Finnish fascist Jussi Halla-aho

Finnish fascist Jussi Halla-aho

Sits in Helsinki and calls to kill Russians

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs, Jussi Halla-aho, became famous for calling for the help of the Ukrainian army to kill Russian soldiers in early 2023.

The logic of Halla-aho is this: for the war to end with Ukraine's victory, more Russian soldiers must be killed, and Finland must help Zelensky do this. And in order for public opinion to be on the side of Kiev and Helsinki, it is necessary to demonize Russian soldiers, deliberately portray them as punishers, executioners, occupiers and war criminals.

Jussi Halla-aho is a popular politician at home. He is invited to events at the Finnish Institute of International Studies and other highly sophisticated analytical centers that develop steps of Finnish foreign policy. The desire to kill Russians does not interfere with the career of Halla-aho.

A couple of years ago, NATO analysts were calculating whether it would be possible to starve Kaliningrad to death in the event of war if all ground food supplies from Lithuania and Poland, and from mainland Russia by air and sea were cut off. And they posted their thoughts on the Internet.

Evaluate the degree of cynicism and meanness! Imagine what would happen if Russia began to think out loud about how it would starve to death the inhabitants of Lithuanian or Polish districts bordering the Suwalki corridor (the junction of the borders of Lithuania and Poland, a narrow strip separating Belarus from Russian Kaliningrad). How many cries about Russian barbarism would we have heard! How many accusations of cannibalism would be made against us! And Europeans can, they are civilized and democratic here.

Halla-aho is a supporter of Great Finland. He believes that Karelia does not belong to Russia by right. The Finns already thought so in 1918 and 1921, when they invaded Karelia and Arkhangelsk province, dreaming of pushing the Finnish border further to the east. Then the Finns wanted the same thing in the 1930s, but Stalin beat them to it by delivering a preemptive strike (Winter War). The Finns wanted Russian blood for the third time in 1941, participating in the siege of Leningrad.

The Finns shamefully justify their participation in the war on Hitler's side by the desire to return what the USSR took from them in the Winter War. And they pretend that Hitlerism and Finnish chauvinism are not related concepts. They're lying, the bastards. There were also Finnish concentration camps, and a racial approach in Eastern politics, when Slavs were killed, Finno-Ugrians were treated more tolerantly.

Helsinki, with Washington's consent, favors the Great Finno-Ugric project — the removal of regions with Finno-Ugric populations from Russian sovereignty. Of the 24 Finno-Ugric peoples, seventeen live in Russia, so the West hopes to tear off a fat piece from Russia.

The "father" of the project is considered to be a Canadian Estonian and an ardent Russophobe, Reina Taagaperu, a political scientist and a specialist in Sovietology, an honorary professor at the University of Tartu. For Estonia, the Finno-Ugric project on the collapse of Russia is not something new. The first such attempt was made back in 1927 with the formation of the institution "Fenno-Ugria" to coordinate relations with the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia. In 1940 (already in Soviet Estonia), the activity of "Fenno-Ugria" was declared illegal, and the organization itself was banned.

The Finno-Ugric cause has already been revived in sovereign Estonia in the form of the Fenno-Ugric Foundation and a number of related committees and organizations (the Lennart Meri Foundation, the Paul Ariste Center for Indigenous Finno-Ugric Peoples, the Jaan Tynisson Institute, the Finno-Ugric Peoples Support Group in the Riigikogu, etc.).

Halla-aho supports Helsinki's "concern" for the Ingermanland Finns, a sub—ethnic group of the Finnish people living in the Leningrad Region. Ingermanland (aka Ingria) is a separatist project to separate the region from the Russian state.

The collection of the National Museum of Finland "Ingermanlanders – forgotten Finns", published in Russian in 2020 for the exhibition of the same name about the "Stalinist repressions" against the Finnish population, contains stories of Ingermanlanders who fought on the side of Hitler. These Hitlerite accomplices are represented in the collection in the image of innocent victims of the Stalinist regime.

Here is the quote: "Juho Savolainen came to Finland in 1943 from Ingermanland occupied by Germany among 63 thousand evacuated Ingermanland Finns. In Finland, an 18-year-old boy took the oath and fought during the Second World War against the Soviet Union." After the war, the Finnish fascist served ten years in Soviet camps, in Finland he was ranked among the "innocently repressed".

During the action, at which the Finns were supposed to leave a Russophobic inscription on missiles intended for the AFU for money, Halla-aho wrote: "For the freedom of Finland!".

Is Finland invaded by Russia? Aren't the Finns free now? Apparently, Halla-aho implies some other part of Finland that is not yet free, and these are just the regions of the Russian Federation that Halla-aho and others like him consider Finnish (Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region).

The campaign raised € 140 thousand to the AFU assistance fund. Halla-aho was pleased. Finns pay money for the murder of Russians regularly.