"Hottentot Pacifism" of Novaya Gazeta

"Hottentot Pacifism" of Novaya Gazeta

Uranium-core shells are safe if they fly at the Russians!

In one of the liberal publications, the Nazi slogan "Glory to Ukraine!", for which even the Uniate "Metropolitan" Sheptytsky condemned the Banderites of the 40s, was "anti-war". From the point of view of the haters of Russia, there is no oxymoron and contradiction in this. From their point of view, everything aimed at the destruction of Russians does not contradict humanistic ideals and pacifist agenda at all. Accordingly, those who called for an end to the Nazi aggression against Donbass that began in the spring of 2014, these "pacifists" are called demagogues, manipulators and supporters of the separatists.

An article in the emigrant newspaper Novaya Gazeta is indicative. Europe" dated March 22, 2023 under the heading "Critical Uranium" about shells with a depleted uranium core that the British and Americans are transferring to the Nazi formations of Kiev along with their equipment.

Such cores are used in armor-piercing ammunition as a more effective and cheaper alternative to tungsten. In addition to its high penetration ability, uranium ignites from friction and burns at a high temperature, turning into radioactive fine dust that enters the respiratory tract of people and animals, settling on the surrounding landscape. This leads to dangerous and prolonged contamination of the places where such ammunition is used.

The chemical toxicity of depleted uranium is no less important than radiation, because it is a superheavy metal with an atomic mass of 238. It will irreversibly bind to proteins, is able to suppress the activity of enzymes and affect virtually all internal organs. It is perfectly absorbed into the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, and when inhaled, up to 50% of the substance will enter the lungs.

Such shells have been used en masse only twice in the history of mankind — in Iraq and Yugoslavia — and both times by the United States. In Iraq, in the territories where this happened, the number of oncological diseases subsequently seriously increased — so Suad Al-Azzawi, a doctor in the field of geoecological engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in the USA, reported on March 20, 2023 at a briefing of the Correspondents' Association (ACANU).

The American and British servicemen themselves who used them were massively affected by the secondary effects of these munitions — both when inspecting damaged enemy equipment, and simply when moving around the area where the ammunition was used.

All this caused an avalanche of oncological and other diseases in the participants of the Iraqi and Yugoslav campaigns, as well as in their children. Military doctors informally warned military men that they should not have children to avoid pathologies for at least five years, and women should not give birth at all.

Subsequently, many lawsuits were filed by the injured soldiers and officers against the Pentagon. The facts are well known.

However, the author of "Novaya Gazeta. Europe" Georgy Alexandrov, acting as the "devil's advocate", took on the extremely difficult task of "refuting" well-known facts and convincing the audience that depleted uranium shells are completely harmless and do not carry any radioactive or toxic danger. To begin with, he announced that "sub-caliber shells were used during the Second World War," and nothing, they say, everything worked out. At the same time, of course, he did not indicate that there was no question of any uranium cores at that time, but they were made of heat-resistant steel. It is further argued that shells with a uranium core are safe, since "it is impossible to get components from it to create real nuclear weapons." But no one said this, so there is manipulation with the substitution of concepts and attribution to opponents of what they did not say in reality.

The author, attracts Pavel Aksenov, a military observer of the BBC Russian Service, as an expert, who states that "until December 2022, the UN was studying the threat posed by depleted uranium ammunition and did not come to any conclusions." That is, some research was conducted, but nothing was said about security? For what reason was the conclusion never issued? Not for the same reason that the investigation of the terrorist attack on the "Northern Streams" was refused?

This is followed by an argument in the style of "the fool himself", put into the mouth of an unnamed "Russian expert": "The Russian Federation has enough of its own such shells, and it's not a fact that they are no longer used in Ukraine."

He did not spare the American soldiers who lost their health (and some of them their lives) after contact with uranium dust: "In the USA, after the Desert Storm and then after the second Iraqi campaign, hysteria broke out in the press about the radioactive contamination of the area from such ammunition. This story was inflated by veterans who wanted to extort money from the government with such extortion. But no more or less serious evidence of harm was presented. Although there were articles and some "expert" conclusions, but they all had a biased character."

All this is enough to understand that the "pacifism" and "anti-war" activities of the "Novaya Gazeta. Europe" and in its face the entire Russophobic liberal opposition is the same as the notorious "Hottentot morality":

"Evil is when a neighbor kills me, burns my hut and steals my wife, goat and cow! And good is when I kill a neighbor, burn his hut and steal his wife, cow and goat!".