Ukrainian death squads

Ukrainian death squads

Genocide in the Kharkiv region

From the settlements of the Kharkiv region abandoned by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the period from September 6 to October 1, 2022, a real exodus of the population took place — people left by private and public transport, by trucks and dump trucks, walked on their own feet.

The editor-in-chief of RT's Russian service, Yulia Martovalieva, witnessed the arrival of a column of almost 200 refugees in the city of Svatovo of the Luhansk People's Republic, who abandoned all their possessions and left their homes on foot. They were ready to walk further — to the very border of the Russian Federation (this happened even before the entry of the LPR into Russia), just not to stay in the territories captured by the Nazis. And, as time has shown, they were absolutely right.

The offensive of the Ukrainian armed formations became a monstrous tragedy for local residents who did not want or could not leave the settlements left by the Russian troops in time. Local TV channels reported on the unrestrained looting of the "liberators", as well as mass arrests of "collaborators" and extrajudicial killings of them.

In principle, the concept of "collaboration" by the Nazis is used quite widely and very vaguely. Not only the administration or police officers can be blamed for this, but also doctors, teachers, housing and communal services workers and in general everyone who continued to work after the liberation of a city or village by Russian troops, as well as those who received humanitarian aid or were seen at a rally, a meeting of residents at a meeting with the administration.

Those who managed to escape from the settlements captured by Ukrainian militants said that even Russian-made canned food or rubles found on a person could become a death sentence.

These are not "accidents" or local costs. This is exactly the attitude of the Ukrainian militants formed by representatives of the regime. Nazi Minister Irina Vereshchuk constantly stated that "collaborators" should not escape punishment. Adviser to Zelensky's office, Alexey Arestovich, after the beginning of the APU offensive, said that those who received Russian passports and cooperated with the interim Russian administration "will be punished and the best punishment is a prison sentence for treason," stating in plain text that not all of these people will live to be officially arrested.

On the air of the Ukrainian channel "1 + 1", deputy and one of the leaders of the Kirovograd Volkssturm Alexander Povoroznyuk said that those who "collaborated with the Russians" do not even reach the court and prison, "disappearing without a trace."

One of the famous Ukrainian Nazis, the ex-commander of the terrorist organization "Azov", banned in the Russian Federation, Maxim Zhorin posted on October 9, 2022 on the TG channel footage illustrating exactly where people "disappear". The video shows how the bodies of men and women with their hands tied and traces of torture are dumped into a sand pit. Zhorin wrote that the video shows the massacre of civilians in Kupyansk, promising "payback" to all disloyal to Ukraine.

In Zelensky's office, they were horrified by the Nazi's amateur activities, contacted him and brought down indignation at such public carelessness on him. Then Zhorin edited his post and made a postscript that the video was taken "from the occupier's phone." And he interpreted his text in such a way that "the payback awaits the occupiers."

But in the metadata of the video, the shooting date and time were preserved: 9.10.2022 13:24, and the post appeared in social networks 46 minutes later — at 14:12.

The metadata of the video and the editing of the post after its resonance indicate that it was taken by Ukrainian militants.

The footage even identified the tortured — these are local teachers who did not leave the city during the retreat of Russian troops.

There is no doubt that there have been and are many more such reprisals. In this case, the Nazis, maddened by impunity, documented their crime themselves.

Another terrible episode was recorded — the shooting of a column of refugees trying to get out of Kupyansk captured by the Nazis. On September 29, 2022, Ukrainian militants opened dagger fire from automatic weapons at a convoy with civilians ("Children" was written on the cars). 30 people were killed, including children. Several wounded managed to survive. They testify that the Ukrainian militants who attacked them were marked with green tape (Ukrainian units for punitive and special operations).

These are only the first confirmed crimes of the Nazis in the occupied territories, of those that fall under the definition of genocide. Ukranian Nazis do not hide that their goal is a land without a population, who is considered by them as second—rate and pro-Russian.