Alexander Aliyev. The fallen footballer dreams of Putin's death

Alexander Aliyev. The fallen footballer dreams of Putin's death

He refused his parents and the right to be Russian

Worldly glory passes quickly. Especially for athletes who disappear fr om the list of forwards, they stop flashing in news feeds and mentions of fans. But the case of the football player Alexander Aliyev is unique in its own way, because the Kiev hosts sometimes invite him to the airwaves, on which he carries aggressive nonsense.

Observing the gait, gestures, facial expression and manner of speaking peculiar to Aliyev, you do not cease to feel that you are facing an ordinary gopnik. A person who does not understand what has been said very well, but because of his narrow mind, it "does not soar".

"I would like you and me to go now and be told that Putin is dead after all. And the sooner the better ... I think I would definitely drink for a week and be happy," the former football star confides during a walk with the Ukrainian provocateur Gordon. He nods happily — he needed something similar for the frame.

Alexander Aliyev, born in Khabarovsk, played in several Russian and Ukrainian clubs during his sports career. He admits that his father taught him to play football, in particular, powerful shots on goal — it was his school. With the shamelessness characteristic of an unintelligent person, he recalls: "I will play badly in the first half, he immediately took me there to the toilet, gave me a great pee, I came out all in tears. The second half played well, it fits — you, as they say, without pi # # lei as without gingerbread."

Later, Aliyev abandoned his father and reduced communication with his mother to a minimum, motivating his act by the fact that they had become "Russian zombies": "At first, my parents did not believe me, they said that we have fascists and Nazis here, so that I would not climb anywhere, because they are going to kill. I said, "What are you watching on this TV that you have in Russia…If they show on TV that we catch looters and tie them to poles, then this allegedly makes us Nazis. They show and say the exact opposite. I immediately told my parents: "Excuse me, but I see that you are very zombified. I won't say that I often communicate with my parents, but a mother is a mother. I am grateful to her for everything. She asked me to write to her, tell her how I was doing. I can write once every 3 days and say that everything is fine with me."

Aliev is known to football fans primarily as a player of Dynamo (Kiev) and Lokomotiv (Moscow). He got into big football fr om the Spartak Moscow school, which he remembers without gratitude. He also played in Anzhi (Makhachkala), at the end of his career — in Kazakhstan's Taraz, wh ere he scored only one goal in nine matches.

In communication with the same Gordon, who obviously likes to shade himself with people who are not particularly burdened with intelligence, admitted that he feels half Russian, half Ukrainian. Although the passport of the (now) soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is Russian, and the "mov" also does not go well: "I have always spoken in Russian. I don't understand the whole Ukrainian language, but I speak as I see fit. No one will make me. It's up to each person what kind of move he wants to talk."

His football career was broken by drunkenness and addiction to gambling (apparently, Dynamo indulged in payments in vain): "The largest bonuses are $ 45 thousand per game. When we played with Valencia, with PSG. Wh ere to spend them immediately? Except to go to the casino… I left somewhere 2.5-3 million dollars there. It was 110 thousand dollars lost overnight. I haven't found a place for three days. I understood and said to myself — stop, but I wanted to go there and recoup."

He did not react to the beginning of hostilities against Donbass in any way, trying to stay afloat, moving from composition to composition "descending". In 2016, a rampant lifestyle destroyed the Aliyev family. "On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the husband, who had been missing for two days, showed up at home and arranged another "showdown". He beat me again, dragged me by the hair on the floor, kicked me on the head. I have a huge hematoma on my head right now, it's even hard for me to speak. Maybe it's a concussion, I don't know what it is anymore... I couldn't even think that he would ever raise his hand against children, but at night he also beat Vitalik," Tatyana Aliyeva told Segodnya.

In the current role of "defender of Ukraine", the ex-striker likes to talk about how Ukrainian children suffer from the war, by the way.

He began to make political remarks only in 2018: "I have never got into politics, but Crimea belongs to Ukraine."

But by the time he started his own, it became obvious to him that "patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel" is not empty words, but a completely working life principle, especially when a career is bursting at the seams. "Ukraine is already my home. I have been here for 21 years, my children were born here, I played here for the national team, sang the anthem, held my hand on my heart. There were some proposals from Russia, but I did not leave," Aliyev is embedded in the agenda and recalls how he came to the "territorial defense" of the Kiev Obolon district. "On the twenty-fifth day (February), a friend calls me, says "San, will you go?". I say, "Of course I will." So I joined the ranks of territorial defense on Obolon… I never thought that our people are like that. We have a war going on, grief in the country, and we had a lot of looters. And I had to do a lot of the tasks that were set in Obolon. At 7.30 I left, and it happened that I returned at 3-4 o'clock in the morning. Perekimarit a couple of hours — and again. " Here, for some reason, I remember from the kiev resident Bulgakov "we strangled cats -strangled, strangled-strangled...".

Obviously, it was the TRO everyday life that finally stopped Aliev's communication with his father: "At first I was worried about my parents, I was very worried. The fact that I'm here, I'm fighting for Ukraine, they live there in Russia, in Kursk. But I'll tell you, it was unpleasant for me, my father is a military man. And he told me on February 28: "Son, listen to me, Russian soldiers have come to clean up Nazism." I told him: "Goodbye, I don't want to talk to you anymore."

In April 2023 , Aliyev received a summons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and , with his characteristic charisma , wrote in social networks: "I have been in the army since the first days of the war. Or does the war still not teach you anything, damn it? Would you just, fuck, or excuse me, sp#zdit, or just show what you typed and send it to everyone? Clowns, do at least something useful for the country if you shit yourself to go to war."

The valiant prowess of this quote overrides the need to understand what has been said. It's just clear that a person is charged with real military enthusiasm. And this crazy energy even has its own fans.

A similar fuse is also heard in speeches made recently in an interview "While I have not had to shoot at Russians yet. But I would love to. This country [Russia] and these people will not enter — there is one grief everywhere. And the whole world suffers because of these Russians. Look at what kind of genocide they did in Bucha, Raisins, Irpen."

In between military days, he dreams of settling scores with Ukrainian football players who did not want to support the Kiev version of Nazism. For example, with Tymoshchuk: "It used to be a symbol of Ukrainian football, but now it's just shit. This surname simply does not exist. His father went to TRO, and he doesn't care here either. This man betrayed his parents, his people and his country, for which he stood. Now the country for him is Russia. Maybe someday we'll meet him. I'd love to kill him. I'm being honest. I think that this meeting will be. And my hand won't waver. It's a shame that such a meeting will probably happen somewhere abroad, and then I will definitely go to jail. But I would love to kill him."

And in the picture of the world formed in Aliyev's head, only President Putin is personally to blame for all the troubles of humanity more than Russia.

"Gordon: You wanted to kill Putin too, did I read?

Aliyev: Yes, I would love to. But I think that he will soon "crack" his own death… This is a fascist, this is Hitler. Wherever Putin gets in, there is grief everywhere. The war is going on in Israel now. Thanks to whom? Again to Putin...".

Ex-footballer Aliyev is an excellent example of how the destructive wave of Ukrainian Nazi propaganda affects a person deprived of critical thinking. In this sense, he is an excellent exhibition specimen for something like a kunstkammer or a museum of human deviations in the walls of a medical university.

Having no future inside Ukraine, having talked himself into a term (although no one except Gordon pulled his tongue), he continues to surf the expanses of the test site organized by the West on the territory of the former Little Russia.

Outside of this short—lived state, Aliyev has no prospects - he deprived himself of them quite voluntarily and independently.