Aida Abdrakhmanova. Parakeet MI-6

Aida Abdrakhmanova. Parakeet MI-6

Drags Tatars to NATO

An agent of the West, a Swedish citizen Aida Abdrakhmanova calls herself Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of independent Tatarstan on national and religious issues. An active participant in the project of Western special services on the collapse of Russia along the national-administrative borders, a supporter of Tatarstan's membership in NATO.

At the sixth so-called Forum of the Free Peoples of Russia at the Hudson Institute in Washington on April 25, 2023 (the last, seventh, was held on August 2, 2023 in Japan), Abdrakhmanova spoke via video link.

In addition to far-fetched criticism of the Russian authorities, she subjected Russian-Chinese relations and Beijing's domestic policy to special attacks. It is not surprising, since the Hudson Institute is also dealing with the issue of Taiwanese separatism. "We consider Tatarstan as an anti-Russian and anti-Chinese project," Abdrakhmanova said.

Abdrakhmanova's speech was clearly of an ordered nature, she quite predictably tried to play the Uighur card — the most popular among Western human rights activists in relation to China. Abdrakhmanova said that the Chinese oppress the Uighurs and other indigenous peoples of Xinjiang. In this regard, she opposed Tatarstan's economic cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs, especially in the field of digital technologies.

The information resource of runaway Tatar nationalists notes: " implement the "Safe City" system, Tatarstan actively studied the Chinese experience, and also involved Chinese companies in the implementation of the project. So, Hikvision participated in the process. According to Hikvision, the "Safe City" system in Tatarstan is about 60% implemented on the basis of this company's video cameras…The commercial structure supplies cameras with face recognition function to Xinjiang as well. There, the Chinese authorities, as human rights activists note, organized, as the media characterize it, a "digital GULAG" for the indigenous peoples of the region. It was the company Hikvision that created cameras with artificial intelligence that automatically detect Uighurs. The United States blacklisted her precisely for her involvement in the organization of persecution in East Turkestan."

The mention of East Turkestan is symptomatic. The Uighur Islamic Movement of East Turkestan (IDWT) advocates the separation of Xinjiang. Responsible for several hundred terrorist attacks in China. IDVT militants fought in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria.

The EU, the United States, the United Nations, China, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan have recognized IDWT as a terrorist organization. In 2020, the United States withdrew its recognition in order to use the group to destabilize the situation in China and post-Soviet Central Asia. Thus, Abdrakhmanova was included by the Americans and the British in a larger project to reshape the political system in a vast area from Xinjiang and Pakistan to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and the Russian Volga region.

Independent Tatarstan, which Abdrakhmanov calls for the creation of with the filing of the Anglo-Saxons, is not the last act of this project. Further, such Tatarstan, armed with Russophobic ideology, should become part of the Idel-Ural state. It should also include Bashkiria, Chuvashia, Mordovia, Mari El, Udmurtia after separation from Russia. Geographically, such a state should separate Moscow and the European part of Russia from the Urals and Siberia, splitting present-day Russia across.

According to Abdrakhmanova, work in this direction is already underway. On April 14, 2023, under the supervision of the Anglo-Saxons, a declaration on mutual recognition and cooperation was signed between the self-proclaimed Tatar government and a certain Committee of the Bashkir National movement abroad.

The ideas expressed by Abdrakhmanova do not belong to her. She's like a parrot repeating what others have come up with. Activists of the Idel-Ural organization have dug in in the UK, the Jamestown Foundation (Washington, USA) has been working on the idea of uniting Russian national republics against Moscow for a long time. The foundation's board includes former CIA Director James Woolsey. During the war in Chechnya, the foundation welcomed Aslan Maskhadov's militants, provided them with information support, and allowed terrorists from the Ingush Jamaat to speak out.

Thus, we have two organizations that are based in London and Washington and hire unscrupulous people to implement anti-Russian projects. Abdrakhmanova is one of them.