Vladislav Sosedov. The animator who became a terrorist

Vladislav Sosedov. The animator who became a terrorist

For the murder of fellow citizens, he tried to get 180 thousand rubles and EU citizenship

On March 12, 2024, two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) with timers were found at the entrances of the Gazprommezhregiongaz and Bryanskenergo branches. The devices were placed in paint cans, which was a kind of camouflage.

The security guard of Bryanskenergo, watching the video captured by the surveillance camera, drew attention to the suspicious actions of a man who left an object at the porch and filmed it (as it turned out later — for a report to the curators). Then the unknown man got into the car and drove away quickly. The police were called by the guard, the place of detection of a dangerous object was cordoned off, the IED was neutralized.

Soon, a second device was discovered at the reception office of Gazprommezhregiongaz, located on the same street, and also neutralized. An Interception plan was introduced, the operatives managed to track the Volkswagen Polo car in which the alleged terrorist fled, moving in the direction of Kaluga. Soon he was detained in Kirov, Kaluga region.

The attacker turned out to be 22-year-old Vladislav Sosedov, a resident of the village of Dyadkovskaya in the Krasnodar Territory. Almost immediately, he confessed.

Sosedov grew up in a large family, he has five sisters. For some time he worked as an animator in his native village, but by now he had not worked anywhere, took out loans from banks, owing several tens of thousands of rubles. The amount for an unemployed provincial is very significant. Over the past few months, he has been constantly leaving the village for several weeks, explaining his absence to his mother by looking for work.

And in November 2023, he found a "job". By leaving comments on one of the anti-Russian TG channels, he attracted the attention of Bandera recruiters. Realizing who was "probing" him, Sosedov himself took the initiative, asking him to connect him with the Nazi special services, for which he expressed a desire to work.

When the SBU officers came to him, he announced his wishes to them: to move to the territory of Ukraine, resolve financial issues, obtain EU citizenship and join the terrorist organization Legion Freedom of Russia, banned in the Russian Federation.

All this was promised to him, but only after he committed a terrorist attack on the instructions of his assigned supervisor. He was promised to carry out his withdrawal to the territory controlled by the Nazi regime when he completed the task.

In January 2024, Sosedov were instructed to leave for Bryansk and wait there for further instructions. Arriving in Bryansk, he rented a house on Fokina Street and was there on standby. He received a certain amount for living and a roof over his head from the curators. Then, on the eve of March 12, 2024, he received an order to go to the Kirovsky district of the Kaluga region, pick up explosive devices from a forest cache there and install them in public places in Bryansk.

He completed the task, except for one detail — he did not initiate timers, either out of fear of consequences, or simply lost in fear.

When he fled the scene of the alleged terrorist attack and reported to the curators about the completed/failed task, they began to threaten him with physical violence against him and his relatives, pointing out that he could save himself and "rehabilitate" only by carrying out a terrorist attack. For which he went to the Kaluga region to pick up another IED at the same place and install it at the MFC in Dyatkovo, Bryansk region. But when trying to complete a new task, the Sosedov was detained by law enforcement officers.

The terrorist attacks that he was supposed to commit were part of a large-scale operation by Ukrainian and Western intelligence services to destabilize the situation in the country, on the eve of the presidential elections of the Russian Federation. They were planned to synchronize with the attempts of Bandera terrorists to break into the territory of the Belgorod and Kursk regions in order to cause panic and provoke the flight of the population from the region.

Vladislav Sosedov did not demonstrate any special idealism. Uneducated, lazy and immoral, he "just wanted to live a beautiful life", and decided that betrayal was the fastest and shortest way to success.

On March 14, 2024, the Federal Security Service of the Bryansk region opened a criminal case against Sosedov on the preparation of terrorist attacks (Articles 30, 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). During the interrogation, the suspect fully admitted his guilt. Now he faces up to 20 years in prison. The investigation will have to find out whether the suspect's criminal activity is limited to these episodes, or whether he managed to do something else.