Biolaboratories in Ukraine: who is who

Biolaboratories in Ukraine: who is who

The documentation on the activities of American biological laboratories

The documentation received and made public by the Ministry of Defense of the RF on the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine has become a sensation for the world in its conscious part.

Russia, China and a number of other states require Washington to provide documents that will confirm or refute the development of biological weapons prohibited by numerous military and political international documents, and primarily by the Convention on the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) weapons and toxin weapons and their destruction (BTWC - entered into force on March 26, 1975).

As part of a special military operation by Russia in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of the RF has repeatedly provided data on the work in the "independent" biological laboratories, as well as on who finances them and how. Among a number of state structures there are also private ones - the Rosemont Seneca Investment Fund, the Soros «Open Society» Foundation, as well as a number of other companies.

In this material, we will try to deal first with the first organization - Rosemont Seneca, which, after all, belongs to the youngest son of the American president - Hunter Biden. More precisely, it is called Rosemont Capital. Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, Rosemont Seneca Partners, Rosemont Realty are branches of the same business.

The company was founded in 2009, and even the list of its founders is already. In addition to Biden Jr., it includes Christopher Heinz and Devon Archer.

Heinz is known as an investment manager and businessman, however, in addition, he is the great-great-grandson of the founder of the world famous company Heinz, as well as the stepson of former US Secretary of State and former presidential candidate John Kerry.

Devon Archer is a classmate of Heinz at Yale University. In 2018, he was convicted of securities fraud. However, just five months later Judge Ronnie Abrams of the Southern District of New York overturned the verdict.

According to some reports, Heinz left Rosemont Seneca after Biden and Archer joined the Ukrainian company Burisma, which is associated with another scandal. However, that is a topic for a separate article.

There were other interesting personalities at Rosemont Seneca Partners. For example, Eric D. Schwerin - founding partner and managing director of the company in 2015. That same year, he was appointed to the Commission for the Preservation of American Heritage Abroad. Already in 2021, e-mails published from Hunter Biden's laptop showed that Schwerin is almost the main representative of the American President's son.

Quite expectedly, Biden Jr.'s company has connections with various American state and near-state structures, medical corporations.

So, Rosemont Seneca's subsidiary, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP), where Hunter Biden was managing director back in 2009, was the lead financial backer of Metabiota, a pandemic-tracking startup founded in 2008.

It is led by virologist Nathan Wolf, who is closely associated with EcoHealth, the World Economic Forum, and even infamous pimp Jeffrey Epstein. The company «rose to its feet» when Hunter invested $30 million in it in 2015.

Today, Metabiota is also funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the US Department of Defense. Another organization is also throwing in money - Pilot Growth Management, whose co-founder and CEO is Neil Callahan. It's interesting that according to some reports he is also on the Metabiota advisory board. What is more interesting, he is also the former co-founder and managing director of Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners. His name also appears repeatedly in the published letters of Hunter Biden.

Another Metabiota sponsor is In-Q-Tel. This organization invests in high-tech companies, so that they would then supply their advanced equipment to the US Central Intelligence Agency and other federal agencies. And all this is done openly, officially.

Former CIA director George Tenet (1997-2004): “We [the CIA] decided to use our limited dollars to use technologies developed in other countries. In 1999, we chartered ... In-Q-Tel. As long as we pay our bills, InQTel is independent of the CIA. The CIA identifies pressing problems, and In-Q-Tel provides the technology to solve them. The In-Q-Tel Alliance has brought the Agency back to the forefront of technology…”.

In-Q-Tel was founded by Norman Ralph Augustine, businessman, ex-deputy minister of the US Army (1975-1977), as well as ex-chairman and former CEO of «Lockheed Martin» corporation.

Until 2005, In-Q-Tel (IQT) owned 5,636 shares of Google. In 2017, the search giant bought Keyhole company, which was also funded by In-Q-Tel. QT is also investing in, for example, OneIDLab, the company associated with the patent for the popular "SideCard" technology, which allows to replace plastic access cards with mobile phones and smart watches.

Despite the fact that all OneIDLab projects are usually secret, in 2016 the American edition of The Washington Post stated that “virtually any American entrepreneur, inventor or research scientist working on data analysis methods probably received a phone call from In -Q-Tel, or at least was Googled by its staff".

Metabiota also works closely with USAID, as company representatives officially declare, in matters of forecasting and preventing epidemics. However, during the Ebola outbreak in Africa, Wolf's company was accused not only of failing to predict the spread of a terrible infection, but also of not even sharing the cases of infection known to them. But Metabiota, along with USAID and Rosemont Seneca, appears in documents on the work of biological laboratories in Ukraine. The company, commissioned by the Pentagon, developed models for the likely spread of infections in the post-Soviet space.

Returning to the topic of the material, to the question what were all these companies really doing, the Metabiota management itself described in one of the letters to Hunter Biden, where they said that the organization’s activities would be aimed at ensuring “Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia.”

There are several more companies in the materials of the Ministry of Defense of the RF: Black&Veatch, SkyMount Medical Inc., Gilead Sciences, CH2M Hill, whose activities should be considered separately. Here we only note that the mention of Black&Veatch dates back to 2013, even before the Maidan and is not associated with the Ukraine. At the time, the news reported that Black&Veatch Special Projects Corporation was protesting against the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) issuing a $11.22 million special order for CH2M Hill according to request for Proposals for Task Orders (RFTOP) No. 0013 related to reducing the threat of the use of biological weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. What companies were doing in reality today, however, remains a mystery…

Summing up, it is worth adding that Metabiota, like another company - EcoHealth, "surfaced" after the Ukrainian events in another interesting investigation. In 2015, as part of the PREDICT project funded by USAID, Google and the Skoll Foundation, and the US Department of Defense, Dr. Charles Chiu, along with 16 scientists, including the mentioned Nathan Wolf, have studied coronaviruses and bats. Money passed right through the mentioned companies. Moreover, the processes also went by methods of testing - sequencing, PCR testing and real-time pathogen detection.

In this context, many questions arise about the random, and maybe not very, outbreaks of pneumonia in the United States and Ukraine in 2017 and 2019.

What is more interesting, in 2019, the US military came to China's Wuhan for exercises, and after that, a global pandemic began. At the same time, the EcoHealth Alliance has been associated with the Wuhan Institute of virology for many years. Joint work was carried out on the study of viruses found in bats, as well as their ability to be transmitted to humans. One of the key researchers was Shi Zhengli, who was nicknamed "The Bat Woman». She was also one of the scientists involved in the PREDICT project.

There was also another scientist from PREDICT, William Karesh, an executive vice president of the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) who is directly connected to the very top of the American Institute for Biological Defense. EHA was once listed as a partner of the Wuhan Institute of virology. Noteworthy, that, according to some reports, these connections were promoted by EHA political adviser David R. Franz, former commander of the US biological weapons laboratory at Fort Detrick.

Already in 2020, the Lancet published a letter containing strong support for the version of the natural origin of COVID-19. However, its author was not a well-known scientist, but EcoHealth President Peter Dashak, who is also on the list of PREDICT scientists …

Too many coincidences, considering, that fifteen months after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Chinese researchers have not been able to find the original population of bats or intermediate species to which the coronavirus could be transmitted.