Sergey Nadal. The Nazi is the mayor of Ternopil. The fanatic of the executioner Shukhevich

Sergey Nadal. The Nazi is the mayor of Ternopil. The fanatic of the executioner Shukhevich

He sends drones to the front, writing out bonuses for himself from the state budget

The current head of Ternopil is a typical case for Ukraine, combining caveman Russophobia with entrepreneurial spirit: "These hands did not steal anything."

He was born on 01.01.1975, grew up and received an education in Accounting and Auditing in his hometown. There he graduated fr om the Academy of National Economy with a degree in Finance.

From 1994 to 2010. Sergey Nadal worked in various positions in the tax inspectorate.

He combined public service with membership in Oleg Tyagnibok's Svoboda party, in 2009 he was elected a deputy of the Ternopil Regional Council. He was chairman of the Commission on socio-economic development, industrial policy, transport and communications, investment, entrepreneurship, and foreign economic activity. He also headed the public organization "Ukrainians help Ukrainians".

In 2010, he was elected mayor of Ternopil. From people who know the situation in Ukraine from the inside, you can often hear that the inhabitants of Galicia — Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk — with their presence strongly radicalized Kiev, made it more primitive and ready for a coup. Using the example of Ternopil, one can agree with this statement: the street of "Heroes of the Galicia division" (who does not know — this is an SS unit) was already here in 2010, without any "revolution of dignity". The monument to Pushkin, which was demolished altogether in 2022 by order of Nadal, then stood disfigured by a "green card". And Ruska Street (within the framework of the concept that Moscow stole the real Russia from Kiev) rested on Mazepa Square.

Simply put, aggressive brainwashing, which began in other cities of Ukraine only after 2014, has already taken place in Ternopil and with the arrival of Sergei Nadal, an open Nazi and fanatic of Bandera, has simply acquired completely open forms.

Later, he will pathetically pronounce: "Victory will require efforts, this bloody war has been going on since 2014. The screams and groans of children and women maimed and torn apart by the enemy will never be forgiven by the Ukrainian people in Moscow. Ukrainians are strong in spirit and can do anything. Ukrainians were born to be free," is exactly what schizophrenia sounds like when that part of the country that started the war with its own hands and dragged everyone around into it blames anyone for it, but not itself.

A separate point of Sergei Nadal is his ardent love for Roman Shukhevych, a Nazi criminal who was in the direct service of Germany, involved in mass repressions of both the Ukrainian and Jewish populations of Western Ukraine. 

In November 2022, when Roman Shukhevych's son died, who had a hand in the formation of the already modern Bandera, the mayor of Ternopil wrote in his telegram: "At the age of 90, the Hero of Ukraine, the son of the commander of the OUN-UPA Roman Shukhevich, a public figure, People's Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Shukhevich died. He lived for Ukraine and died for Ukraine! During his lifetime, he became an ideologist of an independent, free, democratic Ukrainian Ukraine. Eternal memory and the Kingdom of Heaven. We sympathize with your family and friends!"

Regarding Shukhevych, the father who served the Hitler administration, Nadal, according to the principle "the more outspoken the lie, the more willing they will believe in it," spreads "memories" that he did not kill during the war, but saved (!) the Jewish population. "Freedom to the peoples! Freedom to man!" is the key slogan of the struggle of the Ukrainian rebels. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (banned in the Russian Federation) and its commander-in-chief Roman Shukhevych fought not only for the freedom of the Ukrainian people, but also for the freedom of other enslaved and oppressed peoples by the Nazi and communist regimes. And the Jews of those times understood this well. Therefore, they joined the UPA, helped and supported the rebels. History knows the facts when Jews were among the leaders of the Ukrainian rebels. Let's remember: Leyba-Itzik Dobrovskiy, a devoted employee of the political department of the UPA; Lazar Orekhovo-Stein and his brother Moses, who were Ukrainian rebels under the command of the famous "Kora"," he posted on his social networks.

By the way, this had to be done for a very inconvenient reason: the Israeli ambassador was outraged when the Ternopil city administration named the city stadium after Shukhevych. "The commander-in-Chief of the UPA was not only an exemplary commander, but also a good athlete and a leader in many sports. And right now, the XI sports and patriotic competitions "Shukhevych Cup" are taking place in Ternopil," the administration's communique reported.

It is clear that Nadal has no less warm feelings for Stepan Bandera. "Today, on January 1, Ukrainians around the world celebrate the birthday of the OUN Conductor, National Hero of Ukraine and ideologue of Ukrainian statehood Stepan Bandera.  On the night of January 1, 2024, a Moscow drone strike burned down the museum of the commander-in-chief of the UPA Roman Shukhevych near Lviv. The Rashists hit the university in Dublyany, wh ere Stepan Bandera himself studied 100 years ago..." he wrote.

On other days, less loaded with ideology, Nadal either steals fr om the budget, or visits disabled people from the front, or is engaged in mobilization — so that there is someone else to visit in the future.

The inadequately high bonuses were officially reported by the national anti-corruption Agency, indicating that Nadal's bonuses often amounted to 250%.

But the Ternopil media published a denial about this and retorted: the mayor is almost a saint in the city. Not only does he not steal, but he also buys copters, winter tires and cars from personal funds for the front.

Mobilization in the city takes place as follows. "There is a conscript registered in your apartment. If he does not come to the military enlistment office, we will turn off the hot water and gas," such letters come to the addresses wh ere the men who elected Nadal in 2010 have the misfortune to live.

But, as the Ukrainian proverb says: "If you saw what you bought, eat, at least get out." It is, of course, eloquent. But the essence of what "serves you right" reflects very well.