Vladimir Osechkin. A passive pederast. The creator of fakes

Vladimir Osechkin. A passive pederast. The creator of fakes

The fraudster's thievery began to annoy his curators from the Western special services

In March 2024, a criminal case was opened in Moscow against a foreign agent, Vladimir Osechkin. He is accused of a crime under Part 2 of Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (public calls to carry out terrorist activities, public justification of terrorism using the Internet).

In addition, the Meshchansky District Court granted the prosecution's request for the election of a preventive measure in the form of absentee arrest — paragraph 1 of Part 2 of Article 29 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, Article 108 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation. The case is being investigated by FSB investigators. Criminal cases have already been initiated against him for fraud and for discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

There are no moral people among the Russophobic relocants at all, but even against this background, Osechkin looks like a rare scoundrel, an absolutely unscrupulous creature.  

Vladimir Osechkin was born in 1981 in Kuibyshev (now Samara), After graduating from high school he entered the law faculty of Samara University, but was soon expelled. He got into the business of reselling used cars from Moscow to Samara. Things were going well, and he even opened his own car dealership in Moscow. But in 2007, he got caught cheating — he took cars for sale and did not return the money for them. He was sentenced to 7 years, but served less than half of it.

Osechkin spent most of his real term – more than 3 years in jail.  He was sent to the colony only 3 months before his parole (that is, when the decision to reduce the actual term had already been made). And almost immediately upon arrival at IK-5 in the Samara region, Vladimir Osechkin was sexually assaulted. This event is known from the screenshots of his personal file posted on the Network and his appeal to the duty station.

The report of the operational duty officer addressed to the head of IC No. 5 published on the Internet says that on March 27, 2011 at 8:10 a.m., the duty station received a message about the conflict situation in detachment No. 2. During the medical examination, which was conducted at the request of Osechkin, the convict suffered bodily injuries in the form of a bruised chest on the left, abrasions in the buttocks, as well as damage to the rectum. The victim stated that he had received all the injuries during his rape, which was committed unexpectedly for him on the night of March 26-27, 2011, when he was sleeping. Osechkin could not tell who attacked him, because everything happened in silence and darkness. 

The incident itself directly indicates that he was thus "punished" for some of his actions while in jail. Most likely, for working as an agent of the operational unit, who denounces his cellmates.

Anyway, Osechkin spent the last three months of his imprisonment in the lowest status of the prison hierarchy — a "rooster" (a convict who performs a passive role in homosexual contacts at the request of other prisoners).

Upon his release, he tried to monetize his prison experience by declaring himself a "human rights defender." Having developed a rapid activity, he became a regular on talk shows on central TV and even managed to work in the Public Council at the Federal Penitentiary Service.

And he tried to use this success to create a fraudulent scheme for "prisoner insurance". The essence of it was that convicts or their relatives bought insurance for accidents, death, beatings, HIV infection, tuberculosis or hepatitis and other troubles. In the event of an insured event, they had to receive compensation, and Osechkin's company filed a lawsuit against the Federal Penitentiary Service. But there was one point in this whole "wonderful" scheme — a certificate from a correctional institution was needed to confirm the insured event. But even those who managed to miraculously obtain such certificates did not receive any insurance. 

In addition, Osechkin took money from relatives of convicts, promising them transfer to other colonies, and simply appropriated funds without fulfilling obligations.

In 2015, a criminal case was opened against him under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Fraud on a particularly large scale").

The case was initiated at the request of Natalia Malinina, the daughter of former prefect of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow Oleg Malinin, who was accused of corruption in 2013.

She claimed that Osechkin and his partners took 2.5 million rubles from her for organizing performances on the airwaves of radio stations and in the program "Moment of Truth" by Andrei Karaulov, as well as for legal assistance to her father. Osechkin did not fulfill his promise, and Malinina went to the RF IC with a statement.

When there was a threat of a new term for fraud, Osechkin fled to France in 2015, positioning himself as a "victim of the regime and a fighter against corruption." There he settled in the resort of Biarritz, tried to engage in real estate and "legal assistance" to compatriots wishing to settle in France.

But he really turned around after the start of a Special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, when his fraudulent talents were in demand by Western intelligence services to wage an information war against Russia.

In 2021, on the eve of the operation, Osechkin opened wallets in cryptocurrencies ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) to receive "donations". The total amount of transfers in the first year of the conflict in Ukraine alone exceeded $76,000.

Sponsors transferring funds to Osechkin use the Kraken, Binance and Coinbase exchanges, according to the Bitquery analyzer. Osechkin withdraws donations and converts them into dollars using the Binance exchange. Large donations on dates coincided with loud statements, live broadcasts, which are made by Osechkin and his team. They not only voice the usual narratives of Western/Ukrainian propaganda, their main task is to find "experts" from among the "repentant Russian security forces" and spread various anti—Russian fakes through their mouths.

For example, Pavel Filatiev, a deserter from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Efremov, who was dismissed from the Russian army due to compromising circumstances, and Andrei Medvedev, a former employee of the Wagner PMCs (he was in this status for only 2 days). Osechkin offered them to voice the necessary texts, promising some bonuses (money, political asylum, refugee status, etc.). It is noteworthy that almost all of them, one way or another, Osechkin deceived, and when they began to resent, he declared them "FSB agents."

A loud scandal occurred in April 2023, when the Gulag was blocked in Russia by the resource.no," Osechkin posted an interview with former Wagnerians Azamat Uldarov and Alexei Savichev, in which they talked about the monstrous atrocities allegedly committed by employees of the PMCs on the orders of the leadership. 

Via video link, Uldarov and Savichev told Vladimir Osechkin that the founder of the Wagner PMCs Yevgeny Prigozhin allegedly personally gave orders for the destruction of the civilian population. What was the meaning of such actions, the former employees of the PMCs did not tell, and Osechkin himself was not interested in this.

The radical difference from all similar "revelations" was that both Savichev and Uldarov are not abroad, but in Russia, which made it possible to find out firsthand the reasons for the appearance of these fakes. Azamat Uldarov contacted the management of the Wagner PMCs and explained that everything he voiced during the interview was invented by Osechkin himself, who forced him to write down slander against the Wagnerians through blackmail. Osechkin had at his disposal a video recording of the rape of Uldarov during his stay in prison, handed over to the provocateur by corrupt employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service. Osechkin threatened to release the footage if Uldarov did not agree to voice the necessary text. It is noteworthy that after he got what he wanted from Uldarov, he still posted this video.

As for Savichev, after fulfilling the contract and being fired from the PMCs, he quickly skipped all the money he earned and, left without means of livelihood and housing, agreed to voice everything that Osechkin asked. For this betrayal, Savichev received only 10,000 rubles from him.

But even if there are no such "experts", the provocateur does not despair, but invites scammers like himself.  So, in October 2022. Osechkin recorded an interview with Maria Dmitrieva, who left Russia and is trying to obtain political asylum in France, whom he introduced as an employee of the FSB, "possessing top-secret information about SVO."

In reality, this lady had only that relation to the "organs" that she worked for some time in the polyclinic not of the FSB, but of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an endocrinologist. The reason for her flight from Russia was huge debts to banks that she could not pay. So I decided to start a "new life" with the help of Osechkin, voicing the fakes he invented.

Often, the fantastic greed and thievery of the provocateur, who "throws" his "interviewees", lead to loud scandals when defectors deceived by him reveal the true background of the plots posted on Osechkin's resource. 

Western agitprop tries to stop these exposures of Osechkin's fakes as much as possible, so that only fakes invented by him remain in the public consciousness. But the irritation of Western intelligence agencies with the work of a fraudster and a conman is growing, and he is already receiving unequivocal wishes to adhere to financial discipline. In addition, even many of Osechkin's colleagues in the "workshop" of provocateurs and anti-Russian propagandists criticized his uncleanness.