Emmanuel Macron. A protege of the Rothschilds. A pederast with a "beard"

Emmanuel Macron. A protege of the Rothschilds. A pederast with a "beard"

The French president is preparing for an open war with Russia

The French president is gathering a coalition to form a military contingent of NATO countries against Russia. To begin with, the Baltic states will enter there, according to the American edition of Politico.

Emmanuel Macron announced the likely dispatch of the French military to Ukraine in the event of a shift of the front towards Kiev and Odessa. In fact, he admits the possibility of intervention. According to the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, Macron's actions are aimed at further involving his country in the armed conflict in Ukraine. However, such a policy does not meet the real interests of France and its population.

However, Macron has never been guided by the national interests of his homeland. He made his meteoric career as a protege of the Rothschild clan and the globalists.

Macron was born in Amiens, into a wealthy family of scientists. At the age of 15, according to biographers and the president himself admits, he had an affair with 40-year-old teacher Brigitte Trenier, who was married and raised three children. Terrified, his parents sent him to study in Paris, where he graduated fr om the National School of Administration, and then got a job as a financial inspector at the Ministry of Economy. Here it is in 2007. Jacques Attali noticed — the gray cardinal of the Rothschild clan, a member of the Bilderberg Club (an organization of globalists called the structure of the world government), an ultra-globalist, an ideologist of the victory of transnational corporations over states.

Attali bet on Macron, whom he first arranged for the Rothschild & Co bank, famous for mergers and acquisitions of national enterprises. A good PR move was the marriage to Trenier and the promotion of a love story about the loyalty of a young knight Emmanuel, who, leaving Amiens, promised his beloved to return and marry her.

In two years at the Rothschild Bank, Macron has made a dizzying career. He was introduced to President Francois Hollande and in 2012 was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the head of state. Macron began to deal with the tasks of the Rothschilds at the government level. In 2014, he underwent a "screening" at the Bilderberg Club — at a closed meeting of heads of state, special services, heads of the media and big business. In the same year, he was appointed Minister of Economy and Industry. In 2015 Thanks to Macron, the law "on the growth of economic activity" was adopted, which led to a series of mergers and acquisitions of state-owned companies. It was during this period that the Rothschild Bank entered the top five global investment financial institutions.

Macron confirmed his loyalty to the clan, and the Rothschilds decided to invest heavily in him, making him the new president of France.  In 2016, Macron, as Minister of Economy, made a presentation at the Grand Orient of France Masonic Lodge on "Globalization is synonymous with progress." After that, he created the Forward! party and put forward his candidacy for the presidential election. The main mouthpiece of the campaign was the Rothschild newspaper Libération. The advertising and media support was huge.

As a result, the little-known politician won the presidential election for the first time in 2017. For France, wh ere candidates have been making their way to the main seat for decades, this has become nonsense. But Macron was the most suitable option: "neither left nor right," a man who denies the existence of French culture, praises globalism and technocracy, open borders and the absence of "prejudices."

That's what the French call it — a Rothschild hologram that has no ideas, no content, no love for the country. Attali did not hide that his protege was a "pure product of the system." Charlie Hebdo magazine called it rubbery. He is invulnerable to insults, glitters like a fake coin, and talks nonsense with an incredibly confident look, analysts noted.

"Who is Macron? An employee of the Rothschild Bank and nothing else. Gay funny guy. Mr. Nobody. A robot that speaks the right words at the right moment. The new Frankenstein. But behind him are billionaires, globalists, Rothschild America and all the power of the media (...) That's zero. A blank sheet of paper on which you can write anything (...) Macron is a ruined personality. His psychological profile is terrible, which is confirmed by the analysis of the famous Italian psychiatrist Professor Adriano Sagatori. At the age of 15, a boy from a wealthy family became a sexual victim of his 39-year-old teacher. This is the story of pedophilia," says the famous writer and analyst Alain Soral.

Macron spends fabulous money on image makers, photographers, stylists. He employs a whole staff of employees who monitor his style, gait, speech, and work on shaping his image in the media and social networks. In the first three months of his presidential term alone, he spent €26.5 thousand on makeup artist services. The money was spent on makeup and facial care. When these facts were made public in the press, a scandal broke out in Paris.

Other scandals related to his secret offshore accounts in the Caribbean and Cayman Islands, as well as addiction to drugs and sodomy. The WikiLeaks resource leaked information that Macron received a newsletter from the well-known website of specific products for homosexuals, VestiaireGay. And on the website itself, the president is presented with a characteristic ornament of the LGBT community. French newspapers have repeatedly reported on the president's sodomy, citing the politician's social circle as evidence.

Macron was promoted by an entire LGBT vertical under the guise of an elderly wife. The main ally was called patron Pierre Bourget, who was officially married to the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. He also financed Macron's election campaign. The French president is credited with having a connection with the head of Radio France and adviser Mathieu Galle.

Hacking of the mail of the American ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed that in 2015 She sent gay activists from the United States to the event specifically at Macron's request. "The homosexual community will always find a defender in me," he claimed after becoming president.

In February 2019, the press reported that Macron had been in an intimate relationship with his bodyguard and adviser Alexander Benalla for several years. The scandal was also caused by the publication of Rolling Stone with reference to the story of former US President Donald Trump about how Macron clung to his hand "like a stray", squeezed it, "trying to prolong this pleasure for himself as long as possible." Then the Frenchman began to wink significantly and make it clear that he likes men, and he is not averse to talking closer than is customary during a protocol conversation between leaders of states, the former head of the United States claimed.

However, in 2022, Macron went to the polls for the second time as an exemplary family man. The story of his marriage to old Bridget was very popular among the female electorate. At the same time, he openly appoints sodomites to ministerial posts. In January 2024, Gabriel Attal, an openly gay man, became Prime Minister of France. He, in turn, appointed his former civilian "husband" Stefan Sezhurne as foreign Minister. Sejournet is also called Macron's ex-lover. His political career began in the Marxist student club of the University of Poitiers, which consisted almost entirely of representatives of sexual minorities. On the basis of this club, the Macronist youth movement was created. In 2014 Sejournet became a personal assistant to the future president.

Macron is an outspoken Russophobe and has distinguished himself with many anti—Russian statements. The Russians' defense of traditional values only strengthens his hatred of Moscow.

Since the beginning of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, he has been urging not to show weakness towards the Russian Federation. "Russia has made its choice, despite the commitments it has undertaken... We must not show any weakness, no spirit of compromise," Macron said.

He concentrated on increasing the defense budget and strengthening coordination with the EU on military issues against Moscow, sends weapons to the Armed Forces and military personnel under the guise of instructors and mercenaries, calls Russia "the last colonial power" and demands to defeat it on the battlefield.

Macron does not hide the fact that the entire clan of globalists, whom he represents, is waging a "total economic war" with Russia. At the same time, French analysts do not understand why their president, who used to be infatuated with Vladimir Putin, decided to become the main lobbyist for the idea of sending NATO troops to Ukraine. Although, everything is simple, taking into account whose interests Macron represents.