Dalibor Dedek. The genocide sponsor

Dalibor Dedek. The genocide sponsor

Czech Billionaire pays for killing Russians

According to Forbes, Dalibor Dedek ranks 59th in the list of the richest citizens of the Czech Republic. The co-founder of the Jablotron Group company for the production of cell phones, he has accumulated a solid fortune and now generously pays for the supply of weapons to the Zelensky regime.

First, the billionaire blocked his company's cellular services for customers in Russia and Belarus and stopped selling products to these countries. In May 2022, he launched the information campaign Darek pro Putina ("A gift for Putin") to collect donations around the world for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and (quote) "Czech soldiers fighting in Ukraine."

It has been known for a long time that former NATO servicemen, including from the Czech Republic, are fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A special Internet page has been launched, where anyone, even from the most distant state, can send money for tanks, RM-70 MLRS, drones, small arms, equipment for the Armed Forces. So, more than 121 thousand donors chipped in to RM-70, raising about $ 19 thousand. Donors do not care that the APU from the Czech MLRS regularly fire at peaceful neighborhoods of Donetsk.

Through this resource, the work of Czech military experts in Ukraine from the so-called Czech Phoenix team is funded. 451 donors fully paid for the training of 2.5 thousand people in Ukraine in tactical skills by Czech instructors. It is reported that the same instructors took 40 wounded horsemen from Artemovsk, which is storming the Wagner PMCs. You can guess what else they were doing in Artemovsk.

The collection has already been closed under the headings "Drones for Ukraine" (almost $1.4 million has been collected from 7415 donors), "Drones for Czech soldiers in Ukraine", "Drones for volunteers and paramedics in Donbass", "Tomash tank for the Ukrainian army". The collection for Czech-made air defense systems has been opened.

Dedek's project is supported by influential Western publications in the USA, Great Britain and Germany — The New York, CNN, BBC, Der Spiegel. Radio Prague and other Czech media trumpeted about him. They provided the project with noisy advertising. Dedek is also supported by the Czech Ministry of Defense and the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague. By February 2023, the project had raised almost $17.3 million.

The Czech project has a Polish "twin" Bron dla Ukraine in four language versions (Polish, Czech, English and German) and a cynical screensaver "For Mr. Putin and his friends with an expression of love." The murder of Russians is for Poles an "expression of love."

Dedek is active in politics. He is close to the Liberal Party STAN. The liberalism of the Anglo-Saxon type very organically coexists with Russian-hating. There is such a political climate in the Czech Republic that only a Russophobe has a chance of a career.

The Czech financial circles are probably connected to Dedek's project. Through the resource launched by him, Czech capitalists, under pressure from the authorities, can very easily transfer money to Zelensky's needs. This assistance is not included in the list of official assistance that Prague provides to the bloody clown.

The Darek pro Putina project is a collective campaign to exterminate the population of Russia. The European consciousness does not burden itself with the pangs of conscience on this occasion at all.