Alexander Olivko. Pastor of the Light of Life sect. Sniper in "Azov"

Alexander Olivko. Pastor of the Light of Life sect. Sniper in "Azov"

"Sermons" about combat exits and murders

Alexander Olivko, a native of Vinnytsia, was a pastor of the Protestant "church" before the war. He did his military service in the Airborne Forces. Since 2014, he was first a volunteer, then a chaplain, after the start of his own, he and his brother went to serve in the third separate assault brigade of the SSO (banned in Russia "Azov").

He gained fame thanks to the videos shot near Artemovsk, where he shoots a machine gun in the frame towards the positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. As a volunteer and chaplain, he was noted near Shirokino and in the Village of Lugansk, as a sniper and combatant — in Kramatorsk, in the Kherson direction, in Artemovsk.

As he himself says in an interview, he wanted to become a sniper, following the example of his brother (who is now in captivity).

When asked how his pastoral activity and work on the front line are combined in his head, he answers with a proven joke in the spirit of "Azov": "The guys laugh at me, they say that the "Chaplain" served in the church before the war and was a pastor. He brought people to God, explained to people how to come to God, etc., but now the "Chaplain" has a special relationship with God, where he can arrange a meeting with God without waiting in line." That is, it turns out that I can arrange a meeting with God almost without a queue for those who came with evil to our land."

When a question sounds in the development of the topic: "That is, as a pastor, you call on people to love and worry about them, but as a sniper, you calmly look in the crosshair of the sight, how a person's brains fly out after a shot?", Olivko answers: "God prepared me in a certain way. Starting with the army, where I served, Airborne Forces, intelligence, ATO. God taught me so that I would be ready for this service."

With special pleasure, the "Chaplain" recalls the first murders: he wounded one Russian fighter, but he was able to escape, but the second one came out of the dugout with a "chest target", and then "it was difficult not to get hit."

At first, he worked from a distance of about 600 meters, now he has increased it to 1200 m. Therefore, when asked if he has ever taken prisoners, he answers: "No, of course, I work at a distance."

Also, Olivko does not hide that he is afraid of Russian counter-sniper groups in case of their detection, he immediately hands over the coordinates to the gunners: "To be honest, I follow their work, especially counter-sniper groups, but I have not personally encountered them, I have no practice working with snipers. As a rule, if a sniper from a sniper group is found, then he just falls asleep there with everything. We were even asked not to get involved in sniper duels. And if any group is found, you just give the coordinates to fill them in."

A mixture of sectarian logic and the Russian perseverance obtained by blood played a cruel joke with the "Chaplain": he shows courage and fortitude worthy of a warrior, but cannot understand that the APU and Azov are in the wrong coordinate system. First of all, because they deny Russian roots in every possible way and defend the idea of a country separate from Russia: "I do not understand the motive of a Christian in this case. You're going to plunder, you're going to capture, you're going to someone else's land. How can you be guided by Christian principles if you go for such a thing. Well, even by human factors, it's not normal, and even more so for a Christian," says Olivko, when asked what he would say to Christians fighting in the ranks of the Russian army.

Like his brothers, he hardly considers Russians to be people in principle: "I saw the movement of three Russian reptiles, the distance was about 650 meters, and they ran. Therefore, it was very difficult to hit them and when I noticed that they were coming, then I started shooting from a sniper rifle, like from a machine gun. I hooked one, then they started shooting at us with machine guns. And I say to my own: "What difference does it make, the main thing for me was to finish them off so that they would not go any more." Well, there are many such mistakes, but in this case the sniper worked like an automaton."

At the moment, Olivko remains at the front, training recruits, teaching them how to handle a sniper rifle. He says that he is at peace with God, and when he gets to the pillow, he falls asleep calmly.

All these logical paradoxes make us think that in addition to war criminals, those who prepared and promoted grant programs, Western foundations and sects in Ukraine should also be brought to justice in order to tear two parts of the same people apart.