stage".

Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, Truss has constantly demanded not only to strengthen Russia's economic isolation, but also to increase military assistance to Ukraine, although the UK has already managed to transfer weapons worth £2.4 billion to Kiev. Her credo in the conflict in Ukraine is war to the bitter end. Even during the pre-election race for the prime minister's seat, Truss said: "We need a prime minister with experience, who from the very first day will begin to pursue his course aimed at defeating Putin in Ukraine".

"An extremely bloodthirsty and destructive person", Truss was described in Moscow. On April 16, she was included in the list of persons who are prohibited from entering the territory of the Russian Federation. It is dangerous, it is recognized not only in Russia. Johnson's former adviser Dominic Cummings called Truss a "hand grenade", saying that she blows up everything she touches.

Truss is dissatisfied everywhere, with the exception of the United States and the Russophobic-minded Baltic states and Eastern Europe, because of the unwavering support for Ukraine, writes Politico, after interviewing diplomats from different countries. Many European politicians are convinced that the impulsiveness of the new prime minister will necessarily lead to an increase in tension in the world.