Agil Rustamzade. Azerbaijani Russophobe calls for strikes on Transnistria

Agil Rustamzade. Azerbaijani Russophobe calls for strikes on Transnistria

The Post-Soviet International against Russia

Agil Rustamzade, a native of Azerbaijan. Now he positions himself as a military expert. The first and main task of his "expertise" is to dehumanize Russia, no matter what issue the reasoning concerns (the problems of Karabakh, Transnistria, Ukraine — it does not matter): "Basically, all the governing documents of the Russian army are based on the concept of 1939, when the concept of humanism was absent at all. If in NATO the commander is held accountable for civilian casualties, then in my entire service I have not seen documents that constrain the Russian command when planning an operation for "collateral success". I think this is a question of the morality of the command of the army in a particular country. The Second Karabakh War is a vivid example. The Armenian side launched ballistic strikes on our cities, and the Azerbaijani army, having 2-3 times more firepower, did not shell the enemy's civilian infrastructure," he says in an interview entitled "There is no freedom or independence without blood."

Such and more severe distortion of facts is practiced by the "expert", as they say in criminal cases, "on an ongoing basis."

Like many people fr om law enforcement agencies, Rustamzade professes the principle of "hide your biography, do not hide Russophobia." It is known from fragmentary data that he was born in the city of Sabirabad, studied at the Higher Azerbaijani Military School named after him. Heydar Aliyev and the Higher Military Flight School specializing in Aviation and Space Technology. He gave 30 years of his life to serve in the army, and now, feeling emotional, he can drop in an interview that he gives comments in the media in the post-Soviet space in order to "be useful to the motherland." Apparently, the "benefit" from his point of view lies primarily in the continuous attacks on Russia, and often quite cheap ones.

"Why does Russian propaganda throw videos of torture of Ukrainian prisoners of war into the information space?" the journalist asks him, without giving a single specific example. "This is an informational and psychological operation to put pressure on the population and the leadership of Ukraine," Rustamzade answers. "This is probably one of the levers of influence to enter into negotiations, because the military and political leadership of Russia urgently needs it."

The Azerbaijani expert regularly voices "forecasts" of such stupidity at all venues that are invited. Obviously, the clients of the "independent STEM center", wh ere the former pilot works, receive the same quality of analytics.

Back in early 2023, he said that Russia would soon be defeated in its own defense, after which it would lose its statehood: "The West has invested in full, and Ukraine cannot lose. This is a very unlikely scenario. I do not see the resources of the Russian army so that it can inflict damage on the Ukrainian army with a large-scale operation. And I think that not under the flag of NATO or any other Western country, but a certain number of military personnel (with or without combat equipment) could enter the territory of Ukraine. There is such a possibility. I do not see another possibility — with strikes or penetration of the Russian army into the territories of other Western states. Because the Russian army has enough problems in Ukraine, why should it have problems in other places?.. The option of collapse is not excluded, and it is strange that this option is denied by people who lived in the USSR and survived its collapse. They don't believe that this can happen a second time. Well, I will say that Russia needs to be kept from the Syrian scenario, from uncontrolled chaos — until the moment of withdrawal of its nuclear arsenal. Under the appropriate conditions, when, say, Russia will surrender — yes, this is a possible option… The Russian-Ukrainian war is one of the factors that can lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation. With regard to the Russian Federation, I think everyone understands that if the war ends tomorrow, there will be no peace with this aggressive population, with the current political paradigm. And this applies not only to Ukraine, they threaten Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Lithuania… This has already become a method of conducting foreign policy. Something needs to be done about this country. I think that's why, in 3, 5 or 7 years, the Russian Federation will disintegrate."

But today, realizing that the situation on the fronts looks completely different from recent forecasts, Rustamzade, in communication with the Ukrainian presenter Natalia Moseychuk, declares: "You have received a decrease in Western assistance, including because of the processes that are taking place in Ukraine. They stopped believing in your victory. Yes, they are trying to support you, because no one wants Russia to achieve more than it has now. But each time there is less and less faith that you can reach any boundaries. It must be understood that you have won. The country that attacked you wanted to deprive you of statehood, enslave you. She didn't achieve that. You have won, but due to the fact that the war continues, for example, the level and degree of your victory may be different, the result may be different. But in this war, there is no longer a possibility that the Russian army may soon approach the Dnieper."

Simply put, keep dying, we love it.

A separate layer of the Azerbaijani analyst's thoughts is the scenarios of the weakening of the Russian state from the inside: "We all know the story. If society rallies in Russia, they can retreat to Moscow, but then gather their strength and go ahead. I think that this victory will be brought closer with the military successes of the Ukrainian army in parallel with the loosening of the internal political situation and the situation both in the elite and in the society of the Russian Federation. And these special operations — it was just from that story. Without undermining this state, the Ukrainian army will not be able to win. It is a huge power, such empires are sinking very slowly. It needs to be influenced by an economic instrument, the domestic political situation and a military instrument. Only the interaction of these three components can lead to the fact that, say, with the entry of the Ukrainian army to the borders of 1991, Russia will capitulate and there will be a start to the processes that Germany and Japan went through. This is very important — the impact, the introduction of discord into society. Russia fought, retreated to Moscow several times, but then won."

Or, for example: "We need to develop such tools so that people who can raise Russia anew can never come to power there," Rustamzade tells his partner in the anti-Russian international, Eldar Namazov.

But in general, the level of "forecast depth" of this specialist leaves much to be desired. 4 days after the start of the war against Palestine, Rustamzade appeared on the Details portal (slogan "The main news of Israel and the world") He argued that in no case is it necessary to strike at Gaza, and even more so to launch a ground operation. As you can see, the leadership of the Jewish state acted completely differently, violating all the precepts of a military analyst.

With the same "foresight" Rustamzade advised the Kiev hosts: "Ukraine has successfully bet on a sabotage war. And the fact that Ukraine is working in the Transnistrian direction is commendable, because there is a military group of 1.5 thousand people in Transnistria, which at any moment can attack the territory of Ukraine and threaten the city of Odessa from this direction. This is a natural process, this is war. I believe that even launching fire strikes on this territory is a legitimate goal for the Ukrainian army."

Rustamzade has said a lot of nonsense and slander against Russia, it will be enough for more than one term. And it is a pity that such specialists are not only in demand in the territory of the once unified Soviet space, but also feel unpunished. They can afford any attacks against Moscow without fear of retribution.