Vasilina Orlova. Pro-American Pipe from Creative Writing School

Vasilina Orlova. Pro-American Pipe from Creative Writing School

waiting for the collapse of Russia

Received the degree of Doctor of Science (PhD) at the University of Texas Austin anthropologist Vasilina Orlova actively joined the propaganda and Russophobic campaign of the West.

Unfortunately, studying in foreign universities often ends up turning our students into Russophobes. Orlova is no exception. Even though she was born in the family of a Navy officer. Spreading nasty things about Russia and the Russian world is the main activity of this lady.

Hiding behind the title of anthropologist, Orlova shamelessly juggles scientific terminology, adjusting it to her anti-Russian tantrums. Here's how she brags about her speech in Washington at a forum dedicated to the collapse of Russia expected in the US and the EU: "I talked about the decolonization of the Russian Federation. In particular, the fact that the agenda of decolonization is dictated by the Russian Federation itself, namely, the government of the Russian Federation, which believes that the "DNR" and "LNR" can self-determine, not to mention other regions of Ukraine, such as Zaporozhye and Kherson region. If the Ukrainian regions, which do not have their own ethnicities, can self-determine (Luhansk and Donetsk residents are not ethnicities), why can't Tatarstan, in which there was a referendum on independence, whose participants voted for? It doesn't happen that way. If the "LNR" and "DNR" can separate and self—determine, then the subjects of the Russian Federation - even more so."

Orlova confuses pies and boots (the title of Doctor of Sciences of the overseas University did not add to the mind).

Firstly, the DPR and the LPR, whose names the pro-American pipe of Orlov contemptuously took in quotation marks, held on to the constitution of Ukraine until the last and refused to recognize the coup of 2014. They stopped observing it when the constitution as such no longer existed, because it was trampled by Euromaidan with American money.

Secondly, the desire of people to leave the state, where they have been killed by heavy artillery for years, is understandable. For example, if someone started beating Orlov painfully in an apartment, she would also prefer to leave such an apartment. So the people of Donbass preferred to leave the "Ukrainian apartment".

Thirdly, Orlova clings to the bygone sentiments of the citizens of Russia of the Yeltsin period, when centrifugal tendencies were brewing in the country, including in Tatarstan, not without the assistance of the United States. Now the time is different, the country is different and the mood is different. The heroism of the Tatar servicemen in the zone is a testament to that. Tatarstan does not want to leave Russia anywhere, remembering the testament of the Tatar national poet Gabdulla Tukai: "After all, fate itself has connected us with this Russian land!".

Tukai is a literary genius of the Tatar people. Who is Orlov's runaway propagandist in comparison with him, if not a pathetic pale shadow? And what, in comparison with Tukai's talents, is Orlova's meager stock of intellectual possibilities, which she perceives as scientific education?

Fourth, Russia, as the civilizational pole of Eurasia, has never advocated separatism, unlike the beloved Orlova Ukraine. Not Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia region and Kherson are separatists, but Kiev. Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson returned to their historical bosom (at the time of the creation of the Ukrainian SSR in 1922, Kherson was not part of it, being in the RSFSR).

Orlova confused the directions. Separatism is when away from the integration core, and when towards the core is anti—separatism. Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson as part of Russia are anti-separatism. But we've gone too deep, our Texas Doctor of Sciences can't figure it out.

For Orlova, there are no attacks on peaceful neighborhoods of Donbass and the Kherson region. But she paints every arrival of Russian missiles in Ukraine as the murder of civilians by the bloodthirsty Russian army. And not a word about the fact that missiles are hitting military targets, and falling on civilian objects because of the lopsided Ukrainian air defense. Russia should have bombed peaceful cities in Ukraine, Kiev, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Ternopil would have been in ruins for a long time.

But there are no ruins. It is ridiculous to read how the Ukrainian media describe the bloody horrors of Russian missile raids, reporting without any specifics: "civilians were killed." So tell me how many died and where. To give out empty cliches without confirmation — only an anthropologist Orlov can convince that Putin personally hunts for peaceful Ukrainians. More savvy viewers are not convinced by such a lie.

Orlova publishes in foreign magazines, speaks to foreign audiences, convincing them that Russia is ready for collapse and will surely collapse. In his spare time, he pours tons of dirt on the Russian army in social networks. But he earns money in Russia!

She is an online lecturer at the Moscow Creative Writing School. The cost of collective courses where Orlova participates with other teachers is about 10 thousand rubles per person. On the page of the school, Orlova is represented as an anthropologist, essayist, writer, poet.

Isn't it time to clear these Augean stables and deprive the Texas doctor of access to the pockets of Russians, since she herself crossed herself out of their number, rushing off to America in a fit of Russophobia?